Peeking Through The Keyhole

Two Kinds Of Worldview

Most people would divide how people perceive reality into two major camps. According to this division there are religious people and atheists, secular people.


The Atheist Worldview

Atheist, secular people are those who believe that as a result of a “random”, accidental natural evolution mankind appeared as the highest authority on this planet, and basically until we find other, higher forms of intelligent life we are the highest, most evolved authority in the whole known Universe. We have seemingly the highest level of intelligence, analytic mind giving us the capability of boundlessly researching, mapping, attaining the world around us.

This capability also provides us with power and tools to rule over the other, lower levels in nature and exploit our natural environment, potentially even faraway planets, meteorites how we see it fit for our own consumption.
As a result of this self-confidence, complete belief in our own capabilities, superiority we created an artificial human world, introduced new human laws that have no natural foundations. We underwent incredible technological and social development and for a while it seemed we truly had everything figured out.

It is only recently that this proud, rosy bubble started to burst and despite all of our stubborn, desperate efforts to keep reviving our artificial human system we are sinking ever deeper into a multi-faceted global crisis, nearing seemingly inevitable self-destruction.
It is not enough that we are still incapable of predicting, let alone using in a constructive manner nature’s awesome destructive forces, many times even after they strike we still can’t fully make out how and where they came from.
But today even the ideologies, theories – and the human institutions, structures based on them – we ourselves invented, built are slipping through our fingers, turning against us.

Our classical sciences are clutching at straws, going in circles many times contradicting themselves, peers proving complete opposites even in the same edition of peer reviewed journals. Modern, cutting edge physics, astronomy have become completely theoretical, philosophical, we are approaching, “touching” such findings, models we have no chance of comprehending with our limited, subjective and fully self-centered minds.

The infinite possibility, unbounded quantum system, parallel universes are impossible to perceive, contain or research with our singular mind operating on a self-centered, introverted pleasure/pain principle. We are finding out the hard way that we are incompatible with the system we exist in which system is infinitely greater than ourselves.

And since this vast, cosmic natural system is based on unbending, unchangeable natural laws, relentlessly progressing towards a final, most optimal state, the system can’t, won’t change. Only we could change ourselves in order to reach compatibility and survive.


The Religious Worldview

Religious people believe that neither the system, nor evolution is random, accidental but that there is a higher authority above mankind, a higher authority we can’t comprehend or attain in our physical lives. This higher force created and still governs our reality driving it towards a predetermined final goal.

These religious people seemingly understand that all our problems come from our incompatibility with the system, how the selfish, egoistic human inclination is in contradiction, it is against the pure loving, bestowing higher source. Religions usually call this incompatibility a “sin” of mankind.

But they also say that this “sin” can only be fully atoned for, purified after we passed away from this physical life and then in that other dimension we will be able to exist in the destined perfection we all yearn for.
Religious people are forced into a strange duality as on one hand they have to exist, get by in the same artificial human bubble atheists live – many times fully immersing in it – while at the same time maintaining that this life is sinful and almost irrelevant, as our true, perfect existence starts after we died and atoned for our sin.

As a result most religious or spiritual leaders reject, renounce the desires, pleasures of this world in order to show a positive example to their followers. Unfortunately a large portion of them turns out to be pretending such self-restraint while at the same time using their positions for “sinfully” fulfilling the very desires they openly reject.

It is not surprising since it is impossible to suppress or delete our natural instincts, inclinations. We can’t exist without fulfilling our animate desires of food, sex and family, and only very few people can get by without finding at least partial fulfillment for the social desires of wealth, power and knowledge.

Still religions can provide significant psychological support for people in need, hardship, giving hope for people that in the afterlife will receive pleasures and fulfillment paying back for the hardship, suffering endure in this physical life.

Religions unfortunately also create an unbreachable distance, separating people from direct responsibility for their actions placing multiple intermediaries in between them and the single source of reality.
Moreover as we observed repeatedly through human history religions, similarly to atheist, scientific knowledge have been mostly used for controlling people, concentrating power in the hands of a few.

Approaching True Free Choice

Today when the global crisis is seemingly unsolvable, when humanity’s incompatibility with the system we exist in has become sharply clear, we can see that neither the atheist, secular worldview – even by the support of cutting edge technology, science – nor the religious worldview can provide us with solutions. Neither pathway can help us reach the necessary compatibility with the surrounding system here and now.

As both secular sciences and religions identified the root problem is in our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature that creates a very limited, fully subjective perception of reality.
This introverted, selfish, subjective perception is what causes our incompatibility with the system, this is the reason why we keep building laws, structures artificially, “out of nothing”, blindly going against natural laws.

Due to this incompatibility we have no idea about our true natural necessities, the boundaries we can’t go beyond, we have no idea how to relate properly to each other and to the natural environment in a benevolent, mutually complementing manner.
It is of course not a “sin” since we were born with such a limited, selfish and subjective nature without any free choice. And until today, facing this unprecedented crisis, crossroad in our human evolution we simply developed instinctively, automatically without any conscious freedom, similarly to other organisms of the natural system.

Our choice, the time of true “reward and punishment” starts when we realize that there is another way of existing, a different mode of perception of reality we can use. We can only talk about choice, responsibility, sins or good deeds, rewards or punishments when one has two perfectly clear, equal options to choose from.

The time when we can put our unique analytical human mind to true, good use, making conscious decisions starts only when people start sensing, understanding and using that other pathway, method of relating to each other and to the world around.

Reaching Similarity Of Form

In order to attain, understand the vast, cosmic, natural system around us to facilitate our conscious integration, adaptation in it, we need to acquire an expert, objective observer status. For that we need to exit our present very limited, introverted, selfish and subjective perception.

In other words we would need people, modern, unique, empirical scientists who on one hand similarly to religious people believe, accept that we exist in a predetermined, closed system that works according to an intelligent plan which plan originates from a single force. This single force continues to govern this system driving it towards its optimal final state through an evolutionary process.

But this people also need to believe, accept that this force wants to reveal itself in this life, here and now in this world by methodically assisting, training people, who want to reveal it by attaining similarity to the qualities of the system and its source.Then through the similarity of qualities people would become capable of acting as the source itself, partnering it and through their own actions reveal the source’s plan, sensing as this plan, the life giving energy of the source streaming through them.

This is not as simple as it sounds since in order to reach such an objective observer status we would need to reach selfless, unconditional service of others against and above our inherent nature. Such a supernatural feat can only be reached through a very unique mutual environment, where fully committed, devoted people support, inspire each other until they become liberated from the clutches of their inherent, selfish egos.

Reporting From Inside

But this unique environment can’t just spring out of nothing. The conditions, methodology, source materials, teacher has to originate from somewhere. We would need messengers, “agents” reporting from within the boundless, quantum system creating a bridge over the seemingly insurmountable abyss in between our present existence, perception and the one that can give us the attainment of the system and its source.

Fortunately for the last almost six thousand years there have been existing such primordial, empirical scientists, who made this seemingly supernatural transition. As a result of their unique personal qualities, sensitivity and favorable environmental, evolutionary conditions they managed to acquire the necessary self-changes and became the selfless, transparent, objective observers capable of rising above the boundaries of time, space and physical motion.

By integrating with the vast, cosmic, natural quantum system through similarity of qualities, they became such messengers, inner agents who could report back, inform us about the system from within. We have their research journals and the practical method they developed for other people who want to make this evolutionary jump, transition proactively, consciously before the unrelenting wave, pressure cooker of evolution forces them to do so.

Opening The Keyhole

With the help of the method, developed by those primordial empirical scientists, we can build a unique, mutual, circular environment for those people who want to acquire the true, objective perception proactively, consciously in our times, on one hand pressed by the crisis on the other hand pulled by their natural, personal curiosity.
Through a gradual process these people need to reach a state where their only concern, devotion, calculation becomes how to help all the others in the circle succeed while they completely, utterly ignore what happens to themselves.

We can imagine it as a scenario where there is a unimaginably great, unprecedented, fantastic journey available for a single person. This is truly a journey of a lifetime, something that can completely change one’s life, existence helping one to reach the farthest, most ambitious, seemingly impossible dreams. But the ticket to this journey is so expensive, the preparation is so difficult that nobody has enough money or capability to purchase the ticket and prepare oneself alone.

If in this unique mutual circle all of the participating friends put together all they have, even their last cents so they can’t even buy a piece of bread for themselves later, one of them would be able to purchase the ticket and go while all the others would face poverty, hunger and uncertain future.

At the same time all fully commit themselves to care only about preparing, inspiring the others to become ready for the journey devoting all their time and energy only for this. At the end they all decide to sacrifice everything for the others and without doubts, without further calculations they put all their possessions, up to the last cent into the common hat, together with all their time and effort.

If they all do the same, they all put everything in the common hat without even caring about who would be able travel at the end, they create something new, something unprecedented.
As a result of their complete, mutual self-sacrifice, all giving up everything for the sake of others they open up a new space, vacuum, a special keyhole in between them.

With the money and selfless, unconditional effort they all put into that common hat they create a unique gateway allowing them to peek inside that “other dimension” where selfless, altruistic service of others, pure bestowal governs.
Although none of them go through personally into that dream journey, at the end they all pass through.

They don’t pass through as they were originally, with their inherently selfish, egoistic nature, inclination, with their usual desires, necessities. They create a new, common, mutual, selfless observer, carrying their united, assembled, integrated aspirations.

And then through those points, courtesy of this new, common, selfless, mutual traveler they can start observing the selfless, transparent, objective reality without selfish distortion on the merit of similarity of form. Through this unprecedented, unique mutual observer they gave birth to they start roaming, researching the system and its force above the coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

First they start sensing a dual existence, dual perception. On one hand they are still anchored in this physical reality through their initial matter, inherent desires while on the other hand through that united, selfless, mutual observer they gain existence in the quantum reality above this world.

And although this new perception, complete attainment of the system helps them solving any problems that arises within the physical realm, material life becomes secondary and gradually drifts into the background, since existence above matter in the true immaterial quantum reality takes precedence.

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