Broken DNA fragments

Opposite Program

We are born with a certain operating program inside us, that determines our attitude towards the world, it determines our values, goals and the developmental path we take. The inherent human operating software is “written” on a fully egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”, serving our unique, individualistic self.

This program puts us in opposition, outside of nature’s fully integrated and mutually complementing system by default. While all other elements in the vast, cosmic system around us selflessly, altruistically serve and mutually complement each other, we are only serving ourselves at the expense of everything and everybody outside of us.

A closed, natural system cannot keep balance, homeostasis without the state of “mutual guarantee” sustained by such selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving interconnections. We can observe this phenomenon closely and very clearly in our own biological bodies and also through the whole Universe from the particle level to the level of the great astrological objects.

Harmful Without Free Choice

In nature any part that goes against mutual guarantee is considered as “cancer”, a “virus”, something that is harmful and destructive. Human beings – from the point of view of nature’s system – are exactly such cancerous, vital organisms, threatening themselves and the whole system with destruction.

In previous generations this “evil” character of humanity wasn’t so obvious yet. Moreover it was exactly this “petulant”, irrepressible, non-conforming, insatiable nature that drove humanity through its development, exploring, inventing, spreading, changing. It is only today in the fully integrated and interdependent global world where our “evilness” can be sharply detected through the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis.

On the other hand we can’t consider human beings evil, we can’t be judged to be sinners since we were born, we evolved with our inherent nature from the same natural system through evolution. Thus we have absolutely no free choice about who we are and how we behave. This of course also raises the question, why did evolution produce such creatures that are potentially self-destructive and also harmful towards the whole system?

Potential Duality

This seemingly harmful, opposite operating system human beings are instinctively driven by is purposefully within evolution’s plan. Humanity is assigned to a very different role in this plan compared to other parts of nature. Humanity is destined to become the “crowning”, fully conscious, omnipotent guardians, equal partners of the single operating force that created and drives the system.

In order to become conscious, capable of such role we need to enter an unprecedented dual state of existence, perception. On one hand we need to remain outside of the system, viewing it from the side, on the other hand we need to enter, integrate into the system like all other comprising elements, experiencing life through mutual guarantee.

True research, attainment is only possible in contrasts, in comparative study in between the complete similarity with the system and the completely opposite state.

Humanity is born with the instinctive opposition, with the “alien”, outsider view. Our task, our unique human capability is building the conscious similarity, integration within the system, reaching the necessary insider view this acquiring the ability of comparative research.

Assembling A New Program

For this reason, besides the inherently selfish, egoistic inherent operating software in each and every human being broken fragments of another, natural software are hidden. These partial, individual DNA fragments can’t function on their own. But if they are accepted, if the separate, individual pieces found in the separate, individual human beings are assembled, forged together in unique human laboratories, a new operating software can start functioning.

We can only reach similarity and enter nature’s integral system through mutual guarantee created within human society. We can only reach mutual guarantee collectively, through selfless, altruistic interconnections in between people. Such interconnections are capable of reviving, assembling the separate DNA pieces and awaken the new, natural operating software.

Evolution designed the system in a way that if ten people, despite their inherently selfish, egoistic nature get together, and commit to try building such selfless, altruistic relationship with one another, their honest, committed attempts at “love of others” above and despite “self-love” can generate the necessary heat, boiling “melting pot” that can fuse the separate DNA fragments together.

As soon as this new mutual program is activated, it has the power, ability to neutralize, override the original, inherently selfish, egoistic software. Then the new program can certify, approve their mutual guarantee, making it real. And through a real, working mutual guarantee they gain similarity and thus integration with the natural system.

Reaching Evolution’s Human Level

The old software of overruled, superseded but it doesn’t disappear. It remains as “background noise”, contrast, stones to weigh with assisting the comparative research. Then the real Human being, the independent observer perceiving, analyzing and synthesizing in between the two operating softwares, can fully attain and understand reality without limitations.

They go through a developmental process resembling natural evolution. They perceive, observe the system through the inanimate (passive), vegetative (consciously, collectively obeying, following nature’s laws), animate (observing, following the same natural laws more independently, purposefully using the inanimate, vegetative levels of the system while maintaining a mutually complementing social system within three animate level), until they finally reach the truly Human, “speaking” level, attaining, understanding and partnering the plan of natural evolution becoming like its source.

The only condition is that the ten committed “scientists” have to maintain and strengthen their mutual guarantee. Without it the fused DNA fragments (fusion requiring the artificially generated heat within their human laboratory), providing the new software fall apart again and they all fall back into the single governance of their original, separating, selfish paradigm, fully outside of the system.

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