Leadership Crisis


On the internet magazine “Project Syndicate” Ashoka Mody analyzes the potential aftermath in case Angela Merkel was ousted in the next German federal elections. Overall the opinion piece is lamenting whether such strong personal leadership Merkel represented in Europe is useful or harmful overall.

Merkel’s role being considered as the “Chancellor of Europe” is similar how the American President is described as “leader of the free world”.
Many people today agree that such “singular” leadership is more harmful than helpful.

We evolved into a fully integrated, completely interconnected world, where such individual leadership by a single person, or overwhelming dominance by a single nation has become destructive.
In this new global, integrated system we can’t put such responsibility on a few. We can’t keep on dreaming about heroes, visionaries that will lead us, save us like the cartoon-like superheroes in Hollywood movies.

In an integral, independent system only mutual complementing, mutually responsible collective decision making and action can solve problems, provide the foundations for a better, sustainable global human society.
And in such a paradigm we are all equally responsible, we can’t pass the bucket into others.

Thus we need to learn a new paradigm.
We all need to go through a special “global, integral” education program understanding the new evolutionary conditions surrounding us.
We need to discover together how humanity can adapt itself into those conditions which are not man-made and are unchangeable.
All of us have to become “responsible leaders” mutually complementing each other according to our best abilities.

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