Revelation Of “Evil”

In Dire Straits

It is impossible to treat a disease before the right, accurate diagnosis is established. On the other hand the more scary the diagnosis is, the more important it is to be in the right place, with the right physicians who hold the right remedy in their hands. Still without revealing, confronting the diagnosis nothing happens.

Today the whole of humanity knows, feels that we are sick. Many declare that this sickness is terminal and humanity doesn’t have much chance for long term survival. After all our whole history has been a chain of recurring vicious cycles. Each time we start another new, hopeful civilization based on a perfect looking social, economic and governing structures only to end up in crisis, dead end situations, “resolved” by revolutions, wars.

The last such explosive “resolution” happened less than 80 years ago, comprising of two World Wars, a communistic revolution in quick succession leading to unprecedented destruction, loss of human lives. Today we are at the threshold of the next such civilization ending “resolution”. Considering the integral, interdependent nature of our world and our overgrown destructive capabilities we have a good chance of wiping ourselves out of evolutions flow.

The Real Evil

But we still don’t have a diagnosis of the disease consuming us for thousands of years, forcing us to go through these vicious cycles. We try blaming selfishness, egoism and greed, but those characteristics are simply part of our inherent human nature. This nature works in all of us trying to secure our survival.

After all since we are all born with unique individuality, sensing ourselves in a hostile, “dog eat dog world”, considering evolution the process of “survival of the fittest”, it is understandable that we use such “negative characteristics” in order to safeguard our individual survival.

The real “Evil” that we are not even aware of yet – like a latent, opportunistic cancer consuming us from within – is a deep, primordial, egocentric inner force, selfish inclination preventing us from building true, mutually complementing collaborations with one another. This force, inclination is like the proverbial snake, inciting us, whispering in our ears, using a whole palette of tools, tricks to stop people getting too close, stopping people building real friendships or alliances above self-benefit.

This “Evil inclination” stands in our way of cooperating with one another even if our collective lives depend on such cooperation.

Psychological Bunker Experiment

We can’t recognize, recognize this snake unless we purposefully draw it out of its hiding place in a unique, purposefully built and operated laboratory. Only when we truly scare this snake, when we start threatening its existence will it raise its head for us to see it in a clear, undoubted manner.

The purposeful laboratory is a closed, fully committed circle of people, who devote 100% of their efforts to build selfless, altruistic, mutually collaboration with each other. They want to do that in order to reach a state of mutual guarantee, which state would provide them with “similarity of form” with nature’s vast, cosmic system.

That similarity would give them the “entry ticket”, entry code into nature’s infinite database. From that database they could “download” any blueprint, instruction necessity in order to solve problems and adapt themselves to evolution’s ongoing, predetermined plan.

A closed, inescapable human environment acts as a bunker where from there is no escape. The mutual enclosure, mutual dependency usually brings out the worst in people, awakening the deepest layers of our self-centered , mutually hateful, exclusively competitive nature. All reality TV shows are built on exploiting this.

Usually when psychologists set up such collective experiments they have to terminate it before people start actually harming, killing, literally consuming one another.

This mutually murderous reaction is cranked up by a notch in the above mentioned unique human environment, where we actually expect the people enclosed to reach selfless, altruistic service of each other. This is an absolutely certain way of awakening, drawing out of the primordial inner snake hating those others with full force, fighting for its egoistic existence.


Dual Perception

In this unique laboratory the experiment is not terminated when the mutual hatred is revealed. The inherent, proverbial snake is not killed or suppressed either. What the members of this unique laboratory seek, the remedy they want is a special cover, clothing over that “evil”, hateful matter. They want to acquire a selfless, altruistic coating that allows, facilitates them mutually interconnecting above and despite the hateful inner volcano, that is burning, boiling, trying to explode underneath.

They try to cover the evil with good, cover the hate with love. And the special purposeful methodology, survival setup can provide this altruistic, living clothing when the required intensity, tension in between the “inner snake” and their mutual desire for the new connective clothing is achieved.

This “supernatural”, unprecedented duality, tension, vibration in between two extremes – their inherent, inner nature and the newly acquired autistic clothing – gives them a completely new perception of reality, ability for comparative research.

And as the underlying evil is constantly drawn out, provoked deeper and deeper, increasing, intensifying lumps, hills and mountains of this hateful matter are collected and then “frozen” and covered by the positive, mutually connective, altruistic clothing, membrane they acquired together.

Together, working mutually in this unique laboratory these “good people” can cover each others “evil” with “good”. This allows them reaching an effortless, qualitatively higher existence integrated with each other and with the natural system surrounding them.

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