The movie “Arrival”

The recently released movie “Arrival” is widely hailed as one of the most intelligent, most emotional science fiction movies of all time.

Storyline summary from Wikipedia:

The film begins with a sequence of a female linguist, Louise with her daughter, who dies during childhood from a rare type of cancer.

Then twelve extraterrestrial spacecraft appear across the Earth. Louise joins a scientific team to find out why they have come. Louise makes contact with two seven limbed aliens discovering that the aliens use a written language of complicated circular symbols. Together with Ian, a theoretical physicist they begin to learn the symbols that correspond to a basic vocabulary. As Louise becomes more proficient in the language, she starts to see images of herself with her daughter which seem like flashbacks

To the question what the aliens want, they answer: “offer weapon”. Similar translations (“use weapon”) are deduced at other sites by other scientists, leading other nations to close down communications, and some to scramble their military believing the message indicates a threat. However, Louise maintains that “weapon” might have an alternative translation such as “tool.”

Rogue soldiers plant explosives in the spacecraft incited by the predictable panicky public and media reactions, while Louise and Ian unaware go back inside, where the aliens display an image of hundreds of smaller symbols. Before the device explodes, one of the aliens saves Louise and Ian while itself getting mortally injured.

Back in the base camp Ian works out that the pattern of symbols relate to the concept of time, and their language is a “gift” human nations must co-operate in order to understand, and to get all of the information available.

Meanwhile, the Chinese and other nations prepare to attack their spacecraft threatening to initiate a global war. Louise rushes back to the spacecraft where the one remaining alien explains that through learning the alien language she became capable seeing the future: thus her ‘visions’ are not flashbacks but flash-forwards.

The aliens have come to “help humanity” by sharing their language, which changes the perception of time, and the language and the new perception of reality the language facilitates is the “weapon” or “tool” they offer. The aliens also foresee that they might need humanity’s help in the future hence they came to help humanity.

Louise then using her foresight manages to prevent the imminent war against the alien spacecrafts. After the attacks are called off, the nations of the world resume contact with each other, and the twelve spacecrafts leave the Earth as suddenly as they came.

While leaving the landing location Ian admits his love for Louise. The film closes as they discuss life choices and whether they would, should change anything if they could see the future in advance.

Louise then sees a vision of Ian as the father of her daughter, and that her daughter would die young from cancer. Still when Ian asks if they should try for a baby Louise answers “Yes,” wanting to share even a short time with her future child, rather than prevent her from ever existing.

Life Saving Gift To Humanity

It is one of those clever science fiction movies where we actually don’t learn much about the aliens, but we learn a lot about ourselves and how we perceive reality, and choices in life. We learn how fragile and illusory is the picture we have been building about the world around us and also about our own selves.

In the movie the aliens’ purpose was to teach people how to become truly “Human”, existing, working mutually together as a single species, above the instinctively introverted, paranoid self-interest, subjective perception, mutual distrust. The aliens gift a unique language capable of “rewiring, reprogramming” those who master it, enabling them to rise above the subjective constraints of time, seeing reality as a more complete, mutually complementing whole.

The film touches on a lot of points the ancient, natural wisdom of Kabbalah also teaches. This wisdom – that was developed by very unique, “primordial, empirical scientists”, who managed the reveal the “theory of everything” thousands of years before others started to speak about it – also offers us a language, code system, that can help us reprogram our perception of reality.

Through such reprogramming, gaining a new operating system we can escape the constraints of the inherently self-centered, introverted, subjective “Plato’s caves” we are born into, instead acquiring a free, transparent, completely objective observer point that can roam, research the system of reality above time, space and physical motion.

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah also teaches that this unique language, the reprogramming is only possible when people assemble, create selfless, mutually complementing collaborations with one another. Through such “network computing”, building a “collective intelligence” we can become more similar to the fabric of the seamlessly integrated, perfect natural reality around us. And through the similarity we can acquire the ability, we can merit of objective, undistorted observation.

The collective, selfless, mutual observation, new perception of reality can elevate us above the subjective constraints of time, space and physical motion. These coordinates are only needed from the introverted point of view of a selfish, egoistic observer, measuring everything from the viewpoint of the expected personal fulfilment, personal reward. A selfless, altruistic observer is completely liberated from those subjective, restraining coordinates.

Our Arrival

Then as our protagonist is the film we would find that life is actually like a predetermined “3D movie”, where we are both passive actors and free observers. We can’t change the movie at all, but we can change the attitude towards it, we can change our personal reactions to the effects unfolding by gradually understanding the purpose of the movie.

With the right preparation, with the right, selfless and altruistic “mindfulness” – that we can only achieve through the above mentioned unique mutual connections, using the special language at our disposal – we can become thankful, grateful for each moment, each experience, connecting us to the source of the movie.

As we rise above personal interest, personal attachment and become able to view the whole “movie” from start to finish we fully understand the cause and effect processes, we fully understand and justify each and every detail, -regardless of them previously seeming to us as “sweet or bitter” from egocentric point of view -comprising, building a absolutely perfect final “happy ending”.

Our own “arrival” to the final, perfect “happy ending” is our “human” purpose in life.

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