The Womb



We all come to life through our mothers. We all get conceived, nurtured, grown inside our mother’s womb. Of course since this process is natural, “automatic” we are not fully, consciously aware of it, we take the whole process for granted.

It is usually not until we lose our biological mothers either physically, or disconnect from them mentally, psychologically that we realise what that connection truly meant for us. Perhaps many of us are so blinded, numbed, dug in into their own selfish, egoistic perception that we never allow ourselves to fully grasp, comprehend what our mothers meant to us even we lost them.

There is no other way around it. It is only through our mothers, through that womb, that primordial connection we have with it, that we have any relationship to this reality. Neither biologically nor mentally would we be able survive or grow up without such a connection. Without a mother’s absolutely unconditional love and pure, unlimited bestowal and support for us – regardless of how old we are or she is – we wouldn’t have a chance of staying alive.

Even the fatherly love, expectation, the father’s teaching, support can only reach us through the mother’s “sweetening”, enveloping care and concern. Only through that internal channel a mother provides do we have that endless connection to our past, to the previous generations providing the elements, attributes, qualities comprising us.

Only if we allow ourselves to feel the complete cessation, cut, vacuum at the moment of losing our mothers – instead of escaping such introspection – can we sense that deep, primordial pain of finally having our inner umbilical cord completely severed.

This is an unprecedented deep emotion, burning pain, as if falling into a vacuum, losing one’s foundations. We suddenly feel that things we took for granted have melted away, the source of our unconditional support, pride disappeared. That voice, face, embrace we could automatically turn to, run into, that protective wing that was waiting to cover us being available in any case, even when committing grave crimes is no more.

We can wallow in this pain, self-pity endlessly. We can try to grow crusty shields around us for self-protection, increase the ruthless competition with others or find different clever ways, tactics to numb ourselves and make that vacuum inside disappear. Or we can try to find, rebuild a new womb, nurturing, bestowing system around us recreating what we have lost.


Building A New, Collective Womb

This capability is the greatest difference in between other highly developed mammals and human beings. Only human beings are capable of acting above natural instincts. Only human beings are capable of taking their development into their own hands becoming the master of their fate, evolution going against their natural program.

Creating, sustaining this new womb, life support system can only happen in such a way, above natural instincts, above our inherent behavioural patterns. Our original mother’s womb, life support system is automatically provided to us by nature. And such natural system and then our mother’s ongoing care is solely focused on us. We have a completely self-centred, exclusive connection to it nobody can disturb our take away. But the new, above instincts, “supernatural” womb, facilitating our ongoing development and continuing maturation has to be built on different foundations.

First of all as our globally integrated, interconnected human societies shows us our existence is not individual any longer. In such an integral system – unless we learn how to live collectively, through mutually complementing cooperation – we will not be able to survive.

Thus this new womb is a collective one, where all of us can find the best place of security, care and development. We all have to find our warm, cosy place under the embracing wings of our “new mother”. But this new “womb” doesn’t simply exist out of nothing. We have to build it for ourselves like ants building their mutual colonies. Starting with smaller, closer mutual such colonies around us gradually we can merge, enlarge our new environments until they cover the whole of humanity.

And contrary to the natural, instinctive womb we came out of, which we were inherently, selfishly, subjectively connecting, to make this new womb sustainable one needs to operate on the basis of selfless giving and care for others. The actual “safe place”, the motherly care is the mutual, altruistic concern, bestowal we create for each other.

Since such an altruistic mutual “womb” is against our inherently self-serving, egoistic nature driven by self-reception, we have to build this place above, against our inherent inclination, above our reason. For that we have to use our unique human capabilities, unique human analytic mind capable of self-criticism, objective self-assessment.


Opening Up A New Dimension, Reaching Our Purpose

On the other hand such self-criticism, self-assessment is only valid if it is done objectively. And for that we need the ability to “exit ourselves”, observing both our selves and the others from an independent “outsider” point of view.

This unprecedented state, view can only be achieved through a very unique, mutual and purposeful method allowing people to go through a gradual process of self-annulment towards others reaching mutual, selfless care and giving towards each other.

As a result of this process individualistic, egoistic, self-serving people can reach a state when they can first insert themselves into the centre of such mutual environment, like inserting a simple, selfless seed into a womb. Then through gradual, unique nurturing, mutual development they can finally reach a fully working mutual guarantee state. In that state on one hand each becomes an unconditionally serving “mother figure” towards the others while at the same time receiving full, infinite and perfect “motherly love and care” from all the others as an embryo.

Then in that alive, pulsing, selfless and altruistic centre – in the new womb formed from such absolute mutual guarantee – a new mutual life, “mutual embryo” is formed that is unconnected and above the previous individualistic and self-centred existence of the contributing, complementing individuals.

Becoming this new, mutual embryo, rising above our inherent, instinctive nature is much more than simply creating a warm, supportive state “in our mother’s womb”. Through the acquired selfless, objective perception as a result of leaving our inherent subjective limitations gives us an unprecedented insight into the vast, cosmic, natural reality surrounding us.

Through that mutual, selfless and altruistic “embryo” we all become capable of existing above time, space and physical motion, freely investigating, learning all cause and effect processes within nature’s system. We can open up and understand the plan of evolution from its beginning to its end, attaining the intelligent, all encompassing source, idea that formed it all.

Our biological mothers instinctively bring us into this physical life, giving us a chance to ask about the purpose of our existence and then start acting towards it. Our new, consciously, proactively built mutual “womb” and the embryo in it we create gives us the ability to reach and fulfil our purpose in existence.




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