Within The Crust


Living In A Broken World

On one hand both contemporary, cutting edge sciences, and also 5-6 thousand years old ancient wisdoms seem to suggest that we exist in a single, uniform, completly integrated, live and dynamic system.

On the other each and every human being feels oneself as a separated, unique, individualistic being. And we all tend to see a broken world around us, that is full of suffering, hardship and seemingly irreconcilable contradictions.

Unique, empirical, natural scientists, who managed to reconcile those contradictions by seamlessly, transparently integrating within the vast, cosmic reality around us – seeing and understanding its cause and effect processes, decoding evolution’s plan – explain to us that reality around us is completely perfect.

It is our own perception of reality that is broken, causing us to see the world around us as broken, as if we were trapped, imprisoned into a recurring, disturbing nightmare all the time.


A Prisoner Can’t Free Oneself Alone

Additionally they also tell us that we are enslaved into our own subjective, self-generated perception as a result of our inherently self-serving, and self-justifying nature. Since it is our own instinctive nature and the perception it generates that keeps us captives, we can’t escape this slavery, we can’t enter objective, true perception of reality alone, by ourselves.

As those unique scientists put it, “a prisoner can’t free oneself from prison”, or “one can’t lift oneself up by pulling one’s own hair”. We need help in a very special way.

Such help can come from a unique, mutual environment, comprising of a group of selected, fully committed people, who all agree to start working for the same purpose. That purpose is reaching the necessity selfless, altruistic, transparent and objective perception of reality that allows one to see reality as it is: perfect, fully integrated and mutually complementing.


Building Mutual Guarantee

In order to reach that purpose they have to build a very unique state of mutual guarantee. In that state each only cares, selflessly, altruistically, unconditionally for the optimal state and progress of the others. Each one only concerns oneself to secure, facilitate the others’ best, smoothest path towards their mutual goal.

From personal point of view it means that I have to enter the personal, subjective “prisons” of others, beyond their strong, instinctive “firewalls” protecting the self. I have to act with sensitive, “brotherly” love in order to liberate them, free them, while understanding their limitations, self protective reflexes, fears holding them back.
I can do that by showing a constant positive example, projecting to them artificially as if I already acquired the capability of selfless, altruistic service and love towards others. This would give them positive envy, jealousy trying to surpass my positive example becoming even greater “altruistic servants”. At the same time I also try giving them uplifting atmosphere, confidence in achieving the common goal.

Despite my own selfish, egocentric perception trying to paint a negative picture of those others, I have to see them great and important, fighting a superhuman war against their inclination. I have to see all of them “sitting on the fence”, just before that extra supernatural step, that can take them over the limit, helping them to enter the limitless dimension of selfless, altruistic existence.

Correcting The World Through Self-Correction

In truth I am not helping, liberating those others from their prisons. Instead I am removing, deleting my own egoistic filters, that were hiding their perfection, preventing me seeing them already belonging to the perfect system in an unblemished way.

By reaching “love of friends”, seeing them as perfect as possible through removing my own selfish, subjective filters, I reach the “love of the creating force”, loving its qualities of selfless, altruistic care and love of others. It was that source that created and presented those others to me in such way so I can work with them, changing my perception.

Each time when my egoistic filters are removed, deleted, I can finally start feeling the natural love, life giving force of the creating source flowing through my, purified, transparent channel towards others. I start loving them over the previous negative judgement, rejection.

My selfish, subjective misgiving, criticism still remains at the background, while I start loving them through the “supernatural” – above instinctive attitudes – love I received from the source of the system, from the natural power station around me. That power station and its love is always available. Whether it can flow through me or not only depends on the state of my selfish, egoistic, subjective filters.

It is my instinctive, egoistic prism that distorts, shatters, disperses the picture of the pure, unblemished world, filled with the quality of bestowal, altruistic love that is constantly surrounding me.


Fruit Growing Inside The Crust

Each time I see, feel another negative, rejecting quality, negative attitude towards others, and then go above that instinctive reaction, canceling, negating it, choosing altruistic love and care of others instead, I correct, repair yet another piece of my shattered concealing, broken prisms, taking me closer to see the single prefect picture.

Thus after a while in that unique “human laboratory” I learn how to be happy for each negative attribute, for each rejecting emotion, as by that revelation I received another potential building block, a corner stone I can build on, another solid wall I can push against. It is specifically against and above the revealed selfish, egoistic “evil”, surfacing negative attitude that I can choose selfless and altruistic love of others.

In the mutual circle, in the unique human laboratory, where each member goes through the same process, their egoistic selfish point, negating, rejecting the others remains on the outside. At the same time with their aspiration towards the goal, using their mutual commitment they move “inside”, towards the common center, where a common area of their mutual self-annulment towards one another forms.

Thus from their rejected, negated selfish, egoistic perception they create an outer shell, peel, keeping the maturing, fragile, altruistic inner part of their new, altruistic fruit protected inside. That “fruit” is their new, mutually generated emerging altruistic, objective perception.

This new perception, within the wall of their negated, rejected inherently selfish, subjective perception gives them the capability of observing reality as it is: perfect, absolutely mutually integrated and mutually complementing.

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