Being A Bottleneck

Question: Have you ever felt that you are the bottleneck and that your decisions make or break your future? Answer: I can tell you even more. I am not only a bottleneck for my own progress, but my decisions, intentions, actions influence the whole world. That is one thing when our absolute responsibility for our … More Being A Bottleneck

Being Softened To Be Sculpted…

Question: Would you say that experiencing traumas or tragedy repeatedly in life can create a healthy perception about existence if applied wisely to nihilistic thoughts or cycles? Answer: It is true that repeated traumas, tragedies can soften our inherently proud, egoistic, insolent nature. We can actually watch this “softening”, “humbling” unfolding on a mass scale … More Being Softened To Be Sculpted…

Regaining Control By Losing “Self-Control”

Question: Is everything truly beyond our control? Answer: Although today this seems so – seeing how all our best plans, inventions, ideologies and systems are slipping through our fingers – still we can take control of our fate. But for that first of all we have to accept and comprehend that the vast, cosmic, natural … More Regaining Control By Losing “Self-Control”

Changing The World

Question: How do you personally make the world a better place? Answer: We can make the world a better place only by changing, correcting, upgrading ourselves. There is only one thing that is wrong with the world: the broken, hateful, exploitative connection in between people. Due to our inherently egoistic, subjective point of view and … More Changing The World

Creating Life

Question: Many people say we are born to live a life. Either we hate it or not, we have to live it by force, and challenge everything that comes into our path, but when you try to look at the point, what is the MAIN reason, purpose and point why we’re living? Answer: This a … More Creating Life