Escaping Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis Midlife crisis is an elemental paradigm shift in one’s life that erupts while the person is seemingly, completely unprepared. It usually comes in life when one finally reached a certain peak of adult development, establishing a family, profession, secure existence, inching, turning towards retirement age. Today interestingly such paradigm shift appears in earlier … More Escaping Midlife Crisis

On Elijah’s Chair

Doubtful Elijah As the sources of Judaism describe, after King Solomon’s reign Jews have forsaken their traditions, customs including circumcision which is their primary sign of covenant with the Creator since Abraham. Prophet Elijah complained to the all encompassing source of reality about this great sin, but he was rebutted and was forced to attend … More On Elijah’s Chair

Working With A Leaking Bucket

The Urgent Need For Self-Correction Today many people realize that behind all the problems we are encountering in the world stands our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature. It is this nature that prevents us from forming positive, mutually complementing interconnections, cooperations, without which problem solving and thus survival is impossible in a global, integral … More Working With A Leaking Bucket

Swimming With The Whale

Trying To Reveal Perfection We exist in a perfect natural system that is governed by, permeated by a single, all encompassing force-field. At this stage we are not aware of either this force-field, nor the completeness and perfection of the system. Perception, attainment, research and understanding all depend on the similarity of qualities, similarity of … More Swimming With The Whale

Borrowed Love

Living In A Matrix By default we all consider ourselves unique, individual, autonomous creatures with free will, making decisions for ourselves. It takes a long time, going through lots of ups and downs, finally following the intolerable question of “What is the meaning of our lives?” to arrive to a shocking revelation. In truth we … More Borrowed Love

Wise Hearted

Emotional Beings We human beings pride ourselves of our intellectual capability. What we don’t understand yet is that our mind, intellect is only a secondary, auxillary tool. We are primarily sentient creatures since our basic matter is a desire. We conduct our lives through emotional impressions and our intellectual faculties are there only to sort, … More Wise Hearted