Through The Eyes Of Others

Trapped In Self-Destructive Perception

By birth we are trapped in a very limited, introverted, subjective perception of reality. From an infinite quantum reality we only observe a tiny, distorted morsel that can efficiently serve our egocentric “pleasure/pain” operating software.

We can compare our perception, modus operandi to that of a black hole, attracting everything towards its own, personal gravitational force field, existing through self-reception. We are all ruthlessly, exclusively competing with each other and with the natural environment for resources and survival. We even enjoy succeeding at the expense of others.

However today we start to realize how non-beneficial this paradigm is. The deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis shows us that billions of such contradicting, competing, fighting “black holes” behave like cancer in a fully integrated and interdependent system, sleepwalking towards self-destruction. 

At the same time our cutting edge, contemporary sciences also reached an impenetrable wall, sensing, mapping a reality that can’t be observed, researched through our inherently selfish, subjective perception.

Trying To Escape

Thus – as our very survival is at stake – we would need to change our modus operandi, the way we perceive the world, how we relate to each other.

Fortunately we are provided with literally billions of windows around us, through which we could fundamentally change how we perceive, view reality around us. If we used these windows we could enter a limitless, “quantum perception”, acquiring the capability to exist above the subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion. Instead of our limited, “flat” perception we would gain truly objective, transparent multiple observer points giving us a “composite image” with infinite angles.

These windows are the viewpoints of others people surrounding us. If we could start observing, living reality “through the eyes of others” we could escape all our selfish, introverted and subjective limitations. All we need to do is releasing, cutting the anchors holding our observer points, our consciousness to our personal black holes.

Which is almost impossible to do. One can’t just release oneself from the slavery, solitary confinement of the inherently egoistic nature using the same nature. Such liberation is only possible in a unique, refined, indirect way. That indirect way of “supernatural” escape can only unfold in a uniquely organized human environment.

Playing “True Love”

This unique human environment is a circle of fully committed, purposefully selected and trained people. They comprise a commando that sets out to liberate one another from their subjective, egoistic perception of reality. They have to achieve this liberation in a positive way, while using their inherent nature and toolset.

Releasing, cutting one’s anchor that is tying one to the inherently selfish, egoistic nature requires a huge, explosive force. The only suitable, positive, explosive force we have at our disposal is love. But we need “true love”. 

True love is a state where the lover completely disappears within the desires, necessity of the beloved, only using all of one’s capabilities, desires for perfectly, unconditionally fulfilling the desires, necessities of the beloved. And although such “true love” is against our inherent nature that is only programmed for “self-love”, true love can be play-acted, imitated as if it was real.

If such “true love” is played, enacted in a well organized, closed, purposeful environment, with the right source materials, methodology and an authentic teacher, the mutual care, empathy, “repeatedly shot bullets of support, selfless service and love” towards the others can gradually penetrate through the hard, selfish, egoistic, self-protective crusts covering each person’s heart.

Revealing My True “Self”

Normally people are afraid of opening their hearts towards others, fearing hurt, fearing being left alone, humiliated. We simply can’t trust each other as a result of our inherent nature. But in this unique environment, the unceasing, intensifying, fully devoted mutual work can finally melt the resistance and open those stony hearts.

As a result the individually artificial, fake game becomes real and the mutual effort becomes stronger, truly effective. At the end the participants receive the ability to escape, breaking out of their selfish, egoistic chains towards one another.

Even if such mutual effort becomes successful in between two people, they can already receive the chance to peek into the real, undistorted, objective reality through each other’s eyes. But this ability and the resolution of the picture perceived becomes much more intense, clearer if the mutual work unfolds and becomes successful in between more people, like in a “commando” of ten people for example.

And the more resolution, depth and understanding we reach the clearer it becomes that what I considered the “world” around me with its inanimate, vegetative, animate and human parts is actually my own “body”. I realize that the whole system is my “garden, nursery” where everything belongs to me like my own children, or different organs, body parts of the same “superorganism” which I need to take care of.

Embracing The World

We are born into a very unique “Plato’s cave”, like a dome with a special mirror as its wall. This mirror instead of reflecting “my own” face and body as an ordinary mirror, reflects a seemingly scattered, chaotic world back at me. It is as if a unique MRI scanner, planetarium projector has thrown all my inner details around me as a special hologram with my observer in its center.

The only way I can correct, assemble my “true self” back again, building, revealing a perfect, complete picture is rising above my instinctive “self-love” I feel towards my selfish, egoistic black hole. Then I can start observing the world around me through the eyes of “others” as described above.

We don’t change reality through such changes. Instead we change our own attitude, relationship to it. By acquiring a mutually loving attitude through the special commando we become like doting mothers towards others, being constantly concerned, embracing instead of dismissing them, being angry at the “neighbor’s child” I have no connection with being noisy and petulant.

Even the inherently expensive traits, argumentative tendencies don’t change. But with the new loving attitude we can redirect the explosive forces. The boiling inner volcano still erupts again and again, but we can use its force constructively instead of being destructive provided we proactively built the mutual channels, connections through which we can use those forces constructively.

Thus by starting to perceive reality through the eyes of others above the inherent, egoistic black holes, by attaching the world to me as my own “garden, nursery”, through the new attitude acquired we can transform how we experience reality, and seemingly “everybody else” around us also becomes content with their lives by our loving care.

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