In Reflection


Our default, inherent existence, perception of reality resembles a black hole. We distort and attract everything towards ourselves, at the end consuming all for our own pleasures. Our basic matter is an insatiable desire to receive fulfilment with completely selfish, egocentric calculations.

As soon as we “appear on the scene”, everything dims as we draw the light on ourselves, plunging everything and everybody into darkness around us. To our inherently egoistic “pleasure/pain” driven calculations, operating software the whole world is a smorgasbord to select and consume from, satisfying our own insatiable hunger.

This explains why we are sinking into a devastating, deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis, as there are almost eight billion such “cancerous” black holes operating, trying to overcome, subdue one another. This is made twice as destructive by the fact that we should be existing, perceiving reality in a completely opposite way, since in a globally interconnected and interdependent system we evolved into, only selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration can safeguard collective survival.

Needing A Lift

Such selfless, altruistic mutual collaboration is the basic operating principle of closed, integrated natural systems – like cells, organs, biological bodies, or the whole natural universe, considering the level of interconnections – as otherwise balance, homeostasis that is necessity for life and optimal development couldn’t be maintained.

Besides our present modus operandi threatening our continuing survival, existence, the very limited, highly filtered and distorted subjective perception of reality prevents us from attaining, experiencing and infinitely enjoying a qualitatively different life in the true, objective reality. That true, unbounded and eternal reality can only be observed, experienced, enjoyed outside of our self-centered gravitational fields.

Thus we are in a great need for a propulsive force that can neutralize the egoistic fields of our selfish black holes. We need a strong “rocket” that can pull us away, liberate us so we can find ourselves in “zero gravity”, in a selfless, transparent state.

Building The Rocket

This is a true “mission impossible”, trying to find a way of “lifting up ourselves by pulling our own hair”, using our inherently selfish, egoistic nature to escape our egoistic, selfish gravity. But we don’t have to accomplish such mission on our own. Fortunately a purposeful, precise practical method was developed by a few original, empirical scientists, facilitating such liberation in a unique, mutual environment.

If a circle of mutually committed, fully devoted people make 100% effort in order to build selfless, altruistic interconnections in between them, using characteristics of their inherent nature, they can generate enough power, “lift” in between them that can place them into orbit, into zero gravity space, vacuum.

They start play acting, imitating selfless, altruistic love and care towards one another, by making the state of mutual guarantee – the mutual summation of such selfless, altruistic interconnections – the most important goal of their lives, while creating true hatred towards their inherent nature. They can use the instinctive, “negative” qualities of envy, jealousy, lust and honor in order to pull and push each other out of their comfort zones towards their mutually desired goal.

By mutually supporting each other in their inner war – in between their inherent nature fighting fire us life and the mutual aspiration against that nature – they can gradually reach an overcharged atmosphere, insatiable mutual yearning towards their common aim. This can finally neutralize the selfish, egoistic pull of the inherent gravitational field and they become ejected into an unprecedented, dark “lifeless”, “airless” space, vacuum above their black holes.

Absolute Freedom

This empty, dark vacuum is a mutual space, made up from the overlapping area of their mutual self-annulment, reciprocal selfless and altruistic aspirations towards one another.

First this new state is scary and incomprehensible, sensed as being suspended mid-air, in between “heaven and earth”. But as the mutual circle stabilizes the state by strengthening their mutual support, efforts they can start “looking around”, experiencing the greatest possible freedom one can achieve.

Our whole life is about self-concern, self-protection, constantly searching for fulfilment for our own necessity, constantly accumulating resources, searching for self-assurances. A state where on becomes “selfless”, “lifeless”, transparent while being able to sense such an “out of body” experience consciously gives the taste, sensation of absolute freedom. There is no greater freedom than the freedom from the self, liberating one to start observing reality in an unbounded, objective manner without selfish calculations, distortions.

Turn Around

This sense of freedom is a great turning point in our existence. In that transparent, selfless state one’s inherently selfish, egoistic intention, modus operandi becomes first nullified, and then it turns to a completely opposite intention.

First that complete freedom of the “self”, the ability of observing reality, roaming the system above the subjective limits of time, space and physical motion seems like bliss, a state of absolute perfection. Then the more those mutual observers get to know the system, its evolutionary plan and the source designing, governing the system, the more they start sensing themselves as intruders, uninvited guests, visitors sneaking in without paying the appropriate entrance fee.

They start attaining, understanding how the whole system, including its source has been designed, set up for their service, their education out of absolute, unconditional love. They become capable of sensing this unconditional love from the system in their area of mutual self-annulment towards one another, as a result of minimal, preliminary similarity with the selflessly, unconditional loving source.

They have became selfless among themselves, but they can’t match, reciprocate the systems active bestowal, love and care towards them. Moreover by restricting, not using their inherently selfish, gravitational force they are like guests refusing to accept the carefully, lovingly prepared delicacies their host prepared. And this makes them very uncomfortable, shameful.

Using Gravity For Others

This discomfort, shame comparing themselves to the source of the system pushes them out of the temporary “bliss”, forcing them to search for ways of matching the actively selfless, altruistic bestowal they experienced from the side of the system.

They have no other option but to start gradually re-entering the selfish gravitational force field they escaped from. As their black holes with its selfish attraction is their only active matter, they have nothing else to use in order to try reciprocating the unconditional love and care they receive from the system. But now, after acquiring the selfless, altruistic intention in that mutual vacuum, they can continue using that intention while operating their gravitational fields.

They can start attracting, pulling the “light”, life force, circulation of the system towards themselves as before. By using their new intention as a reflective shield, they can reflect, disperse whatever they receive towards others, towards the rest of the system while they remain empty, in darkness from their selfish, egoistic point of view.

They can become like drivers in a dark vehicle using their bright headlights in order to light the road for others, gardeners using their hose for watering the garden of others. Gradually as they gather strength, stabilizing the reflective shield of their selfless, altruistic intention they learn how to use the full force of their black holes attracting the whole circulation, life force found within the system for the sake of everything and everybody outside of themselves.

Infinite And Eternal

As a result although they themselves remain empty, in darkness – exactly because they become completely detached from their selves – through that mutual, selfless, altruistic space they generated, by the circulation that flows through that space, they can observe and attain the whole of reality in an infinite, eternal manner.

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