The Evolution Of Fear


Motivated By Fear

Our basic operating software is very simple. We are driven to action either by the attraction of pleasure, or by the fear from pain, suffering. Every thought, decision, action is operated by this self-centred “pleasure/pain principle”.

The fear of pain, fear of losing what we have is a much stronger motivational force than the attraction of pleasure.

The moment we start receiving our desired pleasures the desire, yearning starts waning and then disappears completely. We need to rest, we feel satiated. After that it takes time to build a new desire, yearning in order to get going again. The pleasures related to food and sex are good examples of this phenomenon.

Our fear from actual or expected pain, suffering gives us relentless fuel to move and act, we can’t rest and can even conjure superhuman strength until we sufficiently distanced ourselves from the source of such pain, suffering. The fear for our individual survival is our greatest fuel keeping us alive.

Another interesting difference is that while we tend to pursue pleasures individually, trying to gather all possible joy, fulfilment for ourselves, in times of problems, fears we tend to gather, assemble, instinctively form support circles, groups with each other. Such mutually supportive collectives give one much more security, protection from harmful influence.


Purposeful Fear

If we get to know how our nature operates we can start using fear in a positive, constructive manner in order to direct our continuing development. There are many people who are not interested in developing further, they are satisfied by remaining as they are. They’re content with living life from the moment of birth till the moment of death, simply following the instinctive “pleasure/pain principle”.

But there are more and more people, especially in our times who can’t be satisfied by such simple, instinctive existence. These people can’t suppress the inbuilt, burning human question about the meaning of life, purpose of existence. They simply have to know why they were born, whether they have a contributing role, purpose in the system of reality. They want to know what existence would be like before being born, and what happens after our physical body passes away.

After searching for answers, sooner or later such people are “led” to a purposeful environment, practical method that can provide them with answers.


The Necessary Mutuality

This purposeful environment and the method in it is based on the intentional, proactive and focused use of fear to drive these people towards their committed goal. In order for people to reveal the meaning of life, their purpose in the system of reality they need to be able to perceive, observe and research the system of reality objectively, “as it is”.

With our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, with a highly filtered and subjective perception based on the egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” our picture, research of reality is very limited and distorted. In order to reach a “selfless”, objective, undisturbed perception we would need to be given a chance of exiting our inherent modus operandi, instinctive relationship towards the reality around us.

This is impossible to achieve alone, by one’s own strength as one cannot free oneself from prison. A person can’t decide from within one’s own inherent mind, reason to exit, nullify the same reason. Trying this would be just as futile as trying to commit suicide by holding one’s own breath. One’s inbuilt, instinctive self-protective, survival reflexes immediately take over control, saving the person from the attempted “self-annulment”.

On the other hand committed people, obliging themselves to reach the same common goal, within a specifically organised mutual environment can help each other. By aiming for and building a system of “mutual guarantee” in between them they can liberate, “wash out” one another from inside the inherent, self-centred, subjective caves they were born into.


Mutual Guarantee Above Inherent Nature

Mutual guarantee is the de facto, default state within the vast, cosmic, natural system we evolved from and still exist in. It means a state where all comprising elements of a closed, living system selflessly, unconditionally support and serve each other in a mutually complementing manner, making each and every calculation for the well-being, benefit of the whole collective. At the same time they all blindly trust the system for their own necessities, survival.

Thus the members of the unique environment by building mutual guarantee in between them can exit their self-centred, subjective caves, boxes, and at the same time gain access, enter and objectively observe, research the system around them on the merit of the similarity of form acquired.

On the other hand since human beings are the only creatures, elements of nature’s vast system that are not part of the cosmic mutual guarantee due to their inherently self-serving, self-justifying, proudly individualistic nature, building mutual guarantee even in such a purposeful, mutual environment is not simple. This is why the proactive, purposeful and focused use of fear as motivating force is necessary.


A Two-Pronged Approach To Corporeal Fear

The first level of this use of fear is simple. It is not different from how people instinctively gather, assemble in human societies at times of hardships, blows, common grief. People in this mutual circle are advised to turn to the closed, purposeful environment whenever they experience any kind of difficulty, blow in their personal lives. They are advised to approach such corporeal problems, fears on two different levels.

On one hand they have to try solving their corporeal problems through the usual, generally accepted measures in society. If they are sick they need to turn to a doctor, if they need money they need to go to a bank, or go to the police, lawyers when appropriate. They have to solve their family, work related problems with the usual tools.

But at the same time they need to share their problems within the mutual circle, asking help from the others so despite the obvious corporeal problems they don’t lose their connection to the mutual effort within the circle. Thus instead of leaving, taking time off from their mutual effort in order to solve their corporeal problems they are advised to make their connection, engagement within the mutual circle even stronger.

They need to remind each other against inherent logic, reason that those problems all come from the predetermined, precisely organised system they want to reveal and study together. They study that this system is perfect and any problem, imperfection, personal blow discovered is simply showing them their still outstanding incompatibility with the system.

They need to support and reassure each other that the reason they feel such blows, that they still fear for their corporeal well-being is that they still don’t understand and trust the system, they still don’t see it’s cause and effect processes. The closer they get to similarity with the system through building their mutual guarantee, understanding its laws and principles and the plan of development, the more effectively they will be able to relate to and handle such problems and fears.

This way they can start using these seemingly unrelated, individual problems in order to strengthen their mutual bond, support, and intensify the feeling of solidarity in between them. They can use those problems as fuel to stoke their mutual fire, aspiration towards their common goal of building mutual guarantee.

Obviously the members of the circle can’t actually help each other with health, monetary, security, family or work related problems but still they can build, foster an atmosphere of mutually supportive community in between them. And since their actual aim is to reach the sense of mutual dependence, mutual support, each such corporeal, individual problem can become added fuel, building material in the middle of their circle bringing them closer to their desired state of mutual guarantee.

If they do this mutual work consistently, with true, even exaggerated, “overplayed” mutual support, they can create a warm, real sense of mutual shelter, a sense of “mother’s womb” in between them. The problems, blows still hurt, the fear still bites but that hurt is sweetened by this warm embrace they receive within the mutual circle.


Numbing The Pain, Shifting The Fear

After this first level of dealing with fear they start to sense that there is a way of completely escaping, rising above that hurt. If instead of using the mutual shelter, “mother’s womb” in order to sweeten their own individual suffering and fear, they start solely focusing on the support of the others, 100% focusing on embracing, serving all the others in the circle; after a while they can completely detach themselves from their own individual sense of suffering.

In that state they are still encountering problems, they still solve them through the regular channels in society while at the same time “bring” the same problem into the circle as fuel for the mutual fire. But they don’t actually feel any more direct attachment, personal sense of pain as if they were given an anaesthetic injection beforehand in order to numb the pain.

Their whole perception, focus shifted from their own individual sphere to the mutual sphere. Thus at this stage the individual, self-centred pain, suffering is not only sweetened any longer, but it is completely numbed by the mutual work within the circle.

Their fear shifts from fearing for themselves to fearing for the others. Their only concern is how to provide such support, inspiration and positive example to the others that regardless of whatever happens to themselves, those others will keep marching together on the path towards their mutual goal.

Here fear starts to mingle with “love of others”. As a result of their mutual devotion, investment into the work towards the others in the circle, a previously non-existent brotherly attraction, love is generated within the circle which forms the basis for this new fear for others out of “love of others”.


The Beginning Of Similarity

This new fear for others based on “love of others” and the concomitant exit from “self-love”, abandoning self-concern in order to care for the others, builds an initial minimal similarity with the mutual guarantee of the natural system they want to reveal and understand.

Nature’s evolutionary force that governs reality is in essence a force of absolute, selfless and altruistic love and care. It creates life and then provides the created life-forms with the most perfect, most optimal system for their existence and development. This all encompassing, overwhelming “altruistic, loving force” permeates the whole system.

When people achieve the first minimal similarity with natural mutual guarantee they feel as if suddenly stumbling into, falling into a new dimension above their inherent, self-concerned, fear filled, fragile, uncertain and subjective paradigm. They feel like someone who is freed from a dark, inhospitable dungeon to a bright, open space for the first time.

They suddenly find themselves washed over, overwhelmed by an unprecedented, warm, supportive, loving sensation. The mutual guarantee they built in their circle feels like a tiny drop, small taste of this warm, support, love and confidence, but this new sensation is billions times stronger, more real both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The mutual guarantee they themselves built feels like a circle of brothers, or a very close commando, crew of a submarine sailing together for a long time. But this new sensation they tap into through similarity of form is like being implanted back into their mother’s womb, sensing complete security, fulfilment of all necessities immediately in the most perfect, optimal way.


Stabilising In The New Dimension

First they don’t even know what to do with this new state, they don’t dare to move or even blink not to disturb this sensation, observing their new state in awe. But then like newborn babies starting to discern and enjoy the situation they start sensing an insatiable, irrepressible hunger to suck this new, incomprehensible love and care into themselves like a selfish, insatiable, shameless baby.

But the moment they do so suddenly the whole new state, sense of love and security disappears and they find themselves back in their dark, insecure, self-concerned, subjective caves again.

It takes a few times of re-entering, and falling out of the system through continuing their mutual work, until they start realising the “rules of engagement” within the altruistic system. They can only keep themselves inside that other dimension if they accept the freely streaming love and care in order to satisfy the system, in order to learn and start performing their own role of passing on the “mother’s milk” to others.

These sensations, discernments, revelations are not individual any longer, they are all mutual, the whole mutual circle acting as a single cell within the vast, cosmic body of the fully integrated natural system.


Fearing Out Of Absolute Love

New type of fears start evolving. The first such new fear is the collective fear of this mutual cell, they fear of falling out of the system in case they forget, they can’t keep the completely altruistic, selflessly serving rules of engagement with the system. Thus they deepen their mutual covenant with each other, and try to make sure that while inside the system they only accept the overwhelming, unlimited love and care towards themselves, if they can pass it on towards the rest of the system.

They are only the pioneers, the rest of humanity, billions of people are still outside, trapped in their own dark, selfish, subjective and fearful caves. It is only this unique, altruistic commando that can start passing on the force, streaming the love and care of the system through their positive example and by teaching others how to reach similarity with the system.

The more they stabilise themselves and learn how to behave within the altruistic system, learning how to use its force, they start feeling the overwhelming, incomprehensible relief, contentment from within the system each time they managed to enter and stay within the system. And this overwhelming “motherly love, relief” they sense through themselves, streaming from the system grows each time they connect further people, further circles, bringing them within the integrated system from the fragmented outside.

The more circles they connect the deeper, in higher resolution they start sensing the magnificence, the marvels of this infinite, altruistic system. As a result each time they become helpless and overwhelmed. They simply want to let go of their altruistic guards and gobble up that magnificence, all the treasures, the deepening love and care they sense for themselves.

Thus their fear of losing their inside position, their staying power within the system drives them to restrict themselves and start calculating each time how much they can progress, how deep they can dive in, how much love and care they can accept from the system. They need to build a mutual rejecting shield so they can make calculations with a “clean head” before the unbounded pleasures, treasures of the artistic system intoxicated them.

But at the same time they also feel that if they don’t accept everything, if they refuse the “overwhelming mother’s love” they start hurting the system. With their self-imposed restriction they create a roadblock within the pipeline in between the system and the rest of the people still waiting for their own “mother’s milk”, reaching similarity.


Channeling Everything

Thus a new paradoxical, contradictory fear evolves. They sense a dreaded, shameful, crushing fear that if they can’t properly accept and channel all the love and care the system has to offer, they cause harm to the rest of the people and cause terrible pain, suffering to the “motherly source” that wants to express love and wants feed the whole system but is prevented to do so as the pipelines are blocked.

But they also feel that if they accepted all that overwhelming love and feeding from the system they wouldn’t be able to use it altruistically, only for the sake of others but instead they would fall under the spell of the unprecedented pleasures.

This intolerable, crushing fear out of unconditional love towards both sides of the system – towards its source and towards the part that still couldn’t connect, integrate – keeps driving them to work more and more, deeper and deeper on their mutual covenant, mutual guarantee. That collectively generated mutual guarantee provides them with the only protection against the overwhelming pleasures.

They want to reach, as soon as possible the final state when they become capable of accepting, and channelling through themselves everything the system can offer. Their mutual covenant, their dynamic and intensifying mutual guarantee remains their key to entry into the system and it is also the tool of widening the pipeline through which the system’s “mother’s milk” can be passed onto from inside the system to its periphery.


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