Ahead Of Ourselves

An Evolutionary Necessity

Today humanity is in an unprecedented crisis. With our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature we have become completely incompatible with the globally integrated and interdependent world we have evolved into. Our selfish, and egoistic operating program, that has fueled our progress so far has turned to become like cancer in today’s global, integral system. 

As single cell organisms had to make an evolutionary jump in order to facilitate safer, qualitatively higher, more sustainable survival by mutually interconnecting into multi-cellular organisms, today we are facing the same evolutionary choice. We also have to become a seamlessly, dynamically, mutually complementing “super-organism”, using a “collective intelligence” for problem solving and perception of reality.

But contrary to those primordial single cell organisms we have to decide and act proactively, fully consciously, against our inherently self-serving, egocentric program. This is what evolution’s predetermined plan prescribed for us, and if we don’t take matters into our own hands, shifting from instinctive to conscious, proactive development, nature’s evolutionary force will coerce us “from behind”, by recurring, intensifying crisis, suffering.

In Need Of A Template

It is of course easier said than done, since one can’t just simply change one’s own operating program. A person can’t raise oneself by pulling one’s own hair, we can’t perform the necessary “brain and heart transplant” without help.

The truth is that by default we can’t even aspire for such a selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing state as we have no idea, precedence, taste of it from before. More and more people are sensing the unsolvable crisis, seeing the desperate helplessness, but they also feel defeated, hapless as they can’t imagine, picture a better, more optimal state we should try to get to.

Without a template, some positive future projection to follow, we have no chance of starting on a path of change, aiming in the right direction. Fortunately we can build, create such a template, ideal goal, projecting it ahead of us, shining some flickering light on the path we need to follow. All we need is a very unique “human instrument”, resonance device with the right software.

“Human MRI machine”

One of our most sophisticated medical diagnostic devices, the MRI scanner works by applying a strong magnetic force-field on atoms in our cells, then dislocating them out of their normal state by pulses of radio frequency. Then when the external, dislocating influence is stopped and the atoms return to their normal state, the emitted energy is used to create a picture. We can do something similar through the unique human instrument.

In terms of freedom of choice, changing one’s behavior, we have only one instrument that can help us. By the time we become adults our genetic inheritance, our upbringing and education has already been imprinted, engraved into our matter. But the constant influence, “brainwashing” of the surrounding environment can still initiate, perform significant changes in a person’s behavior, value system, goals.

As many psychological trials proved, closed, well organized and directed environments can turn people into concentration camp guards, religious from secular or secular to religious, we can manufacture, reprogram people, changing them in an unprecedented way.

In our case we can use such a unique, closed environment – like a “human MRI” – to create that positive template, forward pulling aspiration, desired goal that can lead us towards our evolutionary purpose in a proactive way.

A Glimpse Into The Future

The “magnetic field” aligning the “human atoms” participating in the environment is a collectively agreed “theoretical” goal, the source materials with an authentic guide teaching the plan of evolution, teaching about our inherent nature, and how that inherent nature can be adapted to the plan.

The extra impulse, “radio frequency” causing the resonance, dislocating those participating “human atoms” out of their comfort zones, pushing them out of their usual behavior is “love of friends”. The participants commit to playing with each other “love your friend as yourself”.

They devote all their efforts to play act in front of one another selfless, altruistic, mutual service, care and love towards one another. They do so as such behavior would bring them to the necessary state of mutual guarantee that would facilitate their adaptation to evolution’s plan. As the whole natural system is based on, lives by, develops through mutual guarantee, humanity also had to take on that state of existence.

Since even that artificial game, proactive, conscious attempts against the inherently selfish, egoistic nature aligns people closer to evolution’s plan. This minimal similarity – like occasionally catching a never before heard broadcast by “accidentally” tuning a radio to the right frequency – provides them with flickers, occasional flashes of that ideal state, temporarily succeeding in reaching selfless altruistic states, interconnections.

In those moments they feel like transported into their own future, more corrected state, receiving a glimpse, taste from their next evolutionary level where they already exist in that state of mutual guarantee, integrated with nature’s system. Thus the can sense evolution’s life giving circulation, communication streaming through them, elevating them above the present, limited, dark, subjective existence and perception.


Proactive Development

These glimpses, tastes remain even after the temporary “time travel” into the future vanishes. Although – as the atoms in the MRI – they return to their normal, selfish, egoistic state, the collected memories, tastes remain providing contrast, comparison in between their present, and the available, potential future state.

As a result now they have a very clear template, goal, emotional picture in front of them they can aim for. They now have a very precise, purposefully directed yearning for that future state. Thus their mutual game, effort in the “human laboratory” becomes more refined, purposeful and fully conscious.

As a result their renewed efforts are much better aligned with the evolutionary plan. In turn through the more focused, proactively aimed effort and desire they can draw much stronger assistance from the evolutionary force.

Thus using this “human MRI” device, with the constant repeated, intensifying collective “resonance”, they can gradually refine, intensify a proactive development, learning how to use, direct nature’s evolutionary force. This force is like a strong, stormy wind, wave pushing evolution in a relentless manner.

The participants of the human laboratory, by preparing the sails of their common boat in the most optimal way, can capture this wind perfectly. Then nature’s evolutionary force helps them fly towards their goal instead of constantly rocking, sinking their common ship.

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