Controlling Time


We are born with a “built-in” self-belief, sense of unique individuality, thinking that our fate is in our hands with almost complete free choice about our thoughts, desires and actions. And although today, existing in a globally interconnected and interdependent world we started to realize that such individual freedom has its boundaries, we are still unprepared to accept our true situation.

Especially through the popular, modern “liberal and progressive” ideologies we created a completely artificial human bubble, totally turn away from its natural origins. We questioned and deleted all traditional humane and moral norms, principles, lately we are even deleting, supporting our gender differences, judging them obsolete. We want to clone ourselves, recreate our biological bodies and extend our corporeal lives ad infinitum – although we have no idea what our actual purpose of existence is. As a result – although we still stubbornly deny it – we are sinking into ever deepening and seemingly unsolvable crisis.

Driven By A Natural Clock

In truth we have absolutely no freedom about our existence, about the path of development we have to go through, and about the final state we have to reach. Each and every person’s own life, the life of each subsequent generations, and the fate and evolution of humanity as a single species comprising of the chain of those generations is completely predetermined from start to finish.

Within the individual and generational evolution we have to go through a certain number of changes from an initial state towards our final, most optimal form. These changes are automatically programmed in us through our instinctive behavior.

We have an internal program, already uploaded that initiate certain “sudden”, instinctive, automatic urges, yearnings in us towards a next state, next pleasure or fulfilment. Since such changes happen in us unconsciously, driven by the evolutionary program, we sense these changes as the movement, effect of time. As they happen by a natural driving force this time is rhythmic, “monotonic”, agreeing with the external changes we can observe in nature around us. Our internal clock is synchronized with nature’s clock.

Heading For Explosion

If a person lived isolated, alone such automatic changes would be very easy to monitor, recognize, prove. Since we exist in a human society, which especially today is comprised from billions of intricately interconnected individuals, showing, proving the lack of freedom, and the logical, predetermined cause and effect processes in each individual is much more difficult.

But on a collective level, looking at humanity’s history for example we can easily notice the recurring instinctive waves, cause of effect processes. Humanity has been evolving through almost identically recurring vicious cycles.

Each civilization starts with great hopes, introducing new social, economic and governing ideologies, structures. Then our inherently selfish, egoistic nature starts distorting, corrupting those “ideal” structures until we reach an unsolvable crisis, that is “resolved” by a violent explosion as revolutions, wars and economic collapse. Then we start rebuilding a new civilization on the ruins of the last one.

The vicious cycles are getting shorter while the “resolving” explosions are becoming increasingly violent, intense and destructive. As we are today heading to the next civilization ending “resolution” many people fear this next explosion could wipe all of us out unless we find a solution.

Useful Opposition

Fortunately we have the capability of shifting from this natural, painful and suffering filled developmental path, reaching our evolutionary purpose “in its time”; to a hastened, pleasant path that could become an enjoyable, conscious, collective adventure.

For that we would need to learn about the overall evolutionary plan the whole system is evolving by. Then we could understand our own role in it, what our final, perfect state is about. Then we would finally activate our true human free choice, proactively agreeing to, and adapt to the plan, integrate into the system before we are forced to.

Human beings are born with an opposite inclination to nature. While nature operates based on mutual guarantee – a state where each comprising element from the tiniest particles to the greatest astronomical objects selflessly, unconditionally serve the system, facilitating its optimal state, development – human beings only serve themselves at the expense of everything else.

This inherent opposition is also within nature’s evolutionary plan. Us starting from the farthest extreme, forced to change in order to integrate into the system, provides us with independence, free choice and the unparalleled human ability to become the systems “expert whiteness”, independent, objective observers and judges.

All other parts of nature are inherently integrated, embedded within, without any chance of recognizing, conscious evaluating nature’s perfection, magnificence. For them it is a given. Human beings by starting from an opposite, selfish and egoistic state, gradually acquiring a selfless, altruistic state above the inherent one receiveing the capability of comparative research, revelation from within contrast.

Similarity Through Mutual Guarantee

Revelation, understanding happens through the similarity of form in between the observer and the observed, in between researcher and the researched. We can fully reveal and understand nature’s system and the evolutionary plan driving it all by reaching similarity with it.

Thus we ourselves need to create mutual guarantee within human society, or at least in smaller circles initially, to give us the necessary insight, possibility to initiate our own proactive adaptation to the plan.

Mutual guarantee is based on the completely selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving interconnections of each comprising elements towards one another. Thus in purposeful, uniquely organized human circles we need to build such interconnections.

Since such behavior, attitude is completely against our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature that is totally incapable of making any calculations for anybody else outside of one’s very narrow circle, we need that unique, closed, fully committed “human laboratory”. In such a laboratory people can acquire, build unprecedented, selfless and altruistic attitude towards others outside on one’s circle, above and contrasting the inherent nature.

Then from within, through this new duality, sensing both the instinctive selfish, and the artificially built altruistic inclination one can start making free, independent calculations, controlling one’s development. Of course this is not an individual calculation, development any longer since the new inclination, altruistic capability only works in the mutual environment, through those newly built selfless, altruistic connections.

Controlling Time

The people who can keep their altruistic interconnections above the inherently selfish one, instead of time automatically ticking, driving them forward against their will, can start taking time and the rhythm of their development into their own hands. The more similar they become with nature’s system through their intensifying mutual guarantee, the more they unwrap, decode the plan of evolution, and the more effectively they can proactively adjust, adapt their form, behavior to the optimal one.

Instead of nature’s evolutionary force coercing people to its plan pushing them from behind through intolerable suffering, they can harness that force, holding the reins of the two opposite inclinations in their hands controlling the pace. They can release the breaks, the constant instinctive resistance of the original, selfish nature flowing with the plan effortlessly.
Moreover they can actually rise completely above time. After all existing through selfless, altruistic interconnections means living completely beyond selfish calculations. This also means that “time”, the obligatory changes, path of development don’t relate to these people personally any longer. They become “non-existent”, transparent, objective observers, only caring for, facilitating the optimal development of the system.

Thus they gradually become equivalent, rightful partners with nature’s evolutionary force, creating, sustaining and driving the system. And this is our actual evolutionary final state we have to reach, this is why human beings were created.

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