Eating The Cake

Uncontrollable Nature

We are born with an absolutely self-serving, self, justifying and greedy nature. If we want to find an economic equivalent to describe ourselves, we are prototype raw capitalists, ready to sell, exploit anything for constantly increasing personal profit.We truly want to bake the cake and eat it too.

With such an inherent nature that is constantly intensifying, growing hungrier through human history, it is very difficult to find a political, social, economic structure that is sustainable, preventing strife, wars, revolutions. 

Until today we have gone through basically all the possible permutations of such structures failing in all of them. Our latest failures were our attempts with communism, national socialism, and most recently with liberal democracy and the capitalist, free market economy.

We simply can’t find the sustainable equation in between the fully egoistic, selfish and greedy human being and the fully integrated, mutually interdependent system nature, evolution forces on us. In order to survive, to avoid the constantly recurring vicious cycles in human history we would need to solve this Gordian knot in between our inherently self-serving nature and the altruistic evolutionary conditions surrounding us.


The Solution Of Mutual Guarantee

Fortunately a chain of unique, empirical natural scientists, that have been active for thousands of years preserved a suitable, purposeful solution. Based on the principle of “loving others as yourself” they recommend a social model called mutual guarantee.

The principle of “loving others as yourself” is not a mystical or religious dogma, not even a nice slogan for “New Age” teachings. In an archaic, poetic language this principle describes the most fundamental law in nature. It symbolizes the “selfless and altruistic”, mutually complementing collaboration closed, integral natural systems are based on.

Only such sensitively balances mutual collaboration can sustain the homeostasis life and optimal development is based on. The closest example we have showcasing how “love others as yourself” works in action is our own biological body, as all of its cells, organs, together with the surrounding microbiome mutually interconnect for the health of the collective organism.

In the ideal social state of mutual guarantee each and every individual gives up self-concern, self-care only focusing on fulfilling the desires, necessities of others while fully trusting, with absolute confidence the others to fulfill one’s own desires and necessities.

In such an optimally working society our “born raw capitalist” would be able to continue baking the cake and happily eating it too. The only “tweak” compared to the instinctive capitalism is that one would bake cakes for others to eat, while eating the cake those others baked for one.

Everybody could work with their best ability, putting 100% effort into their work for the collective while receiving their well deserved, just profit for that work. But the profit generated would end up on the bank account of others, while the person’s bank account would be filled up by the work of others.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?



Of course building a society on mutual guarantee is not this simple since such selfless, unconditional care for others while blindly trusting those others for personal care is against our instinctively self-serving, self-concerned, self-protective and inherently distrustful nature.

Moreover at this stage, being disconnected from nature’s system due to the lack of similarity with it, we have no idea about what the notions of “natural” and “true necessities” mean even regarding ourselves let alone others. This is why everybody lives through excessive hoarding, accumulating of goods and pleasures for themselves, mostly taking it from others, not knowing what true necessities or available means truly are.

The biggest problem is the inherent distrust towards others since without that one can’t even start acting in mutual guarantee. Even if just one person still cares for oneself, withholding the obligated service towards others, doubting the fulfilment of one’s own necessities, that immediately forces the rest to act similarly in order to cover the missing contribution.

Thus the first step towards reaching mutual guarantee is working on building the unprecedented mutual trust.


Setting A Goal

Without setting a clear goal, purpose one can’t start a process and work putting full effort in it. We can’t start working on a “supernatural” – above instinctive human nature – blind trust in others without specifying why we need it.

So we need trust to build mutual guarantee, but what do we need mutual guarantee for? We need mutual guarantee in order to build a more stable, sustainable human society. But we already tried different ideologies, structures for that purpose failing in all of them.

So what higher purpose can we set up in order to keep on going, enduring the “brutal war” against our inherent nature trying to stop us with all of its tricks?


Natural Homeostasis In Human Society

Humanity doesn’t exist in isolation. Contrary to popular belief we are integrated parts in nature’s cosmic system we evolved from. Both for survival and in order to elevate our existence to a qualitatively higher level we need to adapt to this comic, natural system.

Adaptation, seamless integration can only happen through reaching similarity of form. And nature’s system is based, survives and develops on balance and constantly maintained homeostasis. And as mentioned above homeostasis is sustained by the instinctive, selfless, mutually complementing collaboration in between all comprising elements.

And as we already mentioned, the principle of “loving others as yourself” and the mutual guarantee within human society based on that principle would provide us with the necessity similarity for integration.


Benefits Of Integration

From the descriptions, “research journals” of those unique natural scientists, who managed to reach integration into the vast cosmic system, we know the astonishing benefits of living in mutual guarantee.

Through the acquired similarity of form such a society gains full access to nature’s infinite wisdom. This facilitates the understanding of the whole system, with all of its cause and effect processes, revealing and decoding the whole plan of evolution from start to finish.

As a result people can fully attain who they are, where they are and what their individual and collective roles in the system are. One can clearly, openly know, feel one’s own necessities and the necessities of the collective, thus the quantitative and qualitative parameters of the mutually complementing service is clear without any doubts.

In fact after a while those necessities become secondary, only serving as “excuses”, intermediary told in order to maintain the mutually complementing interconnections.

The main “perk”, reward, achievement of mutual guarantee is sensing, tasting, the flow of life through the mutually complementing collaboration. A new impersonal, collective circulations opens up, with an incredible, joyful sensation of boundless love and confidence flowing within those mutual interconnections.

People feel as if they opened a long closed, blocked, ancient life giving spring, from where this “otherworldly” sensation, stream of love and confidence can flood, “water and nurture” the whole system.


What Cake…?

This sensation is a very unique mutual one. Mutual not only in between people, but in between the mutually integrated humanity and the vast cosmic system. People through their newly built mutual interconnections, through the act of passing this life giving force towards each other and the system start feeling an unprecedented joy, contentment from within the system.

This is a strange feeling as if a person opening a tap would feel happiness from the flowing water, but it is an obviously much deeper, elemental sensation feeling the circulation, communication of the whole Universe passing through one. 

Reaching this mutual contentment, double joy, facilitating the free circulation, communication within reality is the final purpose they start the whole process. Only such unprecedented, overwhelming pleasure, achievement can help them building the “supernatural”, blind trust in each other above and despite their inherent nature.

Baking the cake and eating it in a society built on mutual guarantee is nice. But that pleasure is not even a morsel from a cake, compared to the infinite fulfillment facilitating the all encompassing cosmic circulation provides.


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