The “Silent” Observer

Human Purpose

We are born as proud, unique, individualistic creatures with a very high self-esteem. We truly believe that geniuses like Newton, Einstein, Pythagoras, Schrödinger for example changed the world by their work. But are we actually changing anything? What is our human role in this world?

Actually instead of great explorers, pioneers, inventors we are like small, insignificant “ants” in a vast, unchanging, natural reality, which reality is progressing like a huge, unstoppable wave, relentlessly advancing towards a predetermined evolutionary plan.

Still we are different from other “ants”, as we received a very unique human capability compared to all other inanimate, vegetative or animate elements of the cosmic, natural reality. We can become conscious, fully aware observers of the system, revealing and fully attaining its perfection, magnificence, by sensing all cause and effect processes, and the whole plan of evolution flowing, streaming through us.

“Hopelessly” Limited Subjective Perception

We could say that the above listed geniuses and all other scientists describing important laws, principles of nature have become such observers. But they were only capable of detecting and describing certain details, isolated parts of the system. They were incapable of perceiving the whole system in its totality, understanding its plan, purpose from its very beginning to its prefect, final goal.

No individual observers, not even the greatest minds are capable of perceiving, observing and describing an infinite quantum system. Even with the greatest technological achievements we are trapped into a finite, linear and completely subjective paradigm.

Each respectable, leading scientist is hoping to reveal and describe the “theory of everything”, bundling all seemingly separated and many times contradicting forces acting in reality connecting them to a single source. But with our inherently personal, introverted, subjective and very limited perception it is impossible. This inherent perception only allows us to look at individual details of reality while blocking out the rest, thus we have no chance of reaching the “theory of everything”.

Network Computing

The capable, objective quantum observer, the perfect device, “radio receiver” that is capable of catching nature’s unlimited broadcast needs to be a collective intelligence. Only through selfless, altruistic mutual interconnections, which filters out all personal, subjective distortions can we construct such a device, mind.

Instead of our personal computers, that are designed and tuned to serve our instinctive, egocentric pleasure/pain paradigm, we would need to build a sophisticated, mutually complementing network in between us. The sum, the “extra added” coefficient of that network has to be a completely selfless, altruistic frequency range, that is capable of encompassing, mapping and detecting reality in its totality without any subjective distortions.

We need to silence the selfish, egoistic, individual “noise” that disturbs such unlimited “quantum perception” right now. But this silence doesn’t mean idleness, or rest. It means the opposite. It means an infinitely high frequency of changes in between contrasts, extreme opposites.

Multi-Cellular Consciousness

Our biological body comprises of billions of different cells constituting multiple organs, cell systems. “On top” of the body there are also billions of microbes contributing to the healthy function of the body. If we could perceive, sense our bodies on the cellular level we would experience an intolerable, absolute chaos.

The only, still remote examples one could find from our world would perhaps be trying to navigate the rush hour traffic in one of India’s metropolitan cities on a push bike. Traffic flows in a 360 degree direction, seemingly without any sense or order. One fears certain accidents, destruction, mayhem any moment, although most of the time no problems occur.

If we could observe the same traffic from above, from some distance, we could start making out an order, sensing the flow, seeing how important products, people are carried from one point to another.

It is the same in our bodies. The hectic, intolerable chaos, constant destruction and rebuilding on cellular level – which is qualitatively and quantitatively many times more intense than the random traffic and incredible construction, rebuilding observable in India –  on systemic level produces our personal existence and conscious awareness.

This awareness is born from the incomprehensible contrast, tension created from an incredible paradox. The individual, inherently “cancer-like” cells “coerce” themselves to form mutually complementing interactions in order to survive on a qualitatively higher, collective level. They “agree” to serve the collective through mutual guarantee, making selfless, altruistic calculations for the sake of the whole above their instinctive, selfish calculations.

This mutually complementing, selfless and altruistic collaboration above instinctive nature – as the added extra coefficient – produces a collective intelligence, consciousness that is on a qualitatively much higher, incomparable level than the existence, “consciousness” of the individual cells.


The Quantum Scientist

This qualitatively higher, “truly Human”, collective intelligence, a superior, systematic consciousness is what awaits us as our next evolutionary state. By building mutual guarantee within human society – through the created selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration – we would achieve similarity of form with nature’s system.

That similarity would facilitate our seamless integration within the system. And that integration would give us unlimited access to nature’s infinite database. Although we all access that integration mutually, collectively, each “end user” would gain personal access to the natural database as long as they maintain the access code: sustained selfless and altruistic connection to others.

We could “download” any blueprint, description of all cause and effect processes, we could view and understand evolution’s complete plan from start to finish. Our collective consciousness could provide a mutual mind, where Einstein, Newton, Pythagoras, Schrödinger and all others would perceive, research and attain reality with all of its laws, principles within a single mind, at the same time. 

But we are not talking about a research group sitting around a table, discussing, debating topics, contributing to discussions from personal angles. We are taking about all of their talents, perception combined and computed within a single intelligent “mind-field”.

And as it happens with the individual cells within the multi-cellular organism, the constant, dynamic tension, contradiction in between individuality and the collective, in between selfishness and altruism, in between subjectivity and objectivity would provide us with the infinite frequency range for such quantum perception. And above all that infinite chaos would the “still mind” capable of comprehending everything reside.

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