Method Acting

Changing Character

“Method Acting” is a popular and much publicized preparation method actors use in order to play their role in an authentic way. They try fully immersing into the character of their role. Some famous movie actors took the method to the extremes, “staying in character” even in between shootings, living, speaking, existing as the character they were playing, many times endangering their health doing so.

“Method Acting” could also be used to change one’s inherent character to a new one, building a second nature through the habit of playing a more desired personality. Although it is not an easy task at all, usually the desired second nature offers greater advantages, rewards, respect from others, thus there is enough motivation for one to embark on such “Method Acting”.

Becoming Like The Source

It is much more difficult to try gaining a second nature when the new character doesn’t offer such clear, obvious rewards, upgrade in one’s status in society. Then finding the motivation for such grueling, consistent effort is almost impossible.

As it turns out – according to very unique, empirical natural scientists, who through the course of human history revealed and researched our system of reality and our own inherent human nature –  we would need to go through such a fundamental, “upside down” transformation, changing our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature to a selfless, altruistic one, in order to reach the purpose of our existence.

They claim that our purpose in this life is not simply chasing material, physical possessions, pleasures as much as we can, while we try to prolong our time before inevitably passing away. They say instead we have the opportunity and obligation to become like the very source of our existence, nature’s creating, evolutionary force.

Trying to become like that creating force directly is complicated to say the least. At this stage we have no idea whether such a force exists at all, we can’t examine, imitate its qualities. But we can take a possible example from the vast, cosmic natural system this force has created and keeps sustaining through evolution.

Motherly Character

Those original, empirical scientists explain – and our more contemporary, modern sciences confirm – that the most important qualities of nature’s system, the fundamental principles that fully integrated system exists by are encompassed within the state of mutual guarantee.

Mutual guarantee describes how all comprising elements within closed, fully integrated living systems maintain homeostasis, that is crucial for life and optimal development. This requires a completely selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration in between the comprising elements.

If we want to find the closest human example for such behavior, the only such example we can find is the “motherly love” doting mothers feel, showcase for their children. In an optimally balanced natural system each and every comprising element turns towards all other elements of the system as if those other elements were their children. This very unique mutual motherly connection keeps the system alive and facilitates its perfection.

Which means that if we want to follow the example nature’s system provides, imitate the example that could take us closer to becoming like the source creating the whole system of reality, we would need to base our “method acting” on nature’s “motherly character”.

The Small, Mutually Supportive Theatre Group

Since we would need to clothe into this selfishly, unconditionally caring, loving “motherly character” above and despite our inherently self-serving, self-justifying “petulant child” character, we need a unique “acting studio” preparing us for the role of our lives.

In such a studio an initially small group of dedicated people would need to follow an authentic, purposeful  “Method Acting” teaching, immersing into and staying in their role above their inherent desires, thoughts.

They have to build a very strong, mutually complementing and mutually supporting theatre group in order to become successful. They have to take a leaf out of Daniel Day Lewis’s acting book on how to live, eat, sleep, communicate etc like their attempted character, day and night without any interruptions.

If they can continue with their preparations, recurring rehearsals with full devotion and absolute mutual commitment, using even the “negative human characteristics” of envy, jealousy, desire for respect, they can pull, push each other through tiredness, doubts, different personal problems until their new, artificially acquired “motherly” character becomes stronger, more realistic than their original selfish, egoistic one.

Observations From Within Duality

The moment they start perceiving reality through that motherly character, dressed in the “costume” of selfless, altruistic care and service towards others, they reach similarity of qualities with nature’s system. This is like finally tuning a radio receiver onto the right, long awaited frequency of a broadcast never heard before.

Suddenly they become able to immerse, float within nature’s infinite, cosmic reality without the subjective restrictions of time, space and physical motion. They can observe, decode the plan of evolution and start understanding the source of the system.

And the fact that they acquired the new, unique clothing, matching qualities with nature’s system above their original character in a proactive way, provides these “Method Actors” with a unique “double vision”, comparative research capability which other elements, living creatures instinctively integrated within the system don’t have. This unique observer status gives these actors similarity with nature’s creating source as they can attain and fully examine, and justify the plan of evolution from its beginning to its end.

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