Upside Down World

Out Of Depth Usually we feel very secure, certain in our inherent viewpoint of the world. Still as the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis is rumbling on – when all of our previous ideologies, human laws and system started slipping through our fingers – many people started to question if we are looking at, … More Upside Down World

Great Escape

The Harmful Ego Today we are gradually revealing that our inherent nature is fully egoistic, that we can’t make calculations for anything or anybody else but ourselves. We started to understand that the resulting ruthless and exploitative competition, always succeeding at the expense of others is behind our recurring, vicious, historic cycles and the present, … More Great Escape

Humane Universe

A Lawful Universe We exist in a perfect, lawful, natural Universe which is developing through a very precise evolutionary plan. There are intricately controlled cause and effect processes determining everything that is going on in the whole interdependent system, in order to safeguard balance and homeostasis, since without them life would not be possible. We … More Humane Universe

Eternal Love

“Fish Love” They say true love is eternal. And while this statement is correct, by default we are unable to sense it this way. The love we sense through our inherently egocentric and subjective nature is – as wise sages call it – “fish love”. We love something that tastes good. In other words we … More Eternal Love

David’s Harp

The Magical Harp According to Jewish oral tradition: “…In the middle of the night, as the wind changed direction, it would blow across the strings, and the harp would begin to be played by the wind. David would awaken with inspiration to these mystical sounds, pick up his harp, and sing his deepest feelings to … More David’s Harp

The Mother’s Love

Self-Love Our lives are seemingly infused with love. But in truth by default we don’t know what love truly is. As a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature the only love we know is “self-love”. Due to our egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” we are unable to make any calculations for anybody else but ourselves. For … More The Mother’s Love

Absolute Freedom

Mistaken Belief In Freedom We are born with an inherent, stubborn belief in freedom. We all think that at least to a certain extent we make decisions on our own, that at least to a certain extent we can influence our fate. Even people who believe in concepts like karma make seemingly independent decisions on … More Absolute Freedom