The Paradox Of Freedom

The Irrepressible, Unpleasant Question

We are based on a very simple operating software that is written on the basic “pleasure/pain principle”.

All our lives are spent on instinctively moving towards ever greater pleasures while distancing ourselves from presumed or actual pain, suffering.

The calculation behind this “pleasure/pain principle” is completely self-centered, we ask feel that the whole Universe revolves around our self.

Although this basic modus operandi is the same as for any other living creature in reality, human beings go through a certain evolution regarding the desires that demand fulfilment, the desires on which a calculations for pleasure and pain are conducted.

As human societies evolved, above the animate desires of food, sex and family new, social desires of wealth, dominion over others, desire for knowledge develop.

But today these animate and social desires start to exhaust, people feel empty, frustrated, they don’t look forward to the future as they used to.

Moreover our social, economic and political structures we built on these desires are also sinking into crisis, reaching unsolvable dead-ends.

As a result of this deadlock and also as a result of our continuing evolution a new desire starts to surface, which new desire completely separates people from the animal level.

This new desire which even before flickered, appeared and disappeared in people today starts to bursts out in a great mass of people in an irrepressible fashion.

This new desire is expressed in the question of: “what is the meaning of my life?”

On the surface the question looks innocent but as we start looking deeper this question and the subsequent search for answers shakes the foundation of our existence, this is why until now we tried suppressing it and even today we try running away from it.

Being Part Of A System

As long as we keep living randomly, fulfilling the desires popping up in us at any given moment we feel independent, seemingly controlling our lives.

We are convinced we sense our own thoughts, our own desires, and we keep making our own decisions about them and acting based on our own decisions.

Even the fact that today we suddenly find ourselves in a globally interconnected and interdependent system – where we constantly have to adjust our movements, directions and can’t plan even for more than a few days ahead due to the multitude of influences reaching us – can’t change our opinion.

But the moment we start looking at an overall meaning, trying to find some higher purpose for our existence above the everyday necessities, fleeting pleasures, we suddenly freeze.

First of all every time such questions surface, they come together with the bitter realization that our physical life has an end date.

And the closer we feel we are getting to that inevitable end the more panicky we become about an overall meaning, purpose.

But beyond the fear of death a purpose, meaning presumes an intelligent plan, a deterministic system surrounding us.

After all a single person cannot have a purpose, cannot find a meaning for existence in a vacuum.

Even if we settle on the most basic, animate purpose of recreation; creating and bringing up offsprings in order to facilitate the continuing existence and evolution of our species immediately puts us firmly into the single human species, integrated within the vast, cosmic natural system, being part of the relentlessly flowing wave of evolution.

Which by default means that we are not the unique, standalone creatures we believe we are, but we are integrated parts of our species which species needs to follow a natural plan in a natural system in order to survive and stay “seated on evolution’s never stopping train”.

Which in turn takes the control out of our hands.

Who Is In Control

Our purpose is to reveal, study and understand the system around us and to find out our own role, mission, calling in it.

And the deeper we go the less freedom, independence we find. We start to see very intricate cause and effect processes intertwined through multiple dimensions creating the “thin”, limited, superficial picture we observe as “our world”.

The deeper we dive into the system the more we understand that what we considered our “free world” is simply a static image on a computer screen and the pixels light up already fully predetermined, prearranged without and personal or even collective freedom from our part.

In effect our purpose in existence is to find out that we have absolutely no freedom.

We have to come to a realization that we are marionette figures pulled and animated on strings by a hidden force, force-field that acts like the puppeteer. We have to precisely map out, understand that we don’t make any independent decisions but we have a very precise, final role, purpose in the system of reality and the whole system works towards us to take, educate us towards that purpose.

We are not in control, but we are controlled 100%.

The Paradox Of Freedom

Actually we still have some freedom, in a very specific important matter. We can fully determine in what way do we arrive to the realization, that we have no freedom at all but we are inadvertently progressing towards a predetermined final state.

At first sight logically one would think that this is impossible. Who could imagine a more cruel, sadistic joke creating a system with sentient, intelligent creatures in it, playing a game with them, letting them to believe they’re were free until at the end they raise through this perceived freedom that they have always been puppets, pulled on strings.

This is the opposite of the story of Pinocchio, it is the worst possible ending to any story. In such a case it is much better to remain unconscious, instinctive, driving into the animate life in this world as long as it lasts, maintaining the pretense of the imagined human free choice.

Fortunately the situation is very different and there indeed exists a most happy ending. 

It is true we end up realizing we have always been controlled and the tiny freedom we were given was to proactively pursue, “choose” to conclude that we are like Pinocchio but we will never become “flash and blood” little boys. But in the process of reaching this conclusion something changes in a fundamental way.

Reaching Similarity And Complete Partnership

Revelation, research, understanding happens by reaching similarity of qualities, states in between the researcher and the researched. It is like tuning a radio receiver until we reach the perfect frequency the desired broadcast is coming through.

We can only conclude that we are fully integrated within nature’s system, that we are fully manipulated by the system’s single governing force by reaching full, conscious adaptation, immersion within the system. 

Until we reach that complete equalization with the reality around us our inherent nature keeps trying to convince us that we are still in control, that we can still to at least a certain extent use, exploit everything around us the way we want.

It is only when all doubt disappears, when we can clearly observe, research and fully understand the whole, vast, cosmic, infinite reality with all of its intricate cause and effect processes, when we can review the complete plan of evolution from its inception till its perfect, final state that we can declare that indeed we are simple puppets being 100% manipulated by the single master puppeteer.

But for that to happen we have to reach complete equivalence with this master puppeteer, learning all of its tricks and trade, understanding its mind and the whole plan this force conceived and implemented.

Thus although we stand there as marionette figures on strings, we can look the puppeteer in the eye as equals. The disciple reached the level, expertise of the master. The initially cruel, even sadistic education method, game becomes fully justified since we received the capability of holding the whole of reality in our own capable hands on the merit of reaching that equivalence with reality’s single source.

The Free Choice

Evolution’s relentlessly rolling wave would take us to this point with or without our agreement. As we speak we are part of this process but in an unconscious manner. 

Naturally evolution’s plan would take us to the final state by using our inherent “pleasure/pain principle”. And since pain is a much greater, more potent motivator than pleasure it is increasing suffering, blows, crisis situations and wars that are in store for us on this “natural”, instinctive path until we reach such intolerable states that we have no other “choice” but to turn towards the system and its source. 

We would just continue as humanity evolved so far, through repeated vicious cycles, through building, destruction, rebuilding, destruction, rebuilding and destruction while the destructing become increasingly more intense.

But we were given the opportunity to choose and use the only free choice humanity has, to take this revelation, recognition of the system and its governing force into our own hands. The puppet was given an opportunity to take hold of the strings dangling from above and trace it until the puppeteer is revealed.

We received a seemingly empty area, a playground, a unique human laboratory where we can mutually experiment on how to become, behave like this force that animates, permeates the whole of reality.

In this mutual, human laboratory we can tune, refine ourselves like a unique, human radio receiver until we finally pinpoint the right frequency and start receiving the broadcast.

And the closer we get to the right frequency the more comfortable, pleasant we start feeling, and the more effortless we sense our existence on one hand. 

On the other hand we start feeling at the same time how distant, how far we ventured from the previous “mindless safety” offered by our original nature, paradigm.

As a result of sensing both the new frequency, budding similarity with the system, and at the same time still sensing our original inclination, perception we feel like hanging “in between”. 

We feel without any doubts that we fully depend on the natural force we are building similarity with, as this force keeps us above our selfish gravitational force like a magnet.

We are hanging in the air seemingly miraculously while we don’t actually feel this force itself, only its action manipulating, animating us against our original nature making us similar to it.

Our only free choice presents in that “thin air”, in between our solid, “safe” original nature, the ground pulling us through gravity tempting us with “individual freedom” in this world and the still invisible magnetic force above, inviting us to recognize our true situation, accepting our puppet state willingly, with pleasure.
This is where we have to choose.

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