I Like That Picture


Locked Into A Selfish, Subjective Coordinate System


Most people when they go to a museum and look at a picture, sculpture, or they visit another country, eat something new, they try to decide if they like what they see, experience, taste or not. People constantly make up their own minds, creating their own opinion, judgement about the world they see around them. They don’t understand how much by that they are locked into the deepest dungeon, the most secure, inescapable prison that exists. They are locked into their own self-centred, introverted, subjective perception of reality.

We are all born with a completely self-serving and self-justifying nature.We behave like that because contrary to all other comprising elements and creatures of the vast, cosmic natural system human beings are born as unique, independent beings.

All elements and creatures of the natural system instinctively feel themselves integrated in that system, taking part in its mutual guarantee – selflessly, unconditionally and altruistically serving the whole collective. Human beings from the moment of leaving the mother’s womb feel themselves abandoned, existing in a violent, hostile world forcing them to ruthlessly, exclusively fight for their own survival.

This self-serving, self-justifying paradigm creates its own perception of reality to make such self-preserving life, constant fight for survival more efficient. Thus all personal operations, including perception is directed by an egocentric pleasure/pain principle.

This means that the five physical senses, the pathway from those entry points to the personal computer analysing, synthesising the highly filtered input, admits and processes only data and information that serves the individual moving closer to ever greater pleasures while constantly moving away from actual or feared pain. Which also means that most of the reality surrounding us, not directly serving the pleasure/pain paradigm remains hidden from us.

Thus we are chained into a very limited, flat and linear reality with its introverted time, space, physical motion coordinate system, centred around the egoistic self searching for the next pleasure while dreading the next painful blow.


Living In A Cartoon


If we could give up our never ending self-concern, self-protection just for a moment, we could suddenly fall into, peek into a very different reality. By exiting our dark, constantly fearful, subjective caves we could start viewing reality through the eyes of others, without trying to decide whether we like what we see or not, whether it is sweet or bitter for our own taste, and thus we could suddenly find ourselves in an infinite, multidimensional world above time, space and motion.

Looking at a painting for example through the picture we could enter the reality, mind of the painter, attaining his desires, notions while painting the picture. When meeting other people instead of trying to decode their message, their stories so they fit into our own life, assessing how it affects us personally, we could completely merge with those others and see, experience, taste everything the same way they do. This way we could attach to ourselves, obtain the whole of reality, making it our own without distorting, ruining it.

Right now whatever we see, experience or taste is simply the external projection of our own desires, qualities since we only see in others what our self-centred, egoistic, subjective pleasure/pain filters allow us.

Perception of reality works through the law of similarity of form. We can only perceive notions, qualities that have imprints, memory fragments in us, thus we can only notice in others what we ourselves have. We only see in others the good or bad characteristics, crimes and good deeds we also possess, committed, achieved. We don’t see people, objects, events as they are, we see our own selfishly distorted versions of them. We make personalised cartoon characters out of real people, objects and events around us, thus “our world” we live in, including our own self-image is this very primitive personalised Disney cartoon motion picture.


Escaping Ourselves


In order to start perceiving the world as it is, objectively, cleanly we would need to rise above self-concern, self-protection, becoming selfless and completely open. Escaping, giving up on the self can only happen through extreme conditions.

One such condition is unprecedented, intolerable suffering, final stages of an incurable, terminal illness when pain, lost hope makes one give up on personal survival and in that state of “nothing to lose” experience a clean, selfless consciousness above self-concern, selfish calculations.

The other such condition is overwhelming love, incredible concern for another, like a desperate mother’s state when her sick child doesn’t want to eat, or accept the life saving medicine. This is a state that can be artificially reproduced, generated in a unique human environment among a fully committed group of people even without natural, previous connection.

Using a special, purposeful method and appropriate guidance, through a state of mutual guarantee, by mutual, selfless, unconditional and altruistic service and care towards one another, they can liberate each other from self-concern, self-protection.


Looking Behind The Scenes


By using the unique selfless template, maintaining that liberated state through their mutual work, they can turn towards reality outside of their own, selfish sphere, appreciating the world objectively, without any personal, selfish distortion, above the egoistic coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

What do they actually gain with this expanded, selfless perception?

Why is it worth for them to give up self-concern, self-protection, agreeing to exist through altruistic service of others?

Although the “real world” we exist in is not flat, it is not a cartoon, a Disney motion picture we view right now, we find ourselves in a movie nevertheless. We are playing the part of the protagonist in a very realistic, 3 dimensional, holographic film. And all the other people, and the inanimate, vegetative and animate layers of the cosmic universe are simply actors and the movie backdrop so our protagonist can play, learn, develop until realizing the true situation.

It is similar to the Hollywood movie “The Truman Show” where apart from the protagonist everybody knew he was unknowingly “playing” out his life in front of a live audience, while everybody else was simply playing a supporting role. At the end of that movie the main character realises the truth and escapes the artificial setup.


So where are we escaping from our own “real 3D” movie?


What we can reveal behind the scenes, behind each and every character, stone, plant or animal that surrounds us in the “real movie” is the single, creating and governing force of reality, the director of the movie we find ourselves in.

If we can defocus from the obvious, instinctive reflections our instinctive perception provides, and aim beyond the superficial picture, assuming everything and everybody does exactly what they are supposed to do, without any personal, individual free choice, only in order to guide us towards this single source; then the whole movie, our whole life becomes a constant communication, cosmic chess game with the creating force.

In order to be able to do that constantly, without falling back into the more natural, “reasonable”, introverted, subjective perception, we need to keep generating the selfless template, the altruistic, mutual guarantee within the unique human environment.

Through the constant, cosmic communication, chess game we gradually learn, attain how and why the single creating force created reality exactly as it is. We find that even the darkest, most disturbing events, characters have their important, irreplaceable role, guiding the movie towards a happy ending and guiding us to full attainment.

At the end we conclude that we like the picture we see very much. But not because “we like it”, or because it is sweet to our own, selfish, individualistic taste. We like the picture because we fully understand and justify the mind and plan of the artist painting, creating it.

We agree with the “creative artist” that the picture is as perfect as it could be.



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