Best Life Hack: Building Connections

Question: What are some life hacks you couldn’t live without? Answer: The best “life hack” is building, maintaining unique, positive, mutually responsible and mutually complementing connection to others. As our modern, global world tries to hint at it, we live in a fully integrated and completely interdependent world, where we are all but individual cells … More Best Life Hack: Building Connections

Motivated By Love

Question: How would it change your life if your only motivation was love? Answer: It would change my life “upside down”, or “head over heels” as popular language expresses. Only love is capable of making us do things above, outside of self-interest, seemingly sacrificing ourselves for another. When I experience “true love” – solely existing … More Motivated By Love

Becoming A Clean Pipe

Question: Would anyone, who gives up on logic and sensibleness to share and to find insight to live a happier and better life, lose their ability to coherently speak, understand and categorize their life’s experiences? Answer: I think so. I think the key word in your question is “share”, after all “speech” is only there … More Becoming A Clean Pipe

Change For The Better

Question: What is a change you need to make in your life but haven’t been able to? Answer: The only real change we need to make in life is changing our inherently self-centered, self-protective, egoistic and subjective viewpoint to a selfless, altruistic and objective perspective. As long as we view reality from our inherently introverted … More Change For The Better