Bittersweet Medicine


Born Evil

We are all evil. Our inherent nature is 100% self-serving, self-justifying and greedy. We are driven to any thought or action by a self-obsessed “pleasure/pain principle” which means our calculations are solely about taking us closer to ever greater pleasures for ourselves while constantly moving us away from suffering, pain.

To be fair we are neither evil, nor sinful. We are all born with this nature which means we never had any free choice about acting selfishly, in an egoistic way. In fact human evolution up to this point has been unfolding in a fully predetermined, subconscious, automatic manner, humanity simply mutually acting out this instinctive nature like helpless characters in a 3D computer game.

This is why human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles starting with hopeful plans, new ideologies, governing, social and economic systems until our nature inevitably twists, distorts, corrupts arrangements driving civilisation into a dead end. Then through intolerable suffering through some violent explosion – revolutions, wars, economic meltdowns – we “resolve” the dead ends and start building a new civilisation on the ruins of the previous one.

A New, Helpless Situation

So far our infinite pride, self-justification prevented us looking into the mirror, trying to diagnose the real problem but today the situation is different.First of all we can’t ignore any longer that we exist in a globally integrated and fully interdependent system.There are no politicians, experts, books or articles these days that wouldn’t mention “global” and “interconnected” multiple times. Whether we want or not we have to accept that without some sort of mutual collaboration we can’t survive any longer.

The recently voted for Brexit is a good example. On one hand Britain voted to leave the constraints of the EU on the other hand they immediately started exploring, discussing in what ways can they rebuild the crucial interconnections with Europe and the rest of the world which interconnections encompass all levels of human activity.

We are simply chained to each other as cogwheels in a vast machinery, or cells of a single body.

Moreover our current, modern civilisation that reached dead end rendered useless the most promising ideologies, human systems. Nobody has any idea what else we could try if liberal democracy, free market economy – without any serious threat or competition – collapsed, and it is indeed collapsing in a spectacular manner as we speak. We are watching how the modern version of the Roman Empire, the hedonistic, self-serving Western society is consuming itself while different, extremist ideas, “hordes of barbarians” run amok unopposed.

Today most serious observers, interpreters identify the inherent human nature behind our failures. Still nobody knows what we could do about it and many are resigned to helplessly waiting for the imminent, next civilisation ending explosion.

After all how could one change one’s own nature, how could we all rise above our instincts? We all know one can’t lift oneself above by pulling one’s own hair.

Nature’s Mutual Guarantee

Fortunately we are not expected to perform such supernatural feat. There is a pure, scientific natural solution. First of all we find a ready made template to follow in the vast, cosmic, natural system around us. This natural system is built on the state of “mutual guarantee”.

This state means a mutually complementing collaboration in a closed, living system where all comprising elements – regardless of size, role or assumed importance – selflessly, altruistically serve eve whole collective through each other. These selfless elements don’t possess individual reason, individual calculations. They are all “plugged into” the cosmic matrix operating based on a collective communication, collective mind making each and every calculation towards the well-being, optimal function of the whole.

The Primordial Scientists

Now obviously there is a great difference between all of nature’s “mindless”, “impersonal” comprising elements, creatures and the proudly independent human being with its subjective, introverted, personal reason, calculations. Even if people understood the survival necessity of building mutual guarantee within human society with its selfless, collective reason and collaboration, how could the fiercely independent, self-calculating human beings agree, let alone practically achieve complete self-annulment, rising above their own reason?

For that a purposeful, perfect practical method was developed by primordial, empirical natural scientists over three thousand years ago. Through their special sensitivity, talents, as a result of the still weak egoistic nature that was relatively easy to subdue, they managed to build such mutual guarantee in between them. Through reaching similarity of form with nature’s system they became capable of unprecedented “insider” research in nature’s system. They could detect, examine all cause and effect processes, they could enter and observe natural evolution’s flow from its beginning to its predetermined, most optimal final state.

They understood what state humanity would achieve by today through the exponential growth, intensification of our instinctively selfish and egoistic nature, which drove humanity until today without free choice.

Through existing within the system, attaining all of its intricacies and details reaching “prophecy” is a clear scientific calculation without any mysticism. All prophecies from the Bible for example are clear deductions of how humanity’s development unfolds following our inherent nature without free choice.

Thus these “prophetic” primordial scientists comprised the above mentioned practical, scientific method for the “last generation”, for a time when humanity is ready, capable of making a free choice about further human development instead of following the blind, instinctive path.

Reaching A “Prayer”

This method doesn’t require us to perform miracles. It doesn’t require us to perform anything supernatural. What the method helps us doing is reaching a true, unblemished request, “prayer from the bottom of the heart” for a second, more refined nature, for the capability of acting above the instinctive, selfish, egoistic reason in order to build mutual guarantee.

A “prayer” in scientific terms means a self-assessment, comparing one’s actual, present state to a higher, more optimal, desired one. Such comparison immediately activates a “silent prayer”, a desire for that higher, more optimal state since the researcher obviously understands that such a higher state is more beneficial for oneself than the state one is currently in. And a “prayer from the bottom of the heart” means that such desire becomes one’s sole “obsession”, reaching that higher, more optimal state becoming so important that one considers “even death better than living without it”.

Negative And Positive Motivations Together

We can reach such an overwhelming desire for a better state either pushed by intolerable suffering, pain or by the attraction of a much greater pleasure than we are presently capable of receiving. Since here we are talking about the most fundamental possible change, a complete shift in human consciousness, behavior the practical method can’t work efficiently by itself, the timing also has to be right combining the negative and positive motivations for maximum effect.

Such timing is perfect today, this is why we are considered to be the first members in the “last generation”.

Our own vicious cycle is ending and the inevitable civilization ending explosion might wipe all of us out considering the widespread availability of weapons of mass destruction and extremist elements around. Many people draw parallels with the 1930’s except today there are more nations that could easily turn fascistic, and basically everybody is against everybody else like in a Tarantino movie all characters waiting to pull the trigger towards each other.

There is a genuinely growing fear of a global meltdown which could be triggered from multiple sources. And if it is not wars in between human beings that threatens our existence than it will be our relentless war against our natural environment. The rapidly changing climate, increasingly scarce energy, water resources are very real problems even for the current generation.

On the other hand through our scientific and technological development we received a peek into a different kind of existence, many science fiction books, movies explore how we could improve our lives and raise ourselves to a qualitatively higher level of existence through true, mutually complementing collaboration.

But the real reward that waits us as a result of a functioning mutual guarantee, offsetting our bitter self-sacrifice goes beyond anything we could imagine with our present mind and reason, that is still anchored to the coordinates of time, space and physical motion, still limited to imagining existence within the confines of physical life and death.

The Right Choice

If we are willing to swallow the bitter pill of self-annulment, entering a selfless, altruistic, mutually serving collaboration with others, completely sacrificing selfish, subjective calculations for the sake of the whole collective, we could enter nature’s system as those original, primordial natural scientists did. By accepting nature’s altruistic, objective truth above our own selfish, subjective “sweet or bitter for the self” truth we could “download”, find all the solutions, blueprints we need within nature’s infinite wisdom.

This in itself could give us a much better, sustainable and effortless collective life over our present pain and struggling filled, exclusively competitive life. What awaits us above such “easy going”, problem-free existence is beyond our present comprehension. Even to imagine it would require the limitless, collective “quantum mind” only the prefect mutual guarantee can give us. Until then we have to trust those primordial scientists who in their writings, “research journals” gave us some hints about the pleasures awaiting us in that higher, “above reason” dimension.

But not knowing exactly, not having a taste of the real pleasures we can obtain actually helps us. Only in this manner do we have any free choice. If we just once tasted the pleasures of perceiving reality beyond time, space and physical motion, experiencing a total bliss like existing in a cosmic “mother’s womb” having all necessities, desires immediately and perfectly fulfilled, sensing infinite, incomprehensible love streaming through us  we could never let go of that perception.

We would become totally addicted from the first morsel.

Instead at this stage we can choose to take the bitter pill and let nature’s evolutionary force to perform the necessary “heart and mind transplant” assisting us to reach the self-annulment required for building mutual guarantee in between us. The choice is in between staying in our own “sweet or bitter” truth, very likely leading to mutually assured self-destruction even within our own generation, or we can acquire nature’s “bitter truth” shifting to another existence, perception that -according to the primordial scientists whose method we accept – leads to the above hinted incomprehensible pleasures.

The right environment, with the right, purposeful method and source material can help us making the correct choice.

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