The Scientist

Thriving For Knowledge We all have the so called animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power, knowledge) desires imprinted in us by birth, and we all go through them during our lives. It is not accidental that “knowledge” is placed at the top of this desire pyramid. Getting to know our environment, the system … More The Scientist

Observing Reality With Eyes Shut

Locked Into Our Own Caves Although even modern science suggests that our perception of reality is introverted and completely subjective, we still don’t realize how deeply flawed, unreal the world is that we seemingly see around ourselves. Due to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature our perception of reality serves the completely egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations. Thus … More Observing Reality With Eyes Shut

Restoring The Picture

Seeing A Terrible World We feel existing in a hostile, crisis ridden world. All our lives we are competing, fighting for resources, survival, trying to outsmart others, succeeding at their expense. Today we have reached the unprecedented stage where on one hand we realized that we inevitably act this way driven by our inherently selfish, … More Restoring The Picture

Two Tier Education

At Evolutionary Crossroads Today Humanity is in a desperate, seemingly unsolvable crisis. We keep reassuring ourselves that it is just one of those historic cycles that happen time after time, and even if there is a violent explosion like war, economic meltdown, we will recover and start building again. But this is not true any … More Two Tier Education

Escaping Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis Midlife crisis is an elemental paradigm shift in one’s life that erupts while the person is seemingly, completely unprepared. It usually comes in life when one finally reached a certain peak of adult development, establishing a family, profession, secure existence, inching, turning towards retirement age. Today interestingly such paradigm shift appears in earlier … More Escaping Midlife Crisis

On Elijah’s Chair

Doubtful Elijah As the sources of Judaism describe, after King Solomon’s reign Jews have forsaken their traditions, customs including circumcision which is their primary sign of covenant with the Creator since Abraham. Prophet Elijah complained to the all encompassing source of reality about this great sin, but he was rebutted and was forced to attend … More On Elijah’s Chair