Constant Prayer

Self-Judgement Most people would consider “prayer” a religious notion. But in truth “prayer” is a state when a person judges oneself, evaluating one’s own state. Human beings are dynamically changing, developing “creatures”. As a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, an insatiable, constantly growing desire for self-fulfilment drives us forward. We are always looking … More Constant Prayer

Dynamic Embryo

Before A Qualitative Breakthrough Today Humanity has reached an unprecedented crossroad. We have gone through the childhood, and adolescent stages of our development. The time has come to grow up and become truly “Human”. But this last stage of our development cannot unfold as naturally, instinctively as the previous stages. Our higher, truly “Human” stage … More Dynamic Embryo

Becoming A Butterfly From A Caterpillar

The Next Evolutionary Stage The transition to the next stage of our Human development is very similar to the “natural miracle”, a butterfly developing from a caterpillar. There are of course differences originating from the difference in between the animate and human levels of development. While the butterfly’s transformation happens on the instinctive, animate level, … More Becoming A Butterfly From A Caterpillar

Mutual Guarantee

Natural Mutual Guarantee And The Human “Mutation” Mutual guarantee is the default existential state of the vast, cosmic, natural system we exist in. Without this selfless, altruistic, positive, mutually complementing interaction in between all comprising elements of the system, the general balance, homeostasis – that is crucial for sustaining life, optimal development – wouldn’t be … More Mutual Guarantee

Reaching For But Never Reaching

At The Gateway Humanity is standing ahead a great, evolutionary breakthrough, a true revolution which is unprecedented in our history. We are before breaking through into a completely different dimension of existence, through a renewed consciousness, perception of reality. Even our “classical sciences” have reached a certain boundary, offering a peek into a different system … More Reaching For But Never Reaching