True Infinity

A Shot At Infinity The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that we have the opportunity and capability to acquire a consciousness that can perceive eternity and infinity while we still exist in this life. The problem starts when we try imagining what that “infinity and eternity” actually means. Locked Into A Subjective Coordinate System Our inherent … More True Infinity

In Labour Pains

The Drama Of Birth Birth is the most dramatic, critical moment of life. A creature from within the most perfect, possibly most optimal environment a living creature could exist in – the mother’s womb – is violently ejected into a new, unprecedented dimension. From a warm, embracing, protective, personal cocoon, where all necessities are immediately, … More In Labour Pains

The Donkey Driver

Incredible Chance Although we are born into this very limited, subjective, suffering filled corporeal reality – where we are born against our will, chase random, mostly futile and obsolete desires instinctively, then pass away against our will – we have the potential to enter a very different kind of existence. We are given the chance … More The Donkey Driver

Similarities Attracts

Levels Of Similarity We look at the notions of love and hate as uncontrollable, many time hormonal, emotional impressions, states that usually come and go without our conscious influence. But if we look at these notions in a systematic manner, rising above the instinctive emotions we can find a much clearer picture. We love somebody … More Similarities Attracts

Solving The Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot Of Existence We are born into reality with a “Gordian Knot” like, seemingly impossible to solve paradox. In our DNA, developmental plan our purpose of existence is imprinted. And this purpose is reaching similarity, and through increasing that similarity finally achieving complete equivalence with the force-field surrounding us. But at the same … More Solving The Gordian Knot

The Bitter Truth

Objective Truth/Falsehood And Sweet/Bitter When a closed, living system is built on strict, unbending laws, absolute truth or falsehood is clearly discernable for an objective observer. For each individual element, living creature in any given system –¬†with their own individual survival reflexes, computing capabilities – the calculations are inherently self-centered, subjective, they are “sweet vs … More The Bitter Truth

The Soul

Forced To Wake Up We are each born into our own closed, subjective, personal caves. We are observing reality from this individual enclave, attracting everything towards ourselves, filtering them according to a completely self-centered, self-serving “pleasure/pain” principle. Although we are convinced that we exist in a solid, “Newtonian” Universe, in truth we live in an … More The Soul