Sixth Sense


Finding Ourselves In A New Paradigm

We perceive this physical world through our five physical senses. Today through our personal experiences, and through scientific revelations we start to understand that the reality we actually perceive is highly subjective, personal.

It is not enough that our physical senses are each individually “tuned” with smaller or greater differences in sensitivity to detect their signal. The scope, the operating software that drives our senses, the filter that selects what data input our personal computer accepts for evaluation, for painting the picture of the world we actually perceive is highly personal, subjective.

We are all driven by an operating software that is self-serving and self-justifying, constantly driving us towards ever greater pleasures and moving us away from painful stimuli, suffering. As a result of this completely introverted, self-centred perception we can hardly find contact points our unique personal worlds could agree, overlap.

Which explains all the problems we are causing, facing especially today when we evolved into a globally, fully integrated and interdependent system. We find ourselves in a volatile, unsolvable paradox where we would need to cooperate, complement each other, while from personal point of view each person sees the world differently and each is convinced that what they see is right and what others see is wrong.

Moreover quantum physics already identified that the actual reality we exist in is very different from our usual, static, Newtonian system, based on its restricting coordinates of time, space and physical motion centred around the unchanging observer. And we can’t even truly assess what this quantum reality might look like, how it works since we distort, freeze its presentation by just looking at it, observing it from our present completely subjective point of view. It is a bit similar to deducing a 3D image to appear on a flat 2D page but in this case this distortion is infinitely greater.

And while previously this didn’t disturb us much as it seemed we can exist and get by perceiving the world around us according to the limited Newtonian coordinates, today suddenly that static reality is falling apart like a sand castle blown by strong wind. We seemingly find ourselves on a different planet with different laws, principles we have no knowledge about.


The Need For Sixth Sense

There have been a few empirical natural scientists through human history  stating it for thousands of years that this physical world is simply a temporary illusion, a training ground or simulator. They have been describing that there is a true reality surrounding us, which is much closer to the quantum system scientists are trying to peek into, but in order to actually perceive that system we need a new, sixth sense. They say we were born, placed into this temporary simulator in order to find our way back into the “real world” proactively, by our free choice.

How could we acquire such a sixth sense?

Nature doesn’t contain anything surplus, it is a perfect system where each element, part, event has its own precise function. We still don’t fully understand even our own biological bodies thus we many times declare about some organs, body parts that they have no function, we can remove them, sacrifice them, only to find out later that they actually served the body in a very unique and important way.

Similarly many times we try artificially “upgrading” ourselves or the world around us, trying to insert new capabilities later realising what great damage have caused since we do not understand the basic laws of the system we exist in. We have five fingers for example because so far we didn’t naturally needed a sixth one, we could cope with all our necessary functions, activities with what we received from nature. A sixth finger could actually disturb us in our usual daily activities.

On the other hand through natural evolution we could start instinctively sensing the need for a new capability. We can observe through natural evolution how different species, organs, body parts, capabilities appeared when they become necessary for natural survival and for the qualitative development, upgrade of the whole system. Thus new things, capabilities only appear when they are truly needed, when the time, conditions are ripened for them. The moment such need arises and the present state becomes unsolvable, intolerable without those new qualities, capabilities nature’s evolutionary force duly provides the upgrade.

Up to this point human beings didn’t need that sixth sense, since they managed to cope with life in this seemingly real, tangible, physical reality, human simulator. We developed, grew, explored and invented. We thought we can even conquer other planets, we were certain that exponential quantitative growth, human development has no physical limits.

It is only today, in the midst of the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis – that is engulfing all levels and areas of human activity – that we started questioning our direction, our capabilities and our life’s purpose. It is only today that a need for a potential sixth sense, for the ability to start perceiving the total, quantum reality around us as it truly exists arises.


Motivated By Pain

We are driven by the self-centred pleasure/pain principle, which means that a need for anything in us arises either by the attraction of greater pleasures or by the threat, push of painful stimuli, actual suffering.

The attraction of pleasure is volatile and fickle. Moreover when we start fulfilling the desires with the wanted pleasure the desire immediately starts fading away, and by the time we finished we feel so satiated that we can’t move, we fall asleep, turn off, we need to recover until we are ready for action again. Our relation to food or sex provides clear examples of this phenomenon.

On the other hand real, actual pain or even the fear of imminent pain doesn’t give us rest. It keeps us moving until we managed to get rid of that pain or threat, sometimes such drive even lifting us above physical limitations. Pain, suffering is a much more potent driving, motivating force then chasing pleasures.

Thus our main motivation, need arising towards that mysterious sixth sense is coming from pain. Today many people fear the future or even the present. Due to the global crisis large masses are afraid of economic hardship, wars. Moreover our constant war, opposition with the natural environment, the receding energy and water resources also threaten even our short term existence. We can hardly find people who wouldn’t at least be concerned about the state we are in especially as a result of the social networks, mass media making everything viral within hours, many times aggravating the already serious enough issues.

Still since this new, sixth sense is “supernatural”, above our present instinctive nature, something that is even opposite to how we function today, we would need to endure unprecedented, unimaginable, global “birthing pains”, suffering to give life to that new sense by simple natural development. Fortunately there are a few people who either as a result of our hardships or by some inner spark waking up in them started to think beyond “simply” surviving.

These people would like to gain wider, more effective perception in order to get to know the whole system we exist in beyond personal, subjective boundaries. They would like to learn what humanity’s collective purpose, role might be in the system, and what their personal contribution to that could be.


Different Pain

When we talk about pain, suffering we need to differentiate in between the usual, direct physical pain pushing from behind and the “mental, emotional” pain or “love sickness” when a highly yearned for desire, necessity remains unfulfilled. This kind of “love sickness”, yearning for something more pulls us from ahead.

We feel such love sickness most obviously when love towards another person remains platonic or rejected, or when our loved one breaks up with us, or we lose someone very close. We all sensed such heartbreaking emptiness, a deep emotional pain we simply can’t delete or even soothe, which pain can burden us for many years if it ever disappears.

Such love sickness, insatiable yearning for something can be generated by an environment making an object, activity or even a person so desirable, so coveted that people who are part of that society simply can’t help themselves but to follow, yearn until they can attain the object of desire for themselves. Again we have many examples in our societies today how certain things, fashion, celebrities, gadgets or smartphone applications for example can become the “most wanted” overnight, attracting millions of followers.


The Purpose Of Humanity

Thus the most effective, purposeful motivation, need for gaining a new sixth sense giving us full, objective perception of reality comes from the combination of actual pain, fear of suffering as a result of the unsolvable crisis; and the growing, insatiable love sickness towards attaining our purpose of existence.

We don’t need to work on the direct pain coming from the crisis, simply reading the daily news, sensing problems on our own skins is enough. This pushing pain comes by the automatic, natural development coercively.

But we have to work on the purposeful “love sickness” towards attaining our role in the system to generate enough need to “force natural evolution’s hand” giving us that sixth sense. Through this artificially generated love sickness we could stay always a step ahead of the obligatory blows from behind.

This of course brings up another interesting point.

So far evolution has been instinctive, each new step, breakthrough appeared as a natural necessity, when the present state become intolerable and a new paradigm was needed. Minerals, different comprising inanimate elements didn’t have to ask to become vegetative. While the plants developing didn’t have to ask to become animate either. And we also don’t suppose that the developing apes consciously decided it was time to change into human form.

Moreover so far even human history has been progressing in such a natural, obligatory way, through recurring vicious cycles. When after initial great hopes, new ideologies, structures we inevitably ran into crisis, dead ends wars, revolutions, economic meltdowns “resolved”, wiped out the previous paradigm preparing the ground for a new one.

How come now we have to reach a conscious effort, very clear conscious need for this unprecedented sixth sense, while a threatening, loaded gun is put against our heads at the same time scaring us with a civilisation ending global meltdown?

Human beings are very different from the rest of the natural system and we are assigned a very different role in it. While the system is already perfect, developing by increasing diversity held together, balanced by intensifying mutually complementing collaboration, it is fully instinctive, automatically adjusting, reacting. It lacks an independent, conscious mind that could complete it, making the system truly perfect.

In order to create such an independent, free and benevolent guardian for the system, human beings had to start their development from outside, from an opposite state compared to the system. Then through different exercises, through an “interactive education” in the simulator provided by nature’s evolutionary force, we have to reach the conscious recognition of having to integrate into nature’s system against our inherently selfish, egoistic nature wanting to keep us on the outside.

We ourselves had to conclude – by going through human evolution, experiencing the repeated failures by instinctively using our default nature – that instead of our selfish, egoistic and greedy inclination and subjective perception we need to acquire a new inclination, allowing us to enter nature’s infinite, quantum system.


Similarity Of Form

Entering the system, perceiving, attaining something new is only possible through reaching similarity of form with the perceived, attained. It is like tuning a radio receiver to the right frequency in order to receive the desired broadcast.

Those above mentioned unique empirical scientists, who earlier managed to enter and research the system tell us, that the primary qualities of nature’s infinite system around us are selfless, unconditional, altruistic love and service of others. It is expressed in nature’s system in the form of mutual guarantee in between all comprising elements from the tiniest particles to the greatest astronomical entities.

In the state of mutual guarantee all elements of a closed, living system automatically, unconditionally support, serve each other. They only make calculations towards the well-being, optimal function of the whole, above any individual, personal calculations, while they blindly trust the system for the fulfilment of their own necessities and accept any role, fate for themselves in order to best serve the whole.

Without such mutual guarantee balance and homeostasis is unsustainable. And without balance, homeostasis life, optimal development is impossible. We don’t need to search far for examples, our own biological body works, maintains health and survive the same way. For all cells, organs there exists only one objective: the health and survival of the whole body.

The only problem is that while in nature’s system such mutual guarantee is automatic as all elements are born, created with the sense of integral belonging, automatic pledge to mutual guarantee, human beings are born without it. Moreover our inherent nature is directly opposite to this mutual guarantee, instinctively rejecting it with all its might as it harms our proud, unique, individual self.

As mentioned above this complete opposition, contrast is not evil or a sin. It is our evolutionary necessity that gives us the perfect starting point to reach the necessary similarity of form while at the same time remaining independent of the system.


The Human Pyramid

Humanity is rendered along a pyramid. We all have the same basic matter, the self-serving, self-justifying desire working through the subjective “pleasure/pain principle”. But people are on different levels concerning how that desire works quantitatively and qualitatively.

Quantitatively it is expressed by the hunger, yearning for more, the willingness to sacrifice in order to reach what one wants. And qualitatively it is expressed whether one is still labouring mainly for obtaining one’s basic necessities, or one is already aiming at the highest possible yearning: finding and fulfilling one’s purpose of existence.

In “normal societies” those with the greater, shrewder, more aggressive desires to accumulate material wealth, power, dominion over others reach the peak of the human pyramid. But in terms of breaking through to infinite, objective, quantum perception we need people with great, irrepressible hunger towards fulfilling their purpose in life.

In truth by default there is no such person.

First of all most people when talking about “purpose” usually point at any of the usual material, physical pleasures, fulfilments of this world. They don’t even consider the above mentioned selfless, unconditional service in order to gain the unprecedented objective observer status.

And even those who have an inclination, insatiable question towards such “supernatural” purpose, only have a spark of such desire deeply embedded, trapped among all other human desires. By themselves they can never develop the necessary, sufficient yearning to rise above material pleasures and fear from physical pain, so they could solely pursue their elevated purpose that takes them out of this world.


The “Commando”

Such unique, pioneering people need to assemble into a special environment, making a covenant in between them to fully, devotedly support one another in their “mission impossible”. They need to intensify, merge together those flickering sparks in order to create a great, flaming, inextinguishable desire for their goal: revealing their purpose of existence. Only this way can such a “supernatural miracle” actually happen.

Only this way can they start building a new pyramid for humanity that can create a new path of development, shifting us from moving by terrible, intolerable physical pain to moving by intolerable love sickness towards a higher goal.

In that unique commando they have to connect their individual sparks and then with single minded, almost obsessed effort and perseverance they have to keep tending to those sparks making them grow and unify. Then in that closed environment, following the specific, purposeful and practical method those primordial empirical scientists created, they can mutually generate the necessary need, irrepressible love sickness towards the new sixth sense.

As mentioned above what they have to aim for is similarity of form with the infinite natural quantum system. And that similarity means building mutual guarantee in between them. So the method is giving them tools of working for the necessary selfless, unconditional, altruistic service of one another, that is the foundation of such mutual guarantee.

They have to work against their inherently selfish and egoistic nature that is vehemently resisting, obstructing them with all its might. The more effort they put in the more they realise how much their inherent nature is against them. At the same time this struggle, the repeated failures help them in stoking the flame of the yearning.

Finally this inner war against their own mighty, selfish egos – provided the commando is strong enough to stay together, tied together with all possible mutual obligations, commitments – can generate the sufficiently enough, frustrated helplessness, complete exhaustion, total humiliation, defeat of their own selves.

They realise that despite a never before experienced, insatiable, irrepressible yearning for that sixth sense they could never escape the clutches of their inherent egoistic self. They can’t free themselves from their inherent prison. At the same time in terms of their goal this total humiliation, self-annulment is the happiest possible moment in their existence Their silent cry from this utmost distress, unbearable love sickness forces nature’s evolutionary force to give them the necessary upgrade, providing them with the desired sixth sense.


Sensing Outside Of The Self

This sixth sense is supposed to provide a selfless, weightless, transparent, completely objective perception. Which means it cannot be within the person, it cannot reside within one’s own desires, based on one’s own calculations. Thus this new sensory organ, the unique radio receiver that can receive nature’s pure, undistorted broadcast is not within those pioneering scientists but it is in between them.

Whether we want it or not we are already connected to each other by unbreakable chains within the global human society. Evolution has already arranged us into this global, integral system. But through our inherent inclination we try using these inevitable interconnections in the usual selfish, egoistic, explosive manner.

So what we need is a new, special, altruistic “clothing”, “connective tissue” over our usually selfish, exploitative interconnections, turning them to opposite ones. Through that new clothing the introverted, selfish, exploitative attitudes in between individuals would turn into extroverted, selfless, bestowing and mutually serving. This is similar to how natural evolution earlier turned separate, cancer-like single cell organisms into quantitatively more developed, stronger, more sophisticated multi-cellular organisms.

Thus as a result of the above mentioned “silent prayer” – the instinctively expressed love sickness towards the desired but seemingly unreachable goal – nature’s evolutionary force provides the new “clothing, connective tissue” that suddenly turns those separated individuals into a fully interconnected human super-organism.

Instead of the unique, individual, subjective existence, perception suddenly they find themselves in an integral, collective one, perceiving reality through a selfless collective mind, collective intelligence. This new clothing doesn’t delete their individual perception but acts as an add on. Inside they remain as “cancer cells” burning to exploit everything for their own sake, but on the outside, through the new altruistic, bestowing clothing they can implement, actualise the mutual guarantee in between them.

Their new perceptive vessel, the sixth sense is outside of the self, in between, within the connections through that new clothing, “connective tissue”. It is like the myelin covering the underlying neural axons, interconnections making them capable of new information transport, communication.

The new, unprecedented truly Human perception is actually the comparative one in between the old selfish, cancer-like one and the new, altruistic, collective perception.


The True Love Sickness

As soon as these pioneers make the breakthrough they obtain a unique, unprecedented double perception. On one hand through reaching similarity form on the merit of their mutual guarantee – facilitated by the new altruistic coating – they enter the infinite quantum system. On the other hand they retain their old perception still existing through their corporal five senses within the present physical world among, together with the other people.

And this is when the real love sickness sets in.

Once one becomes capable of sensing, enjoying the limitless flow of life, the abundant unconditional love and care that exists in the natural, quantum dimension one is completely overwhelmed by a new sensation and purpose. Through the similarity they achieved, through “listening” to the irresistible, mesmerising broadcast from nature’s system they become like desperate, besotted mothers wanting to care, nurture, love in an infinite, unconditional manner.

Such a motherly figure sensing that incredible love, abundance within the system immediately feels obligated to pass it on. This obligation is unbearable like holding something incredibly hot in one’s hand, that cannot be held on but has to be passed on to others.

Thus by sensing the other people, the lower levels of the pyramid still mired in this suffering and crisis filled world those pioneers at the top of the pyramid simply have to pass their discovery on to them. They feel as if the whole pyramid, the whole vast, cosmic system but especially humanity within have all become their beloved children they are obligated to care for.

And the more they pass on, the deeper they enter the higher, infinite system the more they feel how much the “lower levels” need that abundance, assistance. Thus this desperate, motherly “love sickness” doesn’t subdue, becoming fulfilled but it constantly grows.

Thus these pioneers have to organise the rest of the people into mutual circles, teaching them how through selfless, mutually complementing collaboration they can easily solve their problems and achieve a better, effortless life. They assemble people around the idea mutually complementing cooperation resembling mutual guarantee, even if the aspirations, intentions on the physical level are still egoistic, selfish working on the egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”.

Those others start feeling that as long as they follow these unique teachers, instructors, accepting their advice, guidance, their lives are getting better so they follow suit. They can very clearly appreciate after a few trials that when they try to do those connecting actions, mutual problem solving workshops, discussions by themselves, by their usual leaders they remain unsuccessful as before. But when they follow the unique pioneers suddenly everything starts working and they rise to a higher level.

It is only later, when their natural necessities are cared for that their focus shifts and they start appreciating the unity, mutuality itself above the egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations. Through constant positive feedback it starts simply making sense to them to continue connecting to each other through selfless, unconditional service towards the whole even when their necessities are catered for.

They themselves start sensing the new, improved, highly effective and beneficial collective perception coming through the optimal interconnections, and then slowly, gradually they also work their way forward, themselves acquiring the sixth sense in a natural way.


The Chess Masters

In the meantime those pioneers at the peak of this “non-physical/spiritual” pyramid also move higher and higher. Through the deepening, intensifying similarity of form they identify the source of the whole system. They continue their mutual work attaining and passing on the life flow, circulation from within the quantum system to the “lower levels” gradually drawing the rest of the people closer to entry into the higher system.

With this “sacred work” of uniting the whole system into a single existence, perception they are stabilising and researching their connection, relationship, attitude towards reality’s single governing force.

They feel themselves as aspiring chess players sitting across the ultimate chess master on opposite sides of a vast, cosmic chessboard, learning, practising, playing until they reach complete equality. Through that equality they finally complete human evolution meriting the name “Human” according to its Hebrew origin: a creature becoming similar to the force creating it.


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