What is life? The basic matter we are born with is a desire. We are driven by an insatiable desire for pleasures for ourselves. In our corporeal life this yearning is divided into fulfilment for animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power over others, knowledge) desires. Life, existence means a constant hunger, aspiration, lack … More Covenant

Sensing The Host

How To Give Contentment? One if not time most perplexing statements those searching for the purpose of their lives encounter is that in order to reach their most optimal state, to become similar to the single, creating and governing force of reality, they have to aim to “give contentment” to that force. There are lots … More Sensing The Host

Heart Transplant

Evolving Towards A Single Human “Super-Organism” Our human existence as proud individuals is drawing to an end. We are at the threshold of a completely new human existence which is a fully integrated, mutual one. There are two great motivating forces driving us to that direction. One is a negative one, the deepening and seemingly … More Heart Transplant

Always a step ahead

Tending Towards Rest The vast, cosmic natural system we evolved from and exist in is in balance, homeostasis. Despite the myriad of complex, infinite-level activities going on, despite the constant contradictory changes, renewals the general tendency is always returning to rest. Thus the human being that is integral part of this system is also tending … More Always a step ahead