Building Ourselves

Instinctive Development

There is a saying, that “one can’t pull oneself up in the air by pulling one’s own hair”. On the other hand if we want to develop in a fundamentally self-changing way, if we want to break into the truly “Human” degree from our present, instinctive”humanoid” state, we will need to pull ourselves up, build ourselves “from above”.

In our present world development happens in an instinctive way, based on the inherently self-centered pleasure/pain principle. While we are alive we try chasing, accumulating as much pleasure as possible for ourselves, while trying to stay away from real or presumed pain.

But since we all do this in a ruthlessly, exclusively competitive manner, at each other’s expense, we repeatedly end up in crisis, social inequality, strife, leading to intolerable deadlocks, suffering that pushes us towards our next developmental level in a coercive way. This is a blind, tortuous and painful developmental path, completely driven by blind, instinctive nature.

Opposite Paradigms

In order to reach our next evolutionary level, which is the true “Human” level, we need to rise above the inherent instinctive program. We would need to leave the default egocentric pain/pleasure paradigm, starting to make calculations, observations outside of the egoistic, selfish sphere.

Instead of being pushed from behind by pain, suffering, recurring crisis, we need to find a way of pulling ourselves towards a better, positive, pleasurable state “from ahead”. The problem is that our next evolutionary state, that should be the greater pleasure pulling us from ahead is actually completely opposite to our inherent nature.

While our inherent nature is self-serving and self-justifying, keeping us in a subjective, introverted, completely subjective perception of reality, we are destined to reach a selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving attitude and behavior, providing us with a transparent, objective, systemic perception.

In our present, egocentric and subjective paradigm we keep seeing a fragmented, broken world. We can’t trust anything or anybody outside of ourselves, we are constantly ready to fight, compete for resources and survival. Our existence and perception is based on pulling, sucking everything towards ourselves like a black hole with an individual gravitational force field.

Instead we would need to develop, acquire a “modus operandi” where we think, act, relate to anything and anybody through “rejection”, always pointing away from the “self”. In this paradigm I only exist in order to make sure that everything and everybody outside of my “self” is perfectly fulfilled and cared for. I become an “agent” for the system.

Through such selfless, altruistic perception we would suddenly realize that everything that we considered broken, fragmented before, each element, cogwheel or cell we rejected, fought, competed with are perfectly crafted and prepared comprising elements of a single whole. They all impeccably, dynamically complement each other and nothing is faulty or surplus from the viewpoint of the system.

In The Human Laboratory

We are unable to perceive the system of reality in such a perfect way by default, our inherent nature keeps showing us the broken picture, keeps pulling us deep inside the egocentric sphere. And we can’t just simply decide to go against our instinctive reactions, habits in order to start seeing the world differently.

We need a unique method, with a special “human laboratory” where we are given the tools and the guidance to prepare ourselves for the new inclination, new kind of existence.

In the unique laboratory we can artificially create and than magnify, strengthen a vision of the prefect selfless and altruistic inclination and perception to such an extent, that it becomes almost real and tangible, providing us with an alternative to our inherent inclination and perception.

Then the real work, comparative research can start in between the two alternatives, in between two contradicting “worlds” we perceive.

The one we are born with is solid, fueled by the default instinctive pleasure/pain principle. The other, selfless and altruistic one is very fragile like a play card building, ready to topple, fall apart any moment.

Recruiting Nature’s Evolutionary Force

That second nature people construct in the human laboratory – in order to balance, neutralize the original nature and pull them ahead without waiting for blows – is like a gentle, “supernatural” vision, dream that is impossible to sustain without some additional assisting force keeping it alive.

The force we can draw to ourselves for assistance is nature’s evolutionary force driving the plan of evolution. In this plan human beings are destined to reach that “Human” level, finally rising above instinctive behavior, becoming the objective observers and benevolent guardians of the whole system.

Evolution takes humanity to that final state regardless of our actions. But we can determine the way we get there. We can choose if we reach our final destination through the default, instinctive “path of suffering”, jumping to the next level as a result of intolerable crisis. Or we can choose to take our evolution into our own hands through building the above mentioned unique human laboratories.

By proactively, willingly yearning for,  making efforts to build a state of mutual guarantee – the benevolent, mutually complementing interconnection of selfless and altruistic individuals – we can draw assistance from nature’s evolutionary force.

By our proactive, purposeful efforts with our inclination, intention we match the plan, inclination of evolution’s plan. Through the reached similarity the assistance comes immediately like a strong, stormy wind becoming helpful propelling force if the sails are adjusted, tuned properly.

The Human Observer

As soon as the two contradicting worlds, paradigms are stabilized, both coming from, sustained by evolution’s force, the truly “Human” being, the objective observer can start developing. This unique creature doesn’t belong to either worlds. It is existing in between them as if hanging in between “heaven and earth”. It tries to push off the selfish, egoistic ground, yearning towards the selfless, altruistic “heaven”.

On one hand we still perceive our instinctive nature and the subjective perception provided by it, seeing the present broken, fragmented worldview. On the other hand we start sensing the completeness, perfection of the system through the newly acquired, selfless and altruistic inclination.

But the point of observer is detached from both, existing as if “lifeless”, selfless, transparent in a unique vacuum. This provides the prefect, undisturbed, absolutely objective comparative research position. In that position we start building our “true self”, the Human Observer meaning to become similar to its source.

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