The Populist Genie


We Are All Populists

Many people hope that after the U.S. elections the “populist genie” can be pushed back into the bottle. They still don’t seem to understand that the populist genie is actually representing our true, inherent human nature.

Populists are rising all over the globe since in truth we all feel that we have more similarity with those “populists” than the seemingly composed, elegant and very nicely, politically correct politicians resenting the “establishment.

Deep down we are all “racist”, generally only able to love “our own kind”, we all crave for food and sex, for wealth and dominion over others. We all want more knowledge and most of all to constantly feel ourselves better and above others. This is not evil or sinful at all, we are all born with this instinctive self-love, this insatiable desire to receive pleasures for ourselves.


Artificial Matrix

It is this true, instinctive human nature that is finally breaking out of the artificial, political correct Matrix which we have built, enslaved ourselves into for a long time.

This matrix is seemingly trying to project a “good, bleeding heart, humane being” that can accept others unconditionally just by simply deciding to do so. To be fair initially such steps, attempts especially after the Second World War – for example by establishing the European Union – were probably in order to facilitate peace, beyond living side by side.

But then this Human experiment has become gradually distorted. We tried to create such peaceful, “homogenized” people by reducing human life to a simple equation of economic calculations, considering life as a simple financial balance sheet as if our purpose in life was only accumulating, amassing physical, material possessions, and that the only reason for human connections is trade.

Thus today we keep measuring ourselves, our state, “health” based on the GDP, taste of quantitative growth, stock exchange indices and individual or national debt levels.
We deleted and completely forgot what makes us human beings, fearing the inherent, instinctive, “hormonal” characteristics. We tried hard to build simple production/consumption robots instead.

But we are sentient and social creatures. We used to be defined by the quality of our mutual interconnections. Today even the most fundamental such social interconnections, the classical family model is “proudly” broken, made obsolete.

We have tried hard to create a faceless, tasteless, mindless human mass for a single economic and “cultural” market, double enslaving people by the paradigm of “brainwashing people to keep buying what they don’t need, for money they don’t have”.

This is the paradigm of artificial aggregate demand and cheap, immediate pleasures enjoyed through “circus and bread entertainment”, purposefully dumbing people into a lifeless, inhuman zombie state.

What the recent rise of populism symbolizes is the revolt of our instinctive human nature against this inhuman matrix. The populist politicians are simply riding a wave of very deep, primordial, instinctive discontent.


Building On Top Of Our True Nature

We need to understand that even with the very sophisticated method of mass propaganda, internet and social media we can’t coerce nature, we simply cannot subdue or delete our inherently proud, unique, individualistic self that is instinctively self-serving and self-justifying.

Making peace, creating stable, sustainable human societies, which today means a complete, global human society, cannot happen by trying to create uniform, faceless, grey masses. We need to proudly accept who we are, realize all our positive and negative individual and national qualities, talents and characteristics.

Only when we realize who we are and what we have, only when we accept that we all only want to primarily calculate for and serve our own selves and a very small, close circle around us, while exploiting, using everything and everybody else outside of our selves, can we start building true mutually complementing collaborations above our inherent operating software.

We need to realistically feel, see our boiling distrust, rejection underneath as foundations so we could build the mutually responsible and mutually complementing collaboration above it that is necessary for our collective, global survival. Only by accepting our own “colors/tastes” and the “colors/tastes” of others with all of its bitter and sweet flavors can we start putting the beautiful multi-colored, multi-layered mosaic together that humanity is supposed to become.

Peace will never come while forcing ourselves to perceive the world through an illusion, lie. Peace can only be built on “realpolitik”, based on a clearly understood mutual interdependence.

Of course those “accidental heros”, those populist politicians presently riding this wave of revolting human nature don’t have the right, purposeful method yet that could actually offer true solutions. Their victories simply give us an opportunity to try to find and then implement such a method in the window of opportunity given, while the “Matrix” is shaken, offline for a while.

Thus first of all we need a new global, integral education method that can teach us the global, fully integrated system we exist in, while fully, honestly understanding our own true nature. Then we can gradually find a way of adapting ourselves into our evolutionary conditions, beyond our integration with one another and thus humanity’s benevolent integration into nature’s vast, cosmic system we are parts of.

Such unique, unprecedented, practical education can’t happen in the whole of humanity or even in complete nations at once. Instead first we need small “seeds”, “positive viruses”, small circles, groups of people. Those mutual circles would comprise of people who are already ready and committed to implement such unity and mutually complementing collaboration in practice, above and despite of their inherent nature.

When such small seeds, circles become successful enough to show positive example, they will start spreading “virally” in a world that is continuing to sink into deepening and unsolvable crisis.

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