Burning Patience


Today humanity finds itself in an uncomfortable revelation. Our inherent operating software, based on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” is incompatible with the evolutionary conditions we live in.

Our inherent nature is fully self-serving and self-justifying. We are simply incapable of making calculations for anything else but self-interest, self-benefit. This is not a “sin”, we are not “evil”. We are born this way, thus we had no free choice about it.

Nevertheless we cannot integrate into the vast, cosmic, natural system around us since our qualities, our inherent form is opposite to it. While we are proud, unique individuals, ruthlessly and exclusively competing against one another and against the environment, the natural system is based on an instinctive mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee describes a state of complete, selfless, altruistic, mutual service in between all comprising elements that are making calculations only for the sake, benefit of the whole collective. Without mutual guarantee the general balance, homeostasis that is crucial for sustaining life and optimal development wouldn’t be possible.

Self-Destructive Reason

The problem is that our instinctive, selfish and egoistic operating software has complete overall control above us. It distorts our perception of reality in a way that whatever happens, our self-protecting, self-serving and self-justifying shields are never lowered, removed. We protect, preserve our “self” to such an extent that we are ready to sacrifice even our physical existence for this “self-preservation”.

As a result even when we are clearly sleepwalking towards a global catastrophe, when sciences reveal that reality around us works on different laws and we would need to change ourselves in order to integrate and survive; our inherent reason keeps telling us that talking about a selfless, altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing human society is a utopia. 

We live in this paradoxical reality, sleepwalking towards an inevitable collective suicide due to our incompatibility with the system we exist in, while our inherent, self-justifying reason keeps reassuring us that everything is going to be ok, since accepting selfless, altruistic service of others, self-nullification towards the collective would be worse to our instinctive nature than physical suicide.

Thus in order to survive, to avoid this seemingly inevitable collective suicide we would need to somehow trick, escape from, rise above our inherent reason. Only then would we be able to integrate into the vast system around us securing our survival.
Environmental Influence

We can never change ourselves, we can’t switch directions, value systems, goals alone. Any meaningful change in our lives happens through the environment. A sufficiently strong environment can pull the person out of one’s comfort zone, habits providing one with new character, new qualities through invoking envy, jealousy, shame and desire for respect in the person.

Thus we need to create a unique, purposeful “human laboratory” in order to create the right, suitable atmosphere, perfect conditions, well directed envy, jealousy, shame and desire for respect, in order to provide people with the appropriate set of new values, qualities pulling us towards mutual guarantee.


Flipping The Paradox

We can’t change our inherent core nature, it is impossible to delete or suppress. There are many teachings, ideologies, faith systems promising the deletion, suppression of our ego. But they are offering something that is simply impossible.

Our egoistic self is all the matter we have, without it we wouldn’t exist. The only thing we can acquire is a special, “altruistic coating” that would allow us to interconnect, mutually cooperate above and despite our inherent, selfish and egoistic core.

We can build a special “cell-membrane” over our inherent, individual “cancer-cell” like matter, so through such altruistic connective tissue we could create the mutually integrated human, multi-cellular “super-organism” that gains access, integration within the natural system through similarity.

As we mentioned above we are born into a paradoxical, controversial state within nature’s system with our opposite, inherent nature. And since we can’t delete, get rid of this inherent nature the paradoxical, controversial state remains. But we can change, switch from which side of the system we observe this paradox.

The special altruistic clothing acquired within the right, purposeful environment through the appropriate method would allow us to observe this paradox from within the integrated system instead of suffering from this paradox on the outside as we have been doing so far.


Getting To Know Ourselves

At the moment we are simply suffering from this paradox, from the incompatibility in between our inherent nature and the system we evolved from and still exist in, as that system is operating on a completely different operating software. We don’t know, understand the system due to this incompatibility, only occasionally stealing glimpses of its inner working.

Moreover we don’t even know ourselves. How far, how deep our egoistic, selfish nature goes controlling every thought, desire, action we do is hidden from us, as our self-protecting reflexes keep this honest self-recognition from our conscious observer as classified information.

Through the proactively acquired mutual, altruistic coating and subsequent mutual guarantee we could enter the system through the reached similarity. Then we would gain access to its complete, infinite wisdom, information that we could download, use effortlessly. From that insider point of view we could fully understand both the system and also our own inherent nature.


Infinite Patience

From within that integration we could start existing in a new duality. On one hand our expert, selfless and altruistic observer point, our “new head” could enter the perfect “quantum-cloud” of nature’s infinite system. On the other hand our selfish, egoistic matter would remain on the outside, shut out due to the remaining incompatibility.

We could sense ourselves integrated within nature, within perfect harmony, like “blissfully meditating” in the Garden of Eden, while underneath there is burning fire, our inherent nature trying to explode, consume us, incapable of tolerating the self-annulment. But as long as we are capable of holding onto the mutual guarantee that helped our integration into the system, we are safe like the burning bush that is never consumed.

This duality between the raging, inherent, selfish and egoistic inclination and the acquired selfless, altruistic capability is expressed most sharply within the mutual human circle creating the mutual guarantee. Our inherent nature keeps showing the others in the circle in an increasingly negative light, inciting rejection and hatred against them. The deeper we enter the process the harsher, more intense this rejection, hatred becomes.

At the same time the mutually generated special, altruistic coating allows our head to remain clear and calm. In that infinite, perfect cloud of the integral system, where time, space and motion has no control over us, we have “all the patience in the world”. We can observe and analyze the burning rejection and hatred underneath, using it as a fuel in order to keep or observer above it in full integration in the system.


Creating The New Man

This state is not static but dynamic, constantly changing. Our burning inherent nature constantly tries to imbalance us, pull us back from the mutual guarantee preventing our integration in the system. This negative power is constantly increasing, thus it is again and again overcoming our defenses, disrupting our mutual guarantee.

Those devoted people in the mutual circle have to turn towards each other with renewed efforts after each disconnection, diving into, clothing into that special altruistic cover as soon as possible desire the increasing mutual rejection they feel. By accepting the thoughts, opinions of the others in the circle, using all that the others have to wash out, nullify their own reason, subjective standing is like assembling, sawing together a unique “Joseph’s coat” that can cover and subdue one’s inherent selfish and egoistic viewpoint.

Then with that “multi-colored” coat they can enter and integrate within the altruistic system again. Each such exit and reentry increases one’s sensitivity towards the system. They can gradually learn how to use, sacrifice the selfish, egoistic thoughts, rejections as fuel for building their special coat and the mutual guarantee through it.

The sensitivity, the measure they can discern, they can objectively observe reality is in between the burning rejection, hatred, intolerable discomfort towards the others, towards the integration and the sustained, renewed connection to the system; and the selfless, objective insight into the total, unblemished reality through that integration.

The actual mutual,expert observer, the collective mind capable of patiently tolerating, sustaining this “supernatural” state of calm within the flames of the burning ego, holding onto mutual guarantee is becoming the new self, the true “Human Being” existing above inherent instincts.

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