Transparent Adhesion

Human Purpose The Wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical, scientific method teaching us how to accept our existence. We are not existing in a random vacuum, simply appearing on the scene without reason and then disappearing without a trace. There is a very specific meaning to our life. We have a very unique, truly Human … More Transparent Adhesion

Different Viewpoints

In An Alien World The deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, that affects every facet of Human activity makes us question our perception of reality. After all ideologies, laws, structures we ourselves created and took for granted started to slip through our fingers, and every “solution” we come up with makes everything worse. Moreover the … More Different Viewpoints

Sweet Pain

Inner Find Our purpose in life is finding and attaining the source of our lives. This “finding” doesn’t mean some kind of a physical search, traveling to unique places in order to find an object or a living being. The finding, attaining happens inside the person according to the law of equivalence of form. Only … More Sweet Pain

Screened Light

In The Shade The Sun is very important for us. It provides us with heat, light, without it life wouldn’t exist. Most of us love to bask in the sun, when it is hidden by clouds, fog we can hardly wait for it to show itself again. Still we can’t look straight into the Sun … More Screened Light

True Infinity

A Shot At Infinity The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that we have the opportunity and capability to acquire a consciousness that can perceive eternity and infinity while we still exist in this life. The problem starts when we try imagining what that “infinity and eternity” actually means. Locked Into A Subjective Coordinate System Our inherent … More True Infinity

In Labour Pains

The Drama Of Birth Birth is the most dramatic, critical moment of life. A creature from within the most perfect, possibly most optimal environment a living creature could exist in – the mother’s womb – is violently ejected into a new, unprecedented dimension. From a warm, embracing, protective, personal cocoon, where all necessities are immediately, … More In Labour Pains

The Donkey Driver

Incredible Chance Although we are born into this very limited, subjective, suffering filled corporeal reality – where we are born against our will, chase random, mostly futile and obsolete desires instinctively, then pass away against our will – we have the potential to enter a very different kind of existence. We are given the chance … More The Donkey Driver