The Translators


A translator doesn’t simply change a word in a certain language to a word in another language. The person translating needs to know the meaning of the word, it’s “taste”, “color”, the right usage and context. When translating a person doesn’t simply create a new text from an old one, but tries to give back the same emotional impressions the original text contains.

They say learning a new language gives the person a new nationality, an insight into another culture. Languages are like codes, capable of modulating, retuning, reprogramming one’s thinking, perception. Thus a translator becomes a potential link, a bridge, connector in between nations, cultures. Sometimes a good translation can give new life, can rejuvenate an old book, message, method.

Another important characteristic of a good translator is being “selfless”. They must not distort, significantly change the meaning of the original, giving it their own personal flavors. They have to stay true to the original meaning, intention, message of the source’s author.

Being such connectors, links, facilitating correct understanding in between people good translators can greatly help mutual interconnections in between people. Thus good, selfless, talented translators, passing on true emotional impressions, helping mutual understanding are great assets.


Translators in our world can rely on dictionaries, multiple guides, can ask advice from others to refine their craft. But imagine if never before met, seen aliens landed on Earth – like in the recently released and widely acclaimed movie “Arrival” – when even the greatest linguistic expert has nothing to lean on, get advice, support from. And in the scenario the movie paints at least those aliens cooperated and communicated through their own language. That communication helped the human scientists to gradually build a minimal understanding with them.

Today humanity finds itself in an even more complicated situation. Through the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, we find ourselves in a situation as if we woke up on the wrong planet. In fact it is us who are aliens on this planet.

We still haven’t figured out nature’s awesome destructing forces, we can’t predict them, even measure them, let alone use them constructively. Most of our prideful “cutting edge” sciences are becoming completely theoretical. The more “advanced” we become technologically, seemingly revealing newer and newer additions to our knowledge base, the further we are getting from understanding those findings, further we are from tangible, reproducible formulas. Thus modern scientists are becoming philosophers like in ancient Greece.

And as a “final insult” today all our precious social, economic and governing structures, including liberal democracy and free market economy are slipping through our fingers, becoming like “dust”.

Searching For Translators

Our completely self-centered, introverted and subjective human paradigm is alien within the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in, which system is based on vastly different laws an principles. We are simply not on the same frequency as the rest of the reality we live in, we are completely incompatible.

While in earlier generations it seemed we could get by within our artificial human bubble, today we are suddenly realizing that our days are numbered unless we find the right frequency, the common language with the system we exist in. This system is infinitely greater and more powerful than we are thus only we can change, adapt.

Thus we are in great need of useful, talented translators, who could understand and translate the language, code system, frequency of true reality around us.

But where could we find, educate such translators when we have no access to the system and its qualities, language? Where could we find at least some initial grasp outside of our artificial bubble?

A Primordial, Cosmic Language

Fortunately we don’t have to search in complete darkness. A few thousand years ago there existed some very unique, sensitive individuals, who by the favourable, facilitating combination of environmental and social factors managed to first “accidentally”, then more and more proactively enter the boundless, quantum dimension of reality surrounding us.

By the virtue of existing in “both realities” – in the real infinite one above time, space and physical movement, and in the very limited, introverted, subjective human paradigm, locked into the coordinates of time, space and movement – they managed to achieve the impossible. They constructed a language, that uses notions from our limited, incompatible world, to point at occurrences, principles, characteristics, cause and effect processes that exist within that other dimension.

The difference in between the two dimensions is so vast and incomprehensible, existence there is so infinitely different, that their unique language is barely enough to give one the toolset for very minimal, initial starting steps. Those following them could try entering that other dimension themselves like babies learning to walk.

Translator Pyramid

Due to the vast difference progress from our present, illusory reality into the “real world” is only possible through a “chain of translators”. Each of these translators connect to others above and below them. They receive more refined, more complex attainment, comprehension of the language of true reality from the translator above. Then they need to immediately translate it, pass it onto the translators that are situated “underneath” them.

This act of translating, processing, returning the received information in order to pass it on as percent as possible to others works as refining, retuning, performing myriads of tiny inert changes in the translators. Although they are not aware of it themselves, slowly they go through tremendous inert changes while performing this “translation”.

Only the adjacent translators can understand each other. Even one additional level higher the “spoken” language, the “dialect” is so much richer, deeper, complex that one can’t understand a word from it without the intermediary interpreter. Thus there can’t be “jumping” in between translators, each progresses together, step by step, gradually higher towards the peak of attainment, like mountaineer tied together, letting the line.

This line of translators is not a singular line, there are many “standing”, working on similar levels, each lower level wider than the level above comprising a pyramid. Our task, our purpose in life is to rebuild this pyramid – based on the work the original translators started thousands of years ago – in order to help the whole of humanity learn the language of true reality, adapting, integrating our species within the system, facilitating, safeguarding our continuing survival.

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