Empty Handed


Flickering Life

We are all convinced that we are alive, we perform all kinds of actions, going through countless experiences, adventures, ups and downs during our physical lives. But in truth, looking at it from a cosmic, systematic perspective our individual lives – even that of historic figures whose memory is preserved “for eternity” – is totally insignificant.

In terms of evolution’s flow, in terms of our potential “Human” capability, purpose in the system we can consider a “usual, normal” human life as a candle that was lit, it flickered and then its tiny flame died away. This tiny flicker represents our 70-90 years of physical life. Within that flicker we keep receiving flashes, sparks of opportunities in order to create a greater flame, in order to initiate a true life experience, but we use those flashes, sparks on useless things, activities in a very careless, wasteful way.

To be fair by default we don’t even have a clue that those flashes, sparks represent true opportunities, entrance tickets into a qualitatively higher, greater, infinite and eternal existence above time, space and physical motion. We don’t know by birth and receive no education on how we could mutually combine those sparks, opportunities to build a common, human “super-organisms” that is capable of such unprecedented existence.

Thus we obliviously exist like scattered organs of the same body, withering away, separated from each other without the mutual circulation, mutual life flow that could provide us with a very different, qualitatively higher life.

Those sparks, opportunities that could be used to ignite, fuel that unique mutual circulation come and go wasted. Each life experience, regardless of whether we feel it is positive or negative from our point of view, should prompt us to turn towards the single source of reality where everything comes from. But it is impossible to turn to, to make connection and feel this single source personally, individually, without a proper preparation.

Only that single, mutual, collective human “super-organism”, sensing life on a completely different level, in a different dimension is capable of connecting to, communicate with reality’s single creating source.


The problem starts with the fact that by default we have no idea about the purpose of our lives. We think we were given a single, 70-90 years long physical life span, that we need to fill with as much physical, material possessions, pleasures as possible. In this respect our lives are hardly higher, more qualitative than that of animals.

Although we developed the so called social desires of wealth, power and knowledge over the animate desires of food, sex and family, overall we are still governed by the completely instinctive, self-centred pleasure/pain principle. And this principle reduces the purpose of existence to protecting and prolonging physical existence as long as possible, considering sustaining our physical life itself as our defining purpose.

But human beings have the opportunity to reveal, establish an existence that is very different from an animate life, with a very different purpose. Purpose of human life is the revelation of the complete, unbounded system of reality with its creating force. We can enter and view the source’s evolutionary plan go beyond the very limited and completely subjective “world” we are stuck in during our physical existence.

Our physical life is just a tool, a temporary “window of opportunity” to use this material world, existence and all comprising elements in it like clues in an adventure game. Using these clues we can enter a very different dimension, acquiring a full, expert, objective point of view of the vast, cosmic reality with its source and with a full view of the plan, flow of evolution.


Similarity Of Form


This source of reality we need to reveal is a pure, altruistic, providing force, that is like a doting mother, desperate to show, reveal itself to her seemingly lost, aimless children providing them with endless bounty. But at the same time she can’t take the free choice away from those lost children. Without free choice human beings can’t rise above the instinctive animate state we are born into. Thus our motherly source has to wait until the potential human beings themselves build, generate a desire to find her, and then make increasing efforts learning the path leading to their source.

Finding, revealing anything is only possible through reaching similarity of form with what we try to find, reveal. Thus in order to find, reveal our “motherly source” we ourselves would need to develop such selfless, altruistic, pure loving and doting “motherly” qualities.

Here we encounter significant problems. First of all our inherent, default nature, the qualities we are born with are the complete opposite to the motherly qualities of our source. We are all born self-centred, self-justifying, all of us considering ourselves proud and unique individuals only caring for ourselves. We agreed our lives ruthlessly, exclusively competing for resources and survival with others.

Moreover while our source is the creating source of the whole, vast, cosmic reality with seemingly infinite force, boundless abilities to create, nurture and provide, our own qualities, matter is purely a desire to receive. We basically have nothing to give, we received our existence from that source, we received the system we live in from it. We are like individual black holes with our own gravitational fields starting everything possible towards ourselves.

Although we pride ourselves on exploring, inventing things in the world, in truth we simply copy the blueprints, templates we find in nature’s system and simply use the raw resources from nature to “reinvent” and “recreate” what has already been in existence before us.

This of course doesn’t disturb our inherent pride to claim as if we created, invented things. On the other hand today our pride started softening, we are losing our cocky confidence. It is not enough we still can’t handle or even predict how nature’s awesome destructive forces operate, even the ideologies, systems we came up with and built our artificial human bubble on are collapsing, slipping through our fingers.

So today, after proving to ourselves our desperate helplessness people have become more open to the idea of revealing and accepting the primordial, natural source our lives depends on.


Building A Receptor


Thus in order to reach such revelation we have to become altruistic givers against our inherent nature on one hand, and on the other hand we need to become ready to receive, accept everything the creating source through its natural system wants to give us. But we have to accept all that in a way that this reception remains selfless and altruistic, not for our own sake. Only this way can we use our inherent receiving, accepting matter, desire, our gravitational fields while maintaining similarity with the source, depending on it without shame, without regret.

Obviously on our own we have no chance of developing, acquiring the necessary altruistic, selfless, unconditionally selfless qualities of our “motherly source”. We need to build a unique “device”, like a well tuned radio receiver placed in between our individual black holes for that purpose, so through that we could listen to and understand the source’s selfless, altruistic frequency.

Practising, acquiring selfless, altruistic, “motherly” qualities is only possible mutually, towards others who are also seeking to reach the same goal. Thus we have to start a very unique game in a special, closed human laboratory. We have to start playing, pretending that we can give, provide something essential to each other, while knowing that the product we try to provide is actually not in our possession.

We keep promising to each other that we have the ability to pass on to one another the capability of altruistic, selfless service of others. We are selling one another a new, unique altruistic clothing, a special cloaking cape, which could cover our inherently selfish and egoistic nature enabling us to connect to one another above instinctive rejection.

The special product we keep marketing, magnifying for each other would facilitate building the state mutual guarantee, the “supernatural” pipeline, network, properly tuned radio receiver that is capable of revealing the source of reality.


The Playful Game Becoming Serious Reality


Thus we have to behave like expert sales reps, aggressively marketing, magnifying our altruistic “product” so the others would truly want it, yearn for it. Through the positive example, inspiration, temptation we provide they need to reach a state where they become ready to give up, sell, forfeit everything else for this invaluable product we keep magnifying and promising to them.

This mutual game, if played with full devotion, with great skill, exploiting in each other the inherent human characteristics of envy, jealousy, shame and desire for respect, can take the participants out of their “normal world”, pushing them out of their comfort zone. Despite and above their inherent nature they start aiming for the seemingly impossible mutual guarantee, that is completely against their born inclination.

This mutually, artificially generated atmosphere can actually drive the participants to give up, sell, forfeit everything else and agree to purchase that self-nullifying, invisibility providing cloaking cape. And when they gave up everything, they start  coming and keep banging on our doors, demanding that product we promised to sell them as that has become the single focus, single necessity of their lives.

Suddenly our sales reps fall into despair realising what they got into. There is a group of “on the edge”, demanding and anxious customers rightfully asking for something we sold to them, without actually having the product in stock. Up to this point we assumed when this time comes our “provider” will automatically “appear” and provide that “miraculous product” and we become the heroes, the “employee of the month”.

But the “provider” is nowhere, we don’t even know if it exists, we don’t know whether the product exists. But obviously we played our game, our role as sales rep so successfully, professionally that our customers completely believed it and bought the unique product we marketed to them.

They put their whole lives on purchasing that product, obtaining the unique clothing, cloaking device in order to build mutual guarantee and through it reveal nature’s creating force.

Now they became fully dependant on us, we become solely responsible for their existence. If we can’t provide them with the promised, marketed product both the physical life which they have up and their yearned for purpose in existence is ruined. We have to feel life sucked out of us, we have to feel in complete and utter despair, from where there is only one way out.

We have to turn to that single creating force we don’t feel, we can’t be sure it exists. And if all members of the circle reached the same state, becoming completely, mutually dependant on one another on both ends of the playful trade that has now become very real, an unprecedented, irrepressible, elemental prayer, demand breaks out in between them. And this elemental, mutual demand reaches that single source.

Basically they have been playing a cosmic poker game with the aim of losing, putting everything on the table, bluffing constantly until in the last round they all realize they have nothing in their hands. They desperately need nature’s creating force to bail them out.

On one hand this is a very dire, heartbreaking situation standing there empty handed, hanging all hopes on a force they never encountered before. On the other hand it is the happiest moment since in that broken, desperate state, through their outburst, mutual demand they finally make connection and reveal this force. And that was exactly the aim of their game to start with.

The creating force is an unprecedented addition, coefficient appearing, filling the vacuum, area in between the “dodgy salesmen” pretending to sell each other something they never had. This force is pulled into that vacuum by the insatiable mutual yearning, born out of absolute necessity, needing this force feeling a true life or death situation.

They feel it in their bones now that without true mutual guarantee established by this force they are not alive, they can’t breath, carry on living any longer. Without sensing the force’s circulation in between them even death is better than existing in their present form. Then the source appears, connects them, filling their interconnections with its life giving force and circulation appears within the mutual guarantee.


Eternal Life


We can only sense that source when we absolutely need its help, provision and when we don’t need it for ourselves but we need its provision for providing existence for the others. We have to become like the desperate mother who needs food, medicine for her sick, hungry child. Then through that motherly despair for others, completely outside of self-concern, without any calculations for the self we reach similarity with nature’s single creating force.

We all have to reach that “motherly” state sensing that our lives are not our own. That true, infinite and eternal existence above time, space and physical motion is only through the others. It is like how parents in this world feel that the person’s life carries on within the children.

On the other hand this “real existence” through the “children” is not like in this world, but a real, brand new, selfless and altruistic consciousness, observer point carries on in those other who in that special circle became like my children. Thus regardless of what is happening with me, with my physical body, I truly carry on existing through them in another, boundless dimension.



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