Embryo And Mother

Human Tragedy

Although we are not consciously aware of this, the greatest, single most important tragedy of our human lives is leaving our mother’s womb. The state of the embryo within the mother’s womb is the most perfect, most optimal possible state a living being can be in.

All necessities, desires are immediately and perfectly fulfilled, without any need for asking for them. And the embryo even senses, aware of the surrounding reality through the mother’s perception. The developing baby exists within the safest, most perfect “exoskeleton” available while “controlling” the mother, since the mother’s own “operating software” is completely modified in order to serve the baby.

But we lose all this perfection at the moment of birth. Although in ideal cases a loving family looks after the newborn baby, the baby already has to ask for fulfilment, attention. And the older we get the deeper we find ourselves in a hostile, dog eat dog world where we have to succeed at the expense of others.

Pointless Human Life

This ruthless, exclusive competition is a “Human speciality”, as all the other comprising elements of nature’s system, from the inanimate through vegetative to the animate levels of nature are born into, and remain in such a selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration that for them life still feels as if they never left the mother’s womb.

These natural elements don’t have a sense of unique individuality, they all sense themselves as integral parts of the same system. Thus from the prey’s perspective it doesn’t matter when the predator hunts and eats it, since from the viewpoint of the system – which viewpoint the prey shares – it being tasty nutrition for another element of the system is a positive, necessary contribution.

Human beings can’t even imagine, let alone comprehend such a “self-sacrifice” for the system as we are all born as proud, unique individuals cherishing above all our “independent self”, constantly preserving and strengthening our healthy self-esteem.

On the other hand compared to those fully integrated natural element, taking part in the “circle of life” instinctively, constantly sensing themselves embraced by a system that feels like the mother’s womb, we humans experience a lonely, temporary, miserable existence.

Our temporary 70-90 year long physical life is spent in fierce competition for survival, and although we spend each day with amassing physical, material possessions, pleasures for ourselves until we pass away, at the end we have nothing worthwhile to show for it. After all we don’t even know the purpose of our temporary existence.

Trying To Become Embryos Again

Both in order to end our present misery – becoming capable of rising to a much higher quality, effortless existence – and in order to understand our purpose of life we need to re-enter the “mother’s womb”. That means integrating into nature’s vast, cosmic system. 

In order to integrate we have to become “embryos” again. And in order to reach the embryo state, to prevent “miscarriage”, in other words being ejected from that natural “womb” as “foreign bodies” we need to reach full self-annulment. We need to return to being simple “lifeless” seeds, that could be inserted into the fertile environment where a new type of “Human” can develop.

Since such self-annulment, becoming selfless, lifeless seeds goes completely against our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature we need an intermediary buffer, transitional zone, or unique incubator to make us suitable for the “artificial insemination”.

Collective Embryo

Such an incubator is a special, small, purposeful human group, where fully committed people devote themselves to a single collective goal: to reach a state of mutual guarantee in between them.

Mutual guarantee is nature’s default state, a selfless, altruistic, mutual service of the comprising elements towards one another and towards the system, in order to maintain balance and homeostasis, to secure the ongoing “circle of life”. Even our own biological bodies – as closed, fully integrated, living systems – are based on mutual guarantee.

Building mutual guarantee in between the inherently selfish, egoistic human beings would provide a unique coating, “connective tissue” for the instinctively “cancer-like” human individuals, allowing them to interconnect and exist within the necessary selfless, altruistic, mutual cooperations.

In turn such working mutual guarantee in between people, their “altruistic connective tissue, membrane” would allow them to enter nature’s system, to settle into the “mother’s womb”, and start a very different kind of human development. Together, maintaining mutual guarantee they would become a single embryo, from the fusion of their individually self-annulled seeds.

Dual Perception

At the sane time the ensuing, unprecedented duality, contrast in between the cancer-like inner core, and the selfless, altruistic external coating would provide these unique natural scientists with an independent, objective observer status despite their integration, dissolution within the system.

The duality, tension, constant vibration in between the two extremes within the participants never disappears but grows, as the inherently egoistic, selfish and greedy inclination tries to exploit the unprecedented advancement for itself. Of course such selfish move – if unchecked, unbalanced – would immediately initiate a foreign body rejection from within the natural womb.

The constant positive overcoming with the help of the mutual incubator, securing the attachment onto the womb through sustained mutual guarantee prevents the foreign body rejection. And the successful balancing act against the ever growing instinctive, egoistic attempts “grows the embryo”, the increasing frequency in between the two opposite extremes providing greater contrast, depth, greater resolution for the unique, objective perception.

Growing Up

At first this perception is very limited, as these new seeds, embryos are completely nullified within the natural womb. Whatever they receive, perceive is only coming indirectly through the “wall of the womb”, from their surrounding, like people gradually waking up from a coma or deep anesthesia, when one still doesn’t know whether one is dreaming or is awake.

In order to start creamy perceiving the new, unlimited, objective reality through that integration, one would need to reach complete similarity with the system. A little girl cannot understand what it means to be a mother until she grows up and gives birth to a child herself.

The newly formed collective embryo can only start fully attaining the system of reality, how different cause and effect processes unfold and what the overall plan, purpose of the system is when they themselves start to become “mother-like”. Thus while they maintain their nullified embryo status towards the system they need to start connecting other parts, circles of the system, other human being to themselves.

They have to start forming a welcoming, nurturing “womb” themselves.  They need to start teaching, facilitating others, so those others can also learn how to set up the mutual “incubators”, build mutual guarantee in order to integrate within the system.

As a result of their unconditional “mothering”, following the example of nature’s system, the life giving circulation, the all encompassing communication of the system starts to flow through them towards their “babies”. And as deserving mothers they can attain, sense the system directly, in an unlimited way.

Their perception – depending on how many others they managed to connect to themselves – intensifies from “cellular”, to “organ”, then “subsystem” level until they encompass, sense the whole infinite system, facilitating its circulation becoming is capable guardian.

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