Repairing Human Society Through Education

Question: What is one aspect of modern society that you believe, if removed, would make life 10x better? Answer: It is the instinctive, natural mutual distrust, hatred, rejection in between people which prevents any true, sustainable connection, unity, mutual cooperation in between people. It is this instinctive hatred that expresses itself through different political, economic, … More Repairing Human Society Through Education

Judging Through Love

Question: What is something about your partner that you cannot stand? Answer: After 28 years of marriage I think I am “wise” enough not to answer the question directly. Instead I will regretfully “chicken out” from a direct answer, and give a “roundabout”, general answer instead, which answer might be helpful to others as well. … More Judging Through Love

Envious Progress

Question: Do millionaires feel poor when they are next to billionaires? Answer: Yes, and this is very important! Whether we feel rich or poor doesn’t depends on what we have. It depends on how we compare to others! This comes from our inherently proud, self-justifying nature that ceaselessly tries to elevate the self-esteem, trying to … More Envious Progress

Drugs That Disconnect Is From Our Human Purpose

Question: How do drugs ruin one’s life? Answer: It is a multi-faceted question. It is known many of the “drugs” that are used for “recreational use” are also used to treat intractable, intolerable physical pain, muscle spasm, anxiety, as it is widely publicized today marijuana for example might have plenty of useful medical applications. Maybe … More Drugs That Disconnect Is From Our Human Purpose

Losing My Self

Question: What is that one thing that, if taken from you, would take away the meaning of your life? Answer: The answer to this question is the greatest paradox of Human existence. The one thing we can’t let go of, we can’t give up is our “self”, the self-esteem, self-importance, self-honor which is so precious … More Losing My Self