Life Making Sense

Question: At what point in your life (in terms of age or maturity) did you feel like life starting making more sense? Why? Answer: To me it happened around the age of 40, when following a heartbreaking family tragedy I started asking about the meaning of suffering in life, about the general meaning of life, … More Life Making Sense

Luck Through Effort

Question: What is something said to you, either good or bad, that has in someway affected your life? Answer: There is a long list of “sayings” that have deeply affected my life, mostly by parents, grandparents or by my teachers. I remember very often what my farther has told me once, when I hoped to … More Luck Through Effort

Human Being, The Product Of Society

Question: How is human being the product of society? Answer: We are the product of society because we are social creatures with an inherently proud, self-serving and self-justifying nature. This means that we constantly have to prove our superiority above others. Which means we constantly compare ourselves to the rest of society, copy, emulate what … More Human Being, The Product Of Society

Switching On Happiness

Question: What made you happy the past few years? Answer: We can imagine happiness like light appearing when we finally touch the two ends of broken wires together, thus as a result electricity can flow through, towards the light bulb. True happiness is the “bright”, positive, mutual emotional impression that appears when otherwise broken – … More Switching On Happiness