Opening The Mind

Limited Perception

We are all born with an instinctively self-serving and self-justifying nature. As a result our “personal computer” that works on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” can only make calculations for the sole benefit of the self. And in order to make its function most effective this personal computer and is operating software filters, focuses our perception of reality accordingly.

Which means we only perceive from an infinite, eternal reality a very tiny, completely subjective fragment, that can serve our selfish purpose at any given moment.

We live through the whole of our lives completely blind to the real world around us. We judge, measure everything, including our “loved ones” based on our selfish, subjective parameters, deciding whether they are useful for ourselves or not. We “love” them as long as they serve our purpose and start “hating” them when they become useless, obsolete.


Sleepwalking Into Disaster

Since we are all operated by the same software we live in a very miserable reality, in a hostile world where everybody is competing, fighting with everybody else for resources and survival. As human history is driven by the constantly intensifying selfish ego governing us, by today when this inherent ego reached its maximum strength, even the most fundamental building block of human society, the family has also been consumed in the destructive fire of our egos.

At the same time we also reached the tipping point where from – without an urgent intervention, some sort of a remedy – we will inevitably slide, sleepwalk into a global disaster.

The only way we could prevent such bitter ending to human evolution would be facilitating people to open their minds, getting out of their own subjective, self-serving and self-justifying black boxes. In that way they could start existing in the real, objective world, understanding all cause and effect processes, understanding each other, collectively rising to a qualitatively higher and effortless existence.

But it is not easy to free people from within their own egocentric prisons, convince people through their present, inherent nature to run away from the same nature that is completely opposite to the original.

Our basic operating system only understand two stimuli, pain or pleasure. So far we have been evolving through pain. We only get out of our comfort zones, make a shift in development, building new civilisations when our actual state has become intolerable. In our present state the developing intolerable dead-end would require such unprecedented suffering, such explosion to liberate us, that could wipe most of mankind out in the process.

Helpful Tools, Factors For Change

Fortunately we still have a chance to shift our developmental path from such a destructive one to a more pleasant and proactive line. There are many things in our favour facilitating this.

First of all there is a point inside us, which is our actual conscious observer point, that is not necessarily “fused” to our inherent nature but can be liberated from that inherent matter, or at least its anchors can be loosened.

We also have a practical method at our service that can mobilise and liberate our observer point.

Finally the general, evolutionary force of nature is also ready to assist us, since in the predetermined, inherent plan of evolution humanity has a very unique, “crowning” role which needs those liberated and prepared, objective observer points.

The purposeful practical method requires a unique “Human particle accelerator” in which dedicated, fully committed people would “collide”, work together, inspiring and provoking each other, until through their mutual work those special, conscious observer points could escape and start a new path of development.


True Egoism

Without such unique “laboratory” people wouldn’t even become conscious about their true nature holding them hostage. What we consider selfish, egoistic in our normal, everyday lives is just very superficial illustrations of what true egoism, selfishness means.

True egoism, selfishness only shows up when we start provoking it, threatening it with escaping towards selfless, altruistic and unconditional service of others. Only when the selfish, egoistic self senses the danger of being abandoned by that conscious observer point, does it start fighting for its existence, trying to hold onto its rulership with full force.

The Need For Mutual Guarantee

Why would these people want to reach selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving relationships with one another? In order to build a state of mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee is the default state that describes nature’s system. Without such altruistic, mutually responsible and mutually complementing collaboration in between all comprising elements, balance and homeostasis – that is crucial for life and optimal development – could not be sustained. Apart from human society that is based on selfish, egocentric, exclusive competition and subjective perception, the whole of natural reality is infused with mutual guarantee.

And since research and attainment can only happen through similarity of form, similarity of qualities in between the researcher and researched, those who want to start observing reality objectively, in its totality would also need to exist within mutual guarantee.

Thus we need to reach the expert, objective observer status through mutual guarantee, both in order to survive in our global, integral evolutionary conditions, and also in order to become capable of researching and attaining the reality we exist in.


Aiming At Humanity’s Evolutionary Purpose

The above mentioned unique, “crowning” role humanity has in the system goes way beyond simple survival. We are destined to become the benevolent guardians of the whole of natural reality. We need to reach this state on the merit of seamlessly integrating within the system, attaining all of its cause and effect processes and decoding the complete plan of evolution from its primordial beginning to its final, perfect state. We have the capability to hold the complete, vast, cosmic reality within our hands.

This magnificent, incredible Human role in evolution can provide the attractive pleasure on top of the growing fear, pain from imminent destruction, thus providing sufficient fuel for the fundamental self-transformation.

In the above mentioned “Human particle accelerator” a group of dedicated people, fully committed to the goal of reaching such expert, objective observer viewpoint need to reach the “opening of the mind”, liberating their unique, individual observer points from the clutches of the inherently selfish, egoistic matter.


Inner Struggle

When through their devoted attempts towards mutual guarantee they provoke and awaken their so far hidden instinctive nature, the real work, inner struggle starts. This inherent, self-serving, self-justifying nature tries everything in order to weaken the people in the group, to sidetrack them, threaten them, tempt them in order to disturb their progress.

And the most sensitive point this inherent nature can attack repeatedly is the intimate, mutual relationship in between the participating members of the group. Inherently we all proudly consider ourselves unique and higher than anybody else. Thus for this default pride, uniqueness attempting selfless, altruistic service of others is extremely hard.

It is only thanks to the unique, practical method, the unique source materials and an experienced, authentic teacher that the committed members can start and sustain their mutual work, support, gradually inching closer towards their common goal.

They keep intensifying the greatness, importance of their evolutionary role, final purpose although they have no comprehension, taste of it. They keep play-acting, practising artificial mutual guarantee in between them although they have no inherent sense, comprehension of truly selfless, altruistic service of others above their selves.

Thus when their inherent nature starts inciting criticism, negative judgement, mutual hatred in between them they become very weak and confused. Mutual guarantee can’t exist, they can’t even start building such a state without blindly trusting one another. But how could they trust each other when their inherent nature paints such a negative picture of the others?


First Level Of Freedom

It is exactly at this point where they receive their chance of “opening their mind”, loosening their instinctive anchors and free themselves. This is where they have a free choice in between falling for the tricks, temptations of their inherent nature; or asking assistance from nature’s evolutionary force in order to help them defy their inherent inclination, and rise above it towards the crucial mutual trust in the others.

If they established a strong, mutual covenant with each other beforehand, if they managed to form a unique, irrepressible commando against their own instinctive nature, they can reach such self-defying, self-defeating request from evolution’s force.

As a result of such an unprecedented, mutual request, for the first time in their lives, they receive a chance of accessing a free, selfless space where they can make calculations detached from their inherent nature.

When they feel their instinctive, selfish inclination inciting criticism, negative judgement, rejection against the others in the mutual circle, instead of automatically reacting to it they can declare that it is not “them”, their conscious observer point that rejects those others. Instead they declare there is an alien inner force within them, like a cancer that is hateful, that is working against the others in the circle.

They know and accept that they fully depend on those others in order to reach mutual guarantee and through mutual guarantee their final, supreme goal in evolution. Thus instead of feeling rejection, hatred against those others, they start rejecting, hating that alien, cancerous, egoistic force within themselves that tries to incite against those others.

They keep asking assistance from nature’s evolutionary force so they can keep this detached, clear mind and calculation above their inherent reason permanently. When they become capable of sustaining, controlling this state, despite the constantly growing incitement from the inherent nature, they already gain a preliminary access to nature’s system.


The Beginning Of Attainment

They have reached the state of neutrality, keeping the principle of “do no harm”, staying above the vicious, malevolent activity of their inherent matter. And using the same template they built among themselves, using it as a special periscope or prism, they can start observing, researching the system of reality through the same neutrality, transparency.

Thus being freed from the previous limits of self-centred, subjective perception they can gradually, carefully enter and observe the world around them “as it is”. They continue the constant work within their “particle accelerator” to maintain their detachment, staying above their egoistic reason that doesn’t disappear but constantly grows providing an ever greater contrast for their comparative research.

Later they start learning how to start using that selfish, egoistic matter purposefully as fuel, in order to enter deeper into the system, exploring it from layer to layer. But for the time being they keep balancing on top of this murky matter, stabilising their expert, objective observer point as skillful surfers on top of the stormy waves.

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