The Stampede


As the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, and the worrying barbaric chaos engulfing even Western societies tries to show us, our artificial human bubble we keep stubbornly inflating is not compatible with the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in.

All through human history we have been trying to prove how human beings – driven by the irrepressible belief in our unique independence – are outside and above the natural system we evolved from. We have been trying to prove, mostly to ourselves that we don’t depend on any “external powers” – be it natural or “heavenly” – but we are in full control of our existence and destiny.

Thus the crisis, our desperate helplessness in solving it, and our generally terrified outlook at even short term future made us realize that our dream of human superiority over nature, over evolution was a false, imaginary idea.

The same is happening in our contemporary, cutting edge sciences. We have reached boundaries we simply can’t pass. The latest revelations in quantum physics, astrophysics project around us a reality that is in contradiction with our limited and static human paradigm. 

Each respected leader, expert of those scientific fields agrees that there is a need to identify, describe a unified system of reality with a unified set of laws, forces. Without a “theory of everything”, without a common nominator, coefficient, bundling all known forces acting on us, connecting them to a single source our existence simply doesn’t make sense.

Since Einstein we also know how the world we perceive changes in relation to the observer. And today we understand it much deeper how perception of reality is completely subjective and distorted by the qualities of the observers.

In short we find ourselves in an artificially generated, incompatible human bubble, “aquarium”, looking at a reality surrounding us that works by very different laws, vibrates on a very different frequency compared to this illusion we built for ourselves. 

And as “the air/cabin pressure” is running out in our human space, aquarium we would need to urgently figure out how to break through into that other dimension to survive.

We urgently need to find a way,a method allowing us to equalize ourselves, integrate into the “real world” around, clothing into its qualities, frequency.

Looking Through The Shop Window

Our inherent quality, frequency is a self-serving, self-justifying inclination based on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. We are incapable of making any other calculation but to constantly move closer to ever greater pleasures for ourselves, while distancing from expected or actual pain, suffering.

But contrary to other animals we have an “evil tweak” to this natural survival instinct. Due to our inherent sense of proud uniqueness, feeling instinctively superior to everything and everyone around us, we can’t be satisfied by simply surviving, fulfilling our natural necessities. 

We always need what others have, we always have to feel we are better off than others. If I have everything I need but my neighbor has more it makes me unhappy. If I am hungry and sick but my neighbor is hungrier and sicker my own suffering is alleviated.

We are constantly looking through an eternal shop window, peeking in trying to see what else we could grab for ourselves from others, from the system. 

And now when we started to sense that beyond the glass walls of our selfish, egoistic and apparently self-destructive human aquarium there is a higher, better, perfect reality waiting, we are feverishly trying to figure out how to break into the shop, changing our exhausted, dying paradigm to a better, larger one. 

We want this change so we could continue our existence as before, “enjoying life”, exploiting everything and everyone as much as possible just like an unstoppable, metastatic cancer.

Breaking The Wall

There are a few “system specialists” who already made it to the other side of the wall, researching the laws, principles of existence outside of the human aquarium. And they try to explain to us that it is possible for the whole of humanity to enter that other dimension and start existing in a qualitatively much higher, effortless manner.

But we are going about entering it the wrong way. They tell us that we actually don’t even need to break into that prefect, natural dimension, it will come to us in a free, openly accessible manner. 

The wall separating us from that other dimension needs to break, come down for sure. But the wall is not erected “from the other side”. Nobody is trying to keep us out from there, there are no armed guards at the gate.

It is us, we ourselves who keep erecting that wall, it is us, ourselves who stop the flow of that other, perfect dimension into our present, artificial human space.

In fact there is no wall at all. It is only us, the selfish, subjective observers who are incapable of perceiving, sensing and enjoying perfection and an existence above self-concern, above the egocentric coordinates of time, space and physical motion. 

We ourselves are the immovable stone blocking the mouth of a “life giving spring” from where the creating, sustaining, natural force of true reality could flood and nurture our human space, giving us “fresh water” in our aquarium.

Practical Method

Thus we need a purposeful, practical method that can help us remove our “stone wall” insulating us from the rest of natural reality where nature’s governing force resides and openly operates.

The most important law in reality is “the law of similarity of form” which states that entities that are similar to one another in their qualities are close to each other, merge with each other according to their degree of similarity.

Similarly entities that are different from one another in their qualities are far from each other and can’t mix, they reject one another according to the degree of their dissimilarity.

With our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and greedy nature we act as an impenetrable stone wall, rejecting force towards nature’s primary, all encompassing source that is altruistic, selfless, unconditionally loving and serving.

Thus in order to remove the wall, neutralize our rejecting force we would need to go through a complete self-annulment, creating a clear space, purified of our inherently selfish egos, in order to give free space for nature’s governing force to fill it.

The purposeful, practical method that is capable of facilitating such a “supernatural” – above the instinctive human nature – self annulment takes place in a closed, mutual human environment, group.

In this closed group, committed, fully devoted people take it upon themselves to work ceaselessly in order to mutually help each other reaching selfless, altruistic and unconditional service towards one another in order to achieve similarity with nature’s fully integrated system. They agree, obligate themselves to break down their selfish, egoistic walls separating them from each other, their collective from nature’s system and keeping nature’s primary force our of the human aquarium.

But the more they devote themselves to the task, the greater effort they invest in, the stronger they start feeling their inherent nature obstructing them, pulling them backwards. After all for the inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature their goal of altruistic, selfless service of others is equal to suicide. 

Altruistic, selfless, unconstitutional service, care for others is actually harsher than suicide, as the person’s consciousness, observer wouldn’t perish but would need to observe those others succeed, move on while the inherent self is annulled, laid to rest.

In such a selfless, altruistic state one would need to accept, take on the thoughts, desires of others, finding out and fulfilling their needs, necessities above one’s own. And one’s only aspiration would become how to help the others reach their mutually desired goal, regardless of what happens to one’s own self.

Thus one’s inherent nature tries everything in its mighty power to prevent one to get closer to such a state. The inherent nature is especially refined in portraying those others in the mutual circle in a negative, bad light. The person starts seeing through one’s subjective perception those others useless, unworthy, lazy, cheating, ignoring their mutual commitment, etc.

Unless they prepared themselves well in advance for such states, following all the meticulous advice from those “system specialists” developing the method – making and keeping a strong commitment, covenant in between them, constantly keeping their eyes on their mutual goal which they keep enlarging, intensifying – they have no chance of holding onto their mutual circle and will leave the campaign behind.

The Stampede
But if they keep all the conditions of the unique environment and the method, and they continue mutually supporting one another with a 100% effort, they can reach a very sensitive, crucial threshold.

At that threshold the inherent nature pulling the person back, trying to protect the “self” takes a last stand against those others, against the thoughts, desires, needs of those others one’s selfless aspiration, the aspiring objective observer wants to accept.

Everything depends on how successfully the partners in the mutual cycle made their goal important for one another. If that overall importance is capable of tipping the balance towards accepting the others above one’s self the egoistic, selfish wall breaks and a “stampede” unfolds.

Those others with their desires, thoughts and needs “trample over” one’s egoistic, selfish foundations like a herd of mustang horses released from captivity. They trample all over one’s selfish, egoistic pride, pulverizing it into the dust. One’s inherent, proud, egoistic inclination becomes like “dust under the feet” for those others.

As the same “stampede” phenomenon happens to each and every partner in the circle a new, selfless, altruistic vacuum is cleared. And as a result that clearing, vacuum is in turn becoming filled with nature’s governing force.

Thus following this self-induced, altruistic breach, following the braking of their own stone walls the members of this unique circle help filling up the dying human aquarium with new, life giving fresh water, with the chance of a new existence for everybody.

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