Sentient Creatures



Sentient Creatures

Human beings are sentient creatures. Our basic matter is a desire, the desire to receive pleasure, fulfillment for ourselves. Everything that happens to us, reaches us, goes through us initiates an emotional impression, emotional response.

Our mind is secondary. It is a tool for interpreting these emotional impressions and for directing us towards new pleasurable impressions while moving us away from painful ones.

We function like a hoover pipe, a personal black hole with its own gravitational field, drawing things towards ourselves, sorting, filtering them according to the above mentioned “pleasure/pain principle”. We only perceive what has passed through our pipe, giving emotional impressions which impressions are then analysed, interpreted by our mind.

We simply can’t deal with abstract things that don’t clothe into emotions. We can philosophise about abstract ideas, even write books about them but without actually experiencing, tasting, touching them they remain empty ideas without any merit. As they say the proof of the pudding…

Thus we clothe everything into human emotions, including the otherwise fully instinctive behaviour of animals, the operation of inanimate objects like our cars, computers or any other things we use.

We attach the emotions of love or hate, pleasant or unpleasant, attractive or frightening to everything we get into contact with according to how those things fulfil our own necessities, how we relate to them from our completely personal, subjective observation point. The moment something enters our personal sphere it receives our personal “humanised” emotional labels, clothing.

Even when we face absolute laws, principles, natural occurrences we can’t help but to attach such personalised, human emotional labels to them. The force of gravity for example becomes an evil, hateful force if I fell off a rooftop breaking my leg. While if I learned how to harness, use that law, figuring out how to fly using an aeroplane it becomes a good and benevolent force for me. An exploding volcano is a remarkable, beautiful sight unless of course it is in my vicinity.

Even natural, hormonal states we ourselves experience get our emotional labelling. I feel bright, healthy, content and full of energy when the chemical, hormonal state in my body is balanced, is in homeostasis. And we feel happy, joyful when such balance, homeostasis is achieved within the human interconnections we are included in, when our reciprocal relationships are mutually beneficial.

It is similar when we try to become emphatic, connecting to qualities, characteristics or emotions of others. We have to go through their experiences, states, act them out in order to sense the emotions connected to such actions, characteristics and from then on we understand what they meant. Only by “standing in their shoes” trying to use their observing point by putting ourselves into their place can we have any chance of understanding what they feel and why.

The abstract ideas of envy, jealousy, love, hate, parenthood only make sense to us when we acted them out, performed them in practice or experienced them. Still we feel all of those emotional impressions – even when we put ourselves into the place of others – according to our own filters, personal qualities, capabilities and actual states.


Collective Revelations


Most of our emotional impressions, sensations, tastes are personal, individual. Still there are some experiences that are collective and cannot be perceived alone in isolation. It is especially true to ideas, notions that are based on mutuality. The notions of love, bestowal, giving and receiving presents are such.

One can fantasise about love, even artificially build platonic love towards someone or something, but only when one goes through the actual experience of mutual love, mutual giving in practice can one truly taste, and later analyse and understand what that sensation truly is. It is the same with parenthood, leadership, service, dominion over others and any other collective notions, actions.

There are collective emotional impressions where “one has to be there”, “one had to experience it” in person at a specific time in a specific place. There are unforgettable memories, emotional imprints of sports events, world cup finals, unforgettable concerts, great speeches, world changing historic events, vivid celebrations which one can’t imagine or relive without actually being there. The same experience would have been completely different ifone had to go through alone without many others being present experiencing the same.


Revelation Of The Creating Force


The Bible describes such a very unique collective human experience about a whole nation perceiving the single governing force of reality “as one man with one heart”. Which means that by being united in such a special “supernatural” – above the self-centred, subjective instinctive nature, perception – way they merited to experience that singular, unique force that created and sustains our natural, cosmic system.

By creating a state called mutual guarantee in between them they became like a properly tuned radio receiver, capable of catching that special broadcast, the flow of nature’s creating force. Since perception, attainment happens through reaching the same frequency, reaching similarity of qualities with the perceived, they had to be tuned to that unique frequency.

Nature’s creating, evolutionary force can only be described through human emotions as absolute good and benevolent. After all it created the cosmic natural system we exist in and created life in it. It is good and benevolent since it provided the most optimal conditions, nurturing for that life to exist and develop in the most optimal way.


Love Through Mutual Guarantee


Love is a unique relationship towards another where the lover selflessly, unconditionally fulfils all the necessities of the loved one, exactly how the loved one needs it without the loved one needing to ask. Nature’s creating, evolutionary force thus “loves” all of its creations in such a perfect way.

We humans by default are incapable of such perfect love. We are incapable of “loving others as ourselves” since our primary, inherent program is self-love, egocentric reception based on a completely self-focused “pleasure/pain principle”. All the “love” we feel, we are capable of only because such “love” provides us with pleasure. If I didn’t receive pleasure from “loving” another I wouldn’t be able to love.

Thus according to the law of similarity of form by default we are incapable of sensing nature’s creating force as our own qualities, attitude towards others is opposite. Still through those unique circumstances, as that whole nation in the Biblical example reached mutual responsibility, in other words that selfless, unconditional “true love” towards one another, they become the perfect sensor for attaining nature’s evolutionary force.

While today we are incapable of achieving such mutual tuning as a nation, we can reach such similarity of form through mutual guarantee in smaller mutual environments. The practical method is the same: the gradual, committed mutual effort towards selfless, unconditional love of others above the instinctive self-love.


Perceiving The “Creator”


Perceiving this creating force is a very unique, “supernatural” sense of love and joy. It is not felt in the usual direct way as other “normal”, natural personal emotional impressions. Although it is still felt in the same “personal hoover pipe” it is not felt by drawing experiences, fulfilment towards the self. Instead it is experienced in an indirect way, fulfilment passing through, being actively pushed towards others. The joy doesn’t come to one by receiving something for oneself, but by being able to pass on something towards others.

Moreover the real joy doesn’t even come from such mutual passing on from one to the other. The real joy is received from sensing the increasing, limitless cosmic flow being facilitated by establishing such an uninhibited, fully transparent network where that flow can stream through without any blockades, distortions.

It is like rolling a blocking stone away from the opening of a spring, so the water can burst through. It is difficult to imagine either the stone or the spring itself experiencing any emotions in our world, but since we facilitate it and sense this breakthrough ourselves, we clothe the event, the facilitation of the breakthrough with our own emotions describing it as if the spring was finally relieved, given contentment by being able to flow through.

By creating this mutual selfless, unconditionally loving network we give contentment for the creating force, making it possible for its nurturing love to flow uninhibited to every part of the system. But we don’t actually sense this force, law as it feels contentment. The contentment is sensed in us as we facilitate, arrange it, as we ourselves become good and benevolent partners in the system that force created. Through ourselves performing, mirroring its actions we get to know this good and benevolent force.

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