Modi’s Financial Strike

Trump’s election victory in the US wasn’t the only political, social earthquake shaking the world recently. At 8.00 pm on the 8th of November 2016 1.4 billion Indians were shaken by Prime Minister Modi’s financial strike against corruption.

In India despite the banking system, electronic or credit card transactions developing rapidly, most deals, trade is conducted in cash. Reportedly as a result of black markets, corruption, underhand dealings many billions, trillions of rupees are stacked away all over India by those, who receive income illegally, who don’t pay taxes, accumulating wealth at the expense of the nation.

Previously the highest denomination of money in India was the 1000 rupees bill. At the time of announcement the old 500 and 1000 rupees bills were made invalid. People were asked to take all their cash into the banks, declaring its origin and then change it for the new bills frantically printed in huge quantities by the government.

A month before the unexpected announcement a window of opportunity was given to everybody to pay due taxes on any income, without needing to declare how it was accumulated, without questions asked. But only very few people with large amount of cash in their hands took up the offer as they didn’t reject such a sudden, decisive action from the Prime Minister.

Thus in theory, Modi’s “surgical financial strike” wiped out billions or trillions of rupees black money in India, creating a new, more even playing field where new, traceable “nano technology” bills could make black market, underhand transactions more difficult to conduct and easier to monitor.

According to polls, despite the obvious difficulties in cash transactions, despite the queues in banks and at ATM machines, despite many businesses losing money on the short term, the vast majority, over 90% of Indians fully support this “revolution against corruption”, only opposition politicians, many times deeply involved in the corruption are aghast.

A Window Of Opportunity

The obvious popular support for Modi’s decision, the underestimated popular revolt against Hillary Clinton and what she represents, symbolizes a much deeper outburst than it looks, or how it is portrayed, dismissed in the clearly dismayed “liberal” mass media all over the world.

People in general, all over the world – as it is shown by the so called “popular, extremist” forces, candidates getting stronger – are fed up with the direction global, human society is moving towards.

People can’t stomach any longer the fake, lieful political correctness, they can’t stand any longer the increasing social inequality, being enslaved by financial institutions, corporate businesses through the “consuming goods we don’t need, for money we don’t have” paradigm. People can’t accept to be reduced to faceless, tasteless, mindless and even “gender-less” mass zombies, that are easy to manipulate and lead like sheep, while entertained through “circus and bread”.

Still, Modi flushing out black money, Trump fighting against political correctness, trying to break the stronghold of the financial institutions is not the solution. Even Indians expect, resigned to the fact that after a while the “suddenly cleaned pipes” will be clogged with sewage again, dirty money accumulating in the hands of a few. Regarding Trump still most people are perplexed, not knowing what to expect, probably even he himself  doesn’t know exactly how to make the election promises a reality.

These recent “revolutions”, political, social earthquake are like battles won, a window of opportunity opened. But in order to win the war and use the opportunity to its maximum extent, we can’t just deal with the symptoms. We need to get to the root problem in order to solve it.

“Faulty” Inherent Nature

And the root problem is not limited to certain people, certain political ideologies or parties, it is not exclusive to certain social layers or professions. The root problem is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying human nature that is in all of us. This nature works with different strength, different hunger in each of us, rendering humanity society along a pyramid structure.

It is always the most selfish, most egoistic people who end up on top of this pyramid, regardless of cultures, societal or governing systems. And those few then create, distort and corrupt whatever system we are in, in order to lead and exploit the rest.

As human history shows – after we experimented and failed with all permutations of social, economic and governing systems – our nature can’t be changed, subdued or deleted with coercion or misleading trickery. This nature will instinctively revolt, explode time and time again expressed through the recurring vicious cycles in our history.

The only system that can accommodate our instinctive “raw capitalist” matter, utilize the “pyramid structure” in an optimal, benevolent way – as it is a survival necessity in a globally integrated and interdependent world – is through the social system of mutual guarantee.

Mutual Guarantee

Mutual guarantee is not a human construct as all other systems, paradigms we have been trying so far. Mutual guarantee is the default state in nature’s living systems, including our own biological bodies.

In mutual guarantee all comprising elements of an integrated, living system selflessly, altruistically, unconditionally serve and complement each other for the benefit, optimal well-being of the whole collective. Only in such a way can homeostasis – that is necessary for life and optimal development – be sustained.

The Abrahamic principle of “love others as yourself” describes, applies this natural principle to human society.

In a mutually guaranteed economy for example our “raw capitalist” is still working hard for profit and growth. But the profit appears on the bank account of others while one’s own personal bank aunt is filled up by the effort of those others. Growth is not quantitative but qualitative, describing the increasing, improving and constantly refining mutual interconnections in between people who signed up for the mutual guarantee.

Obviously such a “supernatural” – above instinctive self-service, self-protection – state requires an absolute mutual trust we don’t posses by default, not even within our families. This “supernatural” mutual trust needs to be built. And just like true, “eternal love” in between spouses where love is built above instinctive rejection, hatred in between two born egoists through drowning, mutual compromises, this mutual trust also needs to be built over inherent differences and instinctive rejection, animosity.

Such extraordinary, fundamental changes in human nature can’t be achieved in the whole of humanity, or even in complete nations all at once. It needs to be initiated in small, unique “human laboratories” with a small circle of committed people, who are already prepared to put 100% effort into building mutual guarantee.

Sawing The Seeds

In such small circles people can learn about the globally integrated and interdependent system we exist in. They can also learn and test our inherently selfish, egoistic and greedy nature, and how much it is contradicting our existential conditions. Then finally they can learn how to adapt, utilize that inherent nature until reaching full integration with each other and the natural system around us, through building mutual guarantee.

Then these small circles – if they become successful through a unique, purposeful, practical method – can become seeds within the greater society, virally spreading, showing positive example, leadership while the state of that general society continues declining without treating the root problem.

The small breaks in the systematic “Matrix” enslaving us, the small breathing space such political, economic or social “earthquakes” like Modi’s or Trump’s provide, should give us the opportunity to start setting up those small circles, small human laboratories in order to start the true solution, treatment of the real cause at the root of all of humanity’s problems.

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