Born Into An Egoistic Bubble

By default we exist for only ourselves. It is not a sin, it is not evil. We are born with a fully self-serving and self-justifying nature. We live in a subjective coordinate system of time, space and physical motion that is centered around us, serving as a background for our egocentric “pleasure/pain” operating software.

We can give up anything in this world given the circumstances except our self-esteem, self-worth. We can go to the greatest length to protect this all important “self”, we are even ready to sacrifice our own corporeal life and lives of others to keep our “self” unblemished.

At the same time this self-justifying existence, purpose locks us into a very “one-dimensional” subjective bubble, searching, filtering all through our lives only for things, notions that support this egoistic existence. Moreover our existence is tied to, limited to our corporeal life in this world, as long as our self-centered, subjective observer – that is unable to rise above our biological bodies – functions.

Our Existence As Temporary Loan

Unique empirical scientists who – through their own special, individual sensitivity and the help of fortuitous environmental, evolutionary conditions – entered the fabric of natural reality, observing, researching it from within tell us that our existence is actually not our own. We were created in order to research, attain and fully justify the system of reality, its plan and its source.

We are not here to cherish, justify our own being. We have to accept our lives, our place in this world as a temporary gift by the force that created reality. We have to use our temporary stay here in this world in order to enter the system by becoming similar to it, integrating in it, so we can fully reveal its perfection, magnificence and by that acknowledge, justify the “master” designing and creating it.

Our existence is about acceptance. We have to accept our existence as a loan in order to reach a state, recognition enabling us to accept the source of the natural system around us as the only existing, governing, operating force in reality, which force is pure good and benevolence.

Revelation, Justification Through Similarity

Obviously reading this makes people very uneasy, upset, angry, immediately rejecting this idea. And when through the events of our lives, through going through an appropriate training, education method we start to see that it is actually true, this justifiable anger, rejection only grows. We can’t comprehend how such a cruel, brutally exploitative force could exist, creating a whole Universe with the hapless human beings in it, just to sanctify, verify itself, its own omnipotence, existence.

But then there is something very unique, very interesting. Revelation, attainment, justification, witnessing can only happen through reaching similarity with the revealed, attained, justified, witnessed. It is like tuning a radio receiver. Until we fine tune the device to the exact, precise frequency we can’t listen to the desired broadcast and we are unable to make any judgement on it.

Thus in order to enter the system of reality, in order to unveil its plan, in order to start recognizing the source creating it all, we have to constantly, gradually fine tune, change, adapt ourselves. This adaptation happens through changing our inherently selfish, egoistic inclination to a selfless, altruistic one. Instead of gaining pleasure, happiness from fulfilling ourselves we yearn only for the opportunity, capability of unconditionally, transparently serving others.

Justifying Ourselves

And we do so until we reach the exact frequency, the exact similarity, until we reach equality with the source of reality so we could determine without any theories, philosophy in a tangible, empirical way that: yes there is no other governing, operating force besides it, and all of its operation, its whole plan of evolution is truly good and benevolent.

And then we also realize that this force is not cruel or exploitative at all. It created the whole system for our education only, as by reaching equivalence with it in order to justify it we had to become like it. Through the process we become just as omnipotent, creative, good and benevolent as the source that created us “in its (potential) image”. We transcended our corporeal boundaries, left our subjective perception and existence, breaking out of the limited coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

At the end by justifying our source and its evolutionary plan we actually fully justify and merit our own existence.

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