True Love Over True Hate

Instinctive Hate, Instinctive Love

The emotions of hate and love are constantly surrounding us. Basically whatever we encounter in our lives we immediately, instinctively try categorising according to whether we feel attraction or rejection towards them. In our culture, arts from music through books, paintings or sculptures, poetry to cinemas hardly find any other topics but the drama surrounding hate and love.

This is not surprising. After all despite our proud claims of being intelligent, “mindful” beings, we are first of all sentient, empirical creatures. Our conscious mind, reason is basically there in order to interpret, analyse our emotional impressions and prepare us for the next ones.

Moreover since our inherent nature is self-serving and self-justifying, perceiving reality around us solely based on an egoistic “pleasure/pain principle, we instinctively relate to everything and everybody around us as “sweet or bitter”, “loved or hated”. And that instinctive reaction is based purely on whether the people, objects, events we encounter are pleasurable or painful from our own subjective point of view.

This means that I can only “love” someone or something if it brings me pleasure, and if that selfish pleasure wanes, disappears my “love” disappears too, and might turn into hate soon after. “Amicable” breakups, separations, divorces are very rare. After all I have to justify myself why “it didn’t work out”.

Thus the love and hate we fill our hearts and minds with in this world are simply instinctive, hormonal reactions, automatic analysis by our inherent nature. They have nothing to do with “true love and true hate”.


True Love and True Hate

“True love” is a state we can observe in nature. It is a completely selfless, altruistic state when one is capable of observing and fulfilling the desires, necessities of another, as if those desires were one’s own without any selfish distortion, selfish calculations. The homeostasis, balance in nature’s system life and optimal development depends on is built on such “true love”.

Of course in nature, or for example in between the cells, organs of our own biological bodies this all happens unconsciously, without any awareness. Apart from human beings all elements of nature’s system are born into and sustain “true love” and homeostasis without needing any conscious, personal adjustments.

“True hate” would be the opposite of this true, selfless, altruistic love. True hate is a state when elements of a previously mutually integrated, interdependent system would start separating, start turning against one another, incapable of sustaining the balance and homeostasis necessary for life, thus the system progresses towards self-destruction. Regarding a biological system we could say that a developing cancer cell’s relationship towards the rest of the body is such a “true hate”.


Humanity’s True Hate

What we gradually start to realise through the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, and through the conclusions of our cutting edge sciences, humanity – as a result of our inherently selfish and egoistic nature –  is born into such true hate. So far we weren’t aware of it and even today, despite the crisis and our desperate helplessness in solving it, we still try to push this revelation under the carpet.

But the fact stands, today’s exclusive, modern paradox – in between our inherent nature keeping us in a state of mutual distrust and rejection; and the globally interconnected and interdependent world we evolved into – threatens our very existence as cancer.

Unless we find a way of building mutually complementing interconnections, mutually responsible cooperation above our differences and despite the mutual rejection, we will not be able to survive and continue our evolution. We reached the same state as the original cancer-like single cell organisms, that had to find a way of merging, building multi-cellular organisms in order to make the next, qualitatively higher evolutionary state and continue developing.

We also won’t find solutions for our mounting global problems without a qualitatively higher, collective intelligence. We will never break through the sharp boundaries facing our “cutting edge sciences”, rendering them to simple philosophical, theoretical “wisdoms” without factual foundations, empirical results, unless we are capable of reaching similarity with nature’s system that can only be achieved by such selfless, altruistic “network-computing”.


The Missing True Love

The problem is that while in nature the “true love”, the mutual guarantee in between all comprising elements of the system is “built in”, the inanimate, vegetative and animate elements, levels of the natural system are instinctively programmed with such altruistic. selfless, unconditionally serving serving operating software. Human beings on the other hand are born with a proud, individualistic self-esteem and a selfish and egoistic operating software.

Thus even if we finally accepted our inherent “true hate” towards one another, even if we wanted to build “true love”, such altruistic and selfless mutual cooperations, we can’t even comprehend what that state of mutual guarantee means, let alone actually reaching such a state.

The good news is that we do not have to practically build that state by ourselves, as we can’t perform the necessary “brain and heart transplant” surgery on our “flesh”. Nature’s all encompassing evolutionary force is standing ready for that “operation”, as humanity achieving a fully integrated, mutually complementing “super-organism”, a qualitatively higher “collective intelligence” is within evolution’s predetermined plan. But in order to preserve our unique human free-choice, “independence”, our capability to remain fully aware of ourselves and our special human role within the cosmic system, we have to reach the demand for such “self-changing” operation by ourselves.


Comparative Research

If we reached such demand nature’s evolutionary force would provide us with a unique “external clothing”, a special “membrane/connective tissue”, giving us the unprecedented capability of building the necessary selfless, altruistic and unconditionally serving, caring connections above inherent differences, despite the “hateful” inner nature. The ensuing mutually complementing collaboration would give birth to such a human “super-organism” capable of true “network computing”, unprecedented problem solving and research capability.

The true uniqueness of that “super-organism” is the special “double-perception” acquired. The inherently selfish, egocentric self-esteem, subjective perception and the sense of “true hate” constantly rejecting the mutual interconnections does not disappear. The new collective intelligence, the newly acquired “quantum perception”, seeing reality through everybody’s viewpoint at once, above the subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion appears above the inherent perception.

This duality would provide us with previously incomprehensible contrast, comparative research capability, opening up reality for us “from one end to the other”, from one extreme of the selfish, egoistic, always receptive emotional state to the completely selfless, altruistically bestowing one.


Reaching The Right Demand

Since humanity reaching such state is “written” into evolution’s plan we will reach this with or without our agreement. We have no free choice in this matter. But we can choose in what way we reach our final, perfect, expert observer, partner status within the system.

We can reach it continuing our instinctive, natural development, which drives evolution through “painful stimuli”, making the system reach a tense, pressured, intolerable crisis, which is then “resolved” by a violent explosion creating the basis for the next state. Human history is the best example of such vicious cycles, building each new civilisation on the ruins of the previous one.

Or we can reach our next actual states by “provoking, forcing” evolution’s hand, building an overwhelming desire, demand for the next state before the inevitable, natural suffering, crisis forces us. In order to choose this faster, much more pleasant and proactive path we need to build unique “human laboratories”, “human particle accelerators”. In such mutually committed, mutually supportive small groups we could study the integral system and its laws, understand and fully reveal our own nature and its inherent “true hate”. Then methodically, in a scientific way we can draw on ourselves the assistance of nature’s evolutionary force performing its precise operation, clothing us into that “special altruistic clothing” over our cancerous inner core.

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