In The Midst Of Chaos

Potentially Human

The meaning of our life is to understand who we are, and what our role in the system of reality is. At the moment we are busy justifying our existence through the usual, instinctive “pleasure/pain principle”. We keep running towards ever greater material, physical pleasures in this life, prolonging our survival as long as we can, while trying to stay away from any painful stimuli at the same time.

But this is not a “Human” existence, we are simply following the same instinctive survival reflexes, desires, inclinations as animals. Although we developed the so called “social desires” of wealth, dominion over others, and craving for knowledge on top of the “animate desires” of food, sex and family, they don’t elevate us in a qualitative manner above the animate level.

A “Human” being (Adam in Hebrew, derived from the word “domeh – similar”) is a creature that can rise above such instinctive existence, becoming similar, equal to the system of reality and its source. What we consider our “self” today is simply a “humanoid” being, living blindly, led by instincts, hormonal changes, impulses. But this “humanoid” has the potential to become truly “Human”, conducting a life independent from instincts, above the inherently egocentric “pleasure/pain software”, fully integrated within the system.

Confused By Selfish Noise

The “only” thing that stands in our way of achieving that qualitatively much higher level of existence is our default, instinctive “self”. We are absolutely convinced that we are unique, independent creatures, with our own free choices, with a special human mind, reason that is capable of creating new, artificial human systems. We are convinced that we can change the world around us, we can build new laws, structures, destroy and construct as we like.

Nature’s vast, cosmic system that surrounds us is prefect. It is permeated by a single driving force, that created, nurtures the system, driving it relentlessly towards a most optimal, predetermined final evolutionary state. The characteristics of this life giving, creating, evolutionary force are selfless, altruistic care and love towards the system.

This all encompassing source is like a constant, benevolent broadcast, circulation all around us. But we are simply unable to hear, listen to this broadcast as our own egoistic, selfish noise, originating from our inherent nature disturbs, suppresses this natural broadcast.

Unchangeable Nature

This is where our task becomes complicated, almost a “mission impossible”. In order to find our real “self”, the Human that is similar to the system and its all encompassing source, in order to receive the primordial broadcast, we would need to overcome, nullify the “self” we associate ourselves with by default. We would need to go through a “supernatural”, fundamental, upside down change regarding our nature.

The instinctively selfish, egoistic, subjective “humanoid” would need to become selfless, altruistic, observing reality absolutely objectively without any egoistic distortion completely disconnected from the actual states, sensations of the “self”.

But our inherent nature cannot be changed, suppresses or deleted.

There is a nice allegory about a king and a wise safe arguing about the possibility of changing inherent nature. The king, trying to prove such fundamental change is possible, invites the sage for a feast. Instead of people, he meticulously trains and employs cats as waiters. They are dressed in tuxedos, performing their task beautifully, elegantly. At the peak of the feast, just before dessert the king is ready to proudly declare his triumph over the sage. But then the sage quietly opens a small box, releasing a handful of mice in the dining hall…

It is the same with our inherent nature. We can – as we have been stubbornly trying to do in modern Western societies – try to suppress our selfish egos, coercing it to behave “nicely” through the constant of laws, all kinds of reward and punishment systems. We can brainwash people in a politically correct way, all pretending how we are variable of benevolently accepting each others above cultural, national, social or gender differences. But underneath our true nature keeps boiling, resisting.

Our egoistic, selfish core can hardly wait for the opportunity, and immediately jumps on any possible selfish reward when it presents itself, or when the instinctive self-esteem, self-importance is threatened. We can devise and start implementing the best looking ideologies, social, economic and governing systems, but very soon after our nature starts distorting, corrupting it until it fails completely.

We can paint the best looking “liberal, democratic” picture of ourselves and we can even start to believe it to be true. But the smallest suitable spark can ignite the boiling volcano underneath creating an eruption in the form of social unrest, revolutions, wars, election results.

“Humanoid Chaos” On Display

The more we try to prove we are in control over our nature, the more foolish we look when the next crisis, civilization ending collapse appears. In truth we live in constant chaos driven and stirred by our completely instinctive, selfish and egoistic behavior.

A human society, human evolution is perfectly fitting the chaotic system described in “chaos theory”. And in our case even the mathematical models that help us predicting the weather for example wouldn’t work, as we know nothing about the original conditions, starting point of our evolutionary system, we don’t know the direction, purpose the system is developing towards to, and we don’t even know the most important, most deterministic element of the system, which is our own nature and freedom of choice.

The exploration of the system or human nature made much more difficult by the fact that in modern Western societies we got used to the completely artificial, fake human bubble we created. We simply have no ground, foundation to start from.  We refuse to look into the mirror in order to see ourselves to who we really are. We got used to sweeping obvious problems, signs under the carpet, or “kicking the can”, pretending we can solve our problems by our own “power, capability”.

The utter chaos human nature is causing, the “humanoid chaos” we live in is easier to observe, easier to taste in countries like India, where everything is still completely raw, unmitigated, “up in your face”. The ruthless, exclusive and most of the time exploitative competition in between people is involving each and every facet of life. Every action, reaction is on open display without any concealment.  At the same time there is also instinctive, elemental mutual support, philanthropy without which millions would not survive in the lack of a Western style social net.

Immersing into India is like observing the work of the human body under the skin, openly watching the heart pumping, the kind expanding and contracting. The seemingly completely unorganized flow of the traffic is like the rushing blood streaming through the vessels, cells colliding, exchanging.  The contrasts in between rich and poor, life and death, success and failure are very sharp, on open display everywhere.

Although similar lifestyle, raw, instinctive human society exists in other parts of the world as well, the sheer scale, the incomprehensible contrasts on display make the experience truly overwhelming.

Such overwhelming existence provides a much clearer understanding of the instinctive human nature, which nature we have been trying to sanitize, cover with fake, artificial makeup in Western societies. But as our selfish, egoistic nature continues its irrepressible growth this cover is gradually cracking, the “emperor stands without clothes” again.

Trump’s victory for example is a symbol of that shedding of artificial clothing. He showed us shamelessly what the raw, selfish, egoistic, greedy human  is like and people voted for it, accepting the picture they saw in the mirror.

The Point Of Despair Of Our Own Forces

So basically after deluding ourselves for a while that we are control, believing that we can shape our development, controlling even nature’s cosmic system in the process, colonizing other planets, mining meteors, today we are back in a deep, incomprehensible, murky chaos. We are living day to day, running towards pleasures, running away from pain as our instincts, hormones dictate.

But we have no real, comprehensible plans, goals even for the short term. For the first time in our history we are not only not looking forward to the future with great hoops, expectations, but we are actually fearing the future.

It is not enough we couldn’t figure out the universe, let alone the forces acting on this planet, all our human ideologies and systems are collapsing like play card buildings. We don’t know the system we exist in, how and why it started and where it develops. Nor do we know own own nature, thus we have no chance of creating stability, sustainability or devise some kind of a plan of positive development facilitating long term survival.

Actually our present, helplessly desperate state is part of nature’s developmental plan. We have to reach a breaking point, an utter desperation of our own incapability. We have to feel ourselves in such an ultimate dead end, where our inherently proud, unique nature has no other option but to capitulate.

We are in an “all or nothing” scenario. It is either our own proud, unique, individualistic nature that “rules”, determines our thoughts, desires and perception, or it is nature’s creating, evolutionary force that goes through us undisturbed, determining everything we do. Thus in order to start feeling, revealing this primordial natural force we need to reach the total humiliation, of our own inherent nature.

Of course such a terrible, desperate breaking point is not useful unless one knows that such a natural force exists and is willing to help us out, “taking over management”. For that reason we need at least an initial, partial contact with that force, we need a properly tuned, unique “radio receiver” that can catch that primordial broadcast over the inherent selfish, subjective noise.

Thus we need a very unique, practical method that can on one hand take us to this desperately helpless breaking point in a safe, controllable manner, while also providing the “unique radio receiver”, and also helping us to understand why the whole process has to unfold this way.

The “Human Being”

Fortunately we have such a method, and the necessary “human laboratory” where this delicate, fragile educational process, and the building, tuning of the “radio receiver” can unfold.

In such a laboratory a few selected and fully committed people are given all the tools and the help, in order to build the right, selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing interconnections in between them. Such interconnections could provide the necessary similarity, and the well tuned, unique radio receiver to receive the system’s broadcast.

They also learn about the laws, principles of the vast, cosmic, natural system and the plan of evolution with humanity’s unique, unparalleled role in it. We are destined to become the selfless, completely transparent and objective observers of the system and its source.

After dedicating all their forces, capabilities into the process, and still due to the constant interference, obstruction of the inherently selfish, egoistic nature these committed people still end up in failure, unable to overcome their instinctive rejection, distrust towards one another, they reach the desperate breaking point from which they can ask for help.

This is an unprecedented, paradoxical state. On one hand they reach the lowest, most heart breaking state in their lives from the viewpoint of their selfish, egoistic “self”. On the other hand this self-nullification gives them the opportunity to make first contact with nature’s creating, evolutionary force. And since the aim, the final purpose of this “human laboratory” is reaching that unprecedented contact, the joy of such breakthrough balances out the selfish pain.

Thus as a result of this ultimate request they receive the desired second, selfless and altruistic nature from the evolutionary force. This second nature overrides their inherent one. Thus these unique people reach their meaning of life by recognizing who they are by default, and who they can become by drawing on themselves assistance from their source.

They start existing in, balancing in between two competent contradicting natures, inclinations. But neither of those options are the actual “Human Being”.

Although we need the second altruistic nature in order to pull us out of our inherent nature, we need to give it up immediately when we receive it. We have to become independent of either inclinations, – both originating from nature’s source – standing in between them, observing the contrast, reality opening up in between the two extremes. Only through that “middle line”, through that independence can we find the right frequency, the direct connection to the source.

The “Human Being” is a “new creature” we ourselves create, by finding our “selves” and then giving them away, rising above them. The “Human Being” is the completely selfless, transparent “non-existent”, objective observer point though that middle line, in between the two contradicting “selves”.

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