Chess Player


Born As Blind Slaves

At the moment we are living our lives unconsciously, blindly following instincts, our upbringing and education, and the general influence our current environment is brainwashing us with. We actually have no free will, our lives are fully predetermined, governed by an operating software written on a fully self-centred “pleasure/pain principle”

On the other hand we have the capability and opportunity to rise above this unconscious, instinctive existence and start a cosmic “chess game” with the single creating and governing force of reality. For such unique game to ensue we would need to be liberated from our present introverted, subjective perception, we would need to be liberated from the instinctive self-concern, self-justification, unconscious reactions.

In short we need to acquire a fully independent, objective, expert observer status looking at reality, including our instinctive “self” from the side. Somehow we would need to take a position in between the instinctive nature we evolved with and the “nature”, qualities of reality’s single governing force.


In Search For Help

Such intermediate state can be achieved by actively building attraction, aspiration, movement towards the perfect, “godly qualities” of nature’s creating force, while building up hatred, rejection towards one’s inherent inclination, “operating software”.

Although we can’t actually reach, acquire the perfect qualities we aspire to still we can “fall in between”. We can enter a new, unprecedented, empty space in between from where the required independent, objective observations could be made.

A person alone can’t even consider making such fundamental self-adjustments, self-change. One can’t decide from within one’s inherent nature to escape from that very nature. And the above mentioned objective, independent observer point would require the person to go through a “self-suicide”, detaching oneself from the inherently self-serving, self-justifying inclination which is the person’s default operating software.

It is impossible to lift oneself pulling one’s own hair, and it is also impossible to commit suicide by holding one’s own breath. Our self-care, self-protective, survival reflexes immediately spring into action preventing one causing harm to the “self”.

We are tied to, embedded into our inherent inclination by billions of anchors. Thus in order to reach this “supernatural” goal we need a unique human laboratory, “particle accelerator” and a special method specifically designed for this purpose.


Two Inclinations

Basically there are two possible inclinations, directions in the relationships in between people. One is our inherent one which is completely selfish and egoistic. How I relate to anything outside of my self is fully determined by my inherent operating software. As this software is based on the egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”, I relate to everything through calculating what I could gain from the relationship for myself in any given circumstances. Even when we “love” something or someone this love benefits us, “I love” because it is good for me.

The other inclination is something we have no idea about by default, we can’t even imagine let alone comprehend it. This inclination is pure, selfless, completely unconditional service, care for others as if the carer, servant didn’t even exist. The vast, cosmic natural system that surrounds us is infused with this inclination, force.

Such inclination maintains the state of mutual guarantee, where each comprising element automatically serve each other and the well-being of the collective, without any self-concern, any gain, reward or even feedback for themselves. Without such mutuality the balance, homeostasis crucial for sustaining life and optimal development wouldn’t be possible.

At the end of the day both inclinations come from the natural system. We are born with our inherently selfish and egoistic one, we have no free choice about it. And the other inclination is the default modus operandi of the system. One determines our inherent, present operating software, reasoning while the other drives the cosmic natural system, representing a higher, perfect reasoning.


Above Reason

As mentioned above in order to reach the potential independent, objective, expert observer status we would need to “fall in between” these two inclinations, reasons and acquire an “above reason” consciousness, perception. We would need to aspire for, practice the perfect inclination, higher reasoning of nature’s system until that aspiration, practice can pull us out of our inherent state.

Somehow we would need to build a filter, a “blender” that can separate our expert observer from our inherent reasoning, “self” leaving only a pure, selfless, weightless, transparent point behind, starting its independent research.


The Blender

The tool, instrument that can help us reaching such a pure point, objective observer is a unique circle of selected, fully committed, purposeful people aimed at the same goal. They all agree to support, help each other in reaching that independent intermediate state, where they can start playing the cosmic chess game with reality’s single governing force.

They follow a unique method designed for this specific purpose. They need to start playing a serious game of acting out mutual guarantee, selfless and unconditional service of each other. They need to constantly increase, intensify the importance of their common goal while supporting each other in the game and showing constant positive example.

They are assisted in this by very unique source materials written by people, who went through and succeeded in the same process before them, noting down their personal experiences. They also have an authentic guide, teacher, “coach” providing the crucial “live” link in between those previous sages, their sources and the new participants.

Since the desired purpose is directly opposite to the inherent inclination they are born with, the deeper they progress in the game the more that inherent inclination, self-concern, self-service, self-justification starts to protest and object their efforts. Although at the beginning they all feel inspired, happy, joyful when being together, enjoying the game, gradually they all start getting tired, sensing criticism, negative judgement seeping in.

They become like spies, watching each other, happily observing each other’s failures, descents justifying themselves all the time. They all become convinced that those others are unsuitable for this project and they they will never be able to build mutual guarantee together.

This criticism, negative judgement grows into true hatred, rejection. It becomes even worse when they start sensing their complete interdependence on one another, like holding onto, controlling each other’s oxygen pipe under water. Although at the beginning they all thought they were nice and decent people, ready to embrace and help each other, now they can finally see how ugly and rotten they are under the false cover.

Their inherent ego, selfish inclination – since its operation program is incapable of anything else but self-service, self-justification – doesn’t let them go beyond judging one another on external behaviour, inherent characteristics. This inclination locks people into a selfish, introverted reality where it is not possible to see the merit of others only their negative sides.

Despite of this inner rot, burning hatred they need to continue playing the game showing external “sugar coating”, shining positive example on the outside. This constant, conscious effort, inner tear, tension is what starts causing  true inner changes.

They constantly aim, try taking steps towards the perfect, selfless inclination with the help of the sources and the teacher. At the same time they keep getting caught on the wall, selfish filter of their inherent egoistic inclination. This constant clash, opposition acts like a shredder, blender preparing that pure inner point to be removed from within its selfish, egoistic crust.


Falling In Between

This constant work, oscillation in between the two directly opposite inclinations needs to reach a “dead heat”, a state where any further step isn’t possible, neither this way or that way, and one reaches a true deadlock.

On one hand the person – through the mutual game, effort – built such a yearning for the selfless, unconditionally serving inclination that “even death is better than not acquiring it”. On the other hand one’s inherently self-caring, self-protective inclination reached maximum resistance pulling the person backwards with all of its might.

One feels stretched out, pinned to the wall like people tortured in medieval times on a traction bench. But it is in this seemingly intolerable state that one’s brand new independent observer can escape, slip out.

Both the despised inherent inclination and the desired, perfect natural qualities belongs to nature’s cosmic system, coming from its single source. If in that stretched out, deadlock state the person is ready to let go of any known or presumed reason, feedback or handles, if one is ready to close one’s eyes and jump into the unknown vacuum, murky abyss in that virtual space in between, that observer point is given a chance to be born.

This willingness to let go is true faith above reason. One is not supported either by one’s inherent mind and heart, any experience or knowledge one ever had, since the person is aiming towards selfless, unconditional surrender and service of others. Nor is this state supported by the assumed, projected wisdom of the natural system, by the perfect reason the system is infused by, since the person never actually attained, reached it yet.

The observer is completely alone.


The Chess Player Apprentice

When that new observer is born, falls in between the two natural inclinations stretching from one end of reality to the other opposite end, the observer is like a little child, hardly able to watch let alone comprehend what it sees.

This observer tries to understand the chess game the “chess master” is playing through the two inclinations it governs. This young apprentice tries to see and comprehend how in between selfish, egoistic reception and selfless, altruistic service life is formed, existence pulses and flows.

But as times goes by and the carefully observing apprentice gains experience, he can start guessing each next step. He can start using, following strategies used by the grand master, until finally he can tell, guess correctly precisely each next step, reaching the skill and expertise of the master itself.

We all can reach such a masterful state by first giving birth to an independent, objective observer through work, constant effort in the mutual human laboratory, then by maintaining that observer status through the mutual work, learning from our natural reality’s grand master.


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