Vicious Cycles Turned To Straight Line Progress

Question: Has your life journey been more linear or more circuitous? Answer: While we develop instinctively, blindly following our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature, both individually and collectively we follow a path that is a chain of recurring, vicious cycles. When we start a new developmental path, consciously, proactively going against our inherent … More Vicious Cycles Turned To Straight Line Progress

Lost Education

Question: Which generation stopped teaching compassion, decency, and manners to their children? Answer: In terms of education it started with the industrial revolution, when education became a “factory” for churning out workers to produce goods. In modern education, media brainwashing we are adding to it “creating” good consumers who also buy those goods. As our … More Lost Education

Changing Perspective In Order To Survive

Question: What should I know that will literally save me from dying? Answer: In order to literally save ourselves from dying, we need to escape from our inherently selfish, egocentric and subjective consciousness and perception of reality, that literally kills us. If we acquire – in a unique environment that uses a purposeful, practical, educational … More Changing Perspective In Order To Survive