Return To “Religion”

End Of An Era

In our generation our proud, “secular” human experiment, trying to build a human civilization, purely based on our own mind, driven by the “standalone” human reasoning comes to an end. Its final phase, the so called “liberal democratic” paradigm, that attempted to delete, replace all remaining ancient, traditional moral, human values, foundations with our “modern, progressive” framework, creating a new artificial human being, exposed our misguided fallacy to its full extent.

The time has come to return to a “religious” paradigm in order to save our species from self-destruction. But the “religion” we need to return to has nothing to do with religions as we consider them today.

Our failing human experiment has been going on for more than two thousand years now. Within this two thousand years the “three main religions”, their different versions, and many other faith systems, “spiritual teachings” appeared. Even today billions of people would identify themselves with some of those practices. And as the “modern” secular society drives people towards barbaric chaos, towards a completely aimless existence many previously “secular” people convert to traditional or “New Age” practices.

Living By Blind Faith

But in truth even the most orthodox belief systems are also part of our artificial human experiment, having no connection to “true religion” at all. Both the “believers” and the “secular” are all part of the same desperately helpless humanity, that finds itself in a dark, unknown reality without any real foundations, directions, known, verified purpose.

Today both “religious and secular” live by blind faith.

Those who call themselves “religious” live by “faith below human reason”, simply believing what their leaders, priests, rabbis, imams, spiritual masters and their “sacred books” tell them, even if their educated human reasoning says otherwise. 

The “secular” ones, living by “faith within human reason” blindly believe what their educated human mind, and the contemporary sciences that are becoming increasingly “theoretical” presents to them, although their conclusions, proof has no actual root in true reality.

There was a time, over two thousand years ago, when there existed people who lived in full attainment, directly sensing the actual laws and principles of the vast, cosmic, natural reality. But then that attainment was lost and our blind human experiment started, going on through recurring vicious cycles until today, when it is finally coming to an end.

Subjective Perception

Our perception of reality depends on the “operating software” that is driving us. Inherently, by birth we have a single program determining all our thoughts, desires and actions. This program is a fully self-serving, self-justifying one, run by a fully egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”.

To make this program work most efficiently, our perception of reality is kept limited and focused on parts of reality the egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” can use. Thus our inherent perception is completely introverted, subjective, extremely limited, only showing us a tiny and distorted segment of the whole world surrounding us.

We have to acquire a second operating program that can neutralize, balance the inherent one, extending our horizon infinitely by removing all introverted, subjective limitations, allowing us to see reality in an objective, undistorted way.

Living Method

There existed unique, very sensitive people five, six thousand years ago who possessed the art of generating and sustaining that second “supernatural” – above inherent nature – operating system. Their art was the “true religion”, a direct, tangible, uninterrupted connection to nature’s system, to its all encompassing force-field and its source.

Nations that can trace their origins back to that time period have descriptions, teachings, explaining how those ancient scientists observed, attained reality. But only a smaller group of them was able to develop and describe a practical method that can be used for people in much later generations, when the inherently selfish, egoistic development would otherwise make such natural, sensitive connection to true reality completely impossible.

Although this art, wisdom, the “true religion” on a larger scale was lost over two thousand years ago, those few unique people left behind their books, “science journals” and the practical method developed for our times. A handful of special people kept their art, capability alive, passing them  and the practical method on from generation to generation, constantly refining the methodology until it can be published, taught openly again.

“Faith” Above Human Reason

In order to solve our mounting problems, in order to guide humanity’s future development to a more secure, peaceful and sustainable path we need to base our existence on a different kind of “faith” than the blind “faith below human reason”, and “faith within human reason” we are living by today.

We can’t solve humanity’s mounting global problems and survive unless we fully integrated within nature’s vast cosmic system, understanding all of the operating cause and effect processes. We need to unlock and understand evolution’s plan from its beginning to its final goal, attaining and realizing our unique human role in it.

Thus we need to acquire a new kind of “faith”, a new operating system. This new way of existing, perceiving reality is called “faith”, as it has no support, foundation from within our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature and its subjective, introverted perception of reality.

From the viewpoint of this inherent nature integration within nature’s system through clothing into its qualities of selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration is totally unrealistic. Moreover the new “quantum dimension”, the infinite world the new perception can open up seems like a “miracle” from where we stand today. But paradoxically that “other dimension”, the quantum perception we can open is the real one, while we are existing in an unrealistic dream today.

Forced To Wake Up

The plan of natural evolution gave humanity a certain period of time, so we can prove to ourselves in a very clear, obvious manner that simply building our human systems on our own human mind, intellect we can’t survive but reach inevitable self-destruction. If we didn’t reach the crossroad we are standing at today, rudely awakened from our misguided human illusion, we would have never agreed by our own volition to take upon ourselves the selfless, altruistic integration into the system.

On the other hand without coming from an opposite extreme, changing the inherently selfish, egoistic paradigm to its opposite we would never have the opportunity for comparative research, for independent and objective perception after the inevitable integration.

Thus we have two options in front of us. We can wait for worsening crisis, increasing global suffering, wars, economic and natural disasters to coerce us to accept the plan of evolution and integrate into the system. Or we can follow the “true religion”, using the method the primordial empirical scientists left for us, proactively reaching the inevitable integration into the system.

Through Similarity Of Form

Integration into nature’s system can only happen through reaching similarity with it. Which means that the inherently selfish, egoistic, proudly individualistic human beings need to acquire a fully selfless, altruistic, transparent clothing. It is similar how inherently cancer-like individual, single-cell organisms gained unique cell membranes, connective tissue, and resulting mutual communication, circulation systems, allowing them to mutually interconnect in order to comprise qualitatively much greater multi-cellular organisms. This way they reached a higher evolutionary state and more sustainable survival.

Our special “clothing” is acquired by that second, selfless and altruistic operating program those original natural scientists revealed. For helping us acquiring that program they left for us the necessary practical method.

By putting our “faith” first of all into those wise scientists and their practical method, using it on ourselves in unique, small, closed, mutual human laboratories, we can reach the necessary selfless, altruistic clothing over our inherent matter, and enter, integrate within nature’s system securing for ourselves collective survival and a qualitatively much higher, effortless existence.

Then we will see that the existence and perception we consider as “unrealistic”, as an utopia today is actually the real life, while what we consider true and scientific today has been an illusion all along. As those scientists wrote we will realize, that we have been living in an upside down world.

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