Work As Reward



Too Much Work, Not Enough Money

Most people tend to complain about their lives. It is even more obvious when one travels around Eastern Europe. To the polite question “how are you?” many people automatically answer, “not too good, there is too much work and not enough money…”

Superficially most would agree with that state being “not too good”. But if we dive deeper, examining that statement realistically, systematically we would find that our problem is purely psychological.

Consuming What We Don’t Need, For Money We Don’t Have

First of all what is it that our hard earned money is “not enough” for?

Today we exist in a completely unnatural, “constant quantitative growth” paradigm. We created the idol of “accumulating material wealth” as the purpose of our existence.

Constant quantitative growth – since it is requiring people consuming way above their natural necessities – works on artificially generated and constantly inflated “aggregate demand”. People are made slaves to this paradigm double, as they are constantly, increasingly brainwashed to consume goods, pleasures they don’t need, while they are urged to pay with means they don’t have.

As a result people are working overtime, still they never have enough “to keep up with the Jones’s”, as sophisticated, omnipresent mass marketing keeps placing the bar always above them. Thus despite most people all over the world have more than they need for a comfortable, modern existence, they remain unhappy, unsatisfied as they can never reach what marketing, peer pressure projects ahead of them. At the same time individually and nationally everybody is in worsening, inserviceable debt.

Working For Nothing

What can we say about the “too much work”?

On one hand based on the above discussed, about 70-80% of the present overall production, human activity is obsolete, only serving the “constant quantitative growth” profit accumulation, depleting human and natural resources in an alarming rate.

By certain calculations about 10-15% of humanity would be capable of producing everything that could satisfy even ten billion people with a modern, comfortable human life according to natural necessities and our current evolutionary conditions. This percentage of human resources necessary for actual work could be even less, considering technological advances, robotics, AI.

On the other hand human existence necessitates a person having an active, contributing role in society. The main, devastating problem with unemployment is not the loss of income, but the loss of such useful, contributing role. The longer one is unemployed, feeling oneself useless, obsolete the more one loses one’s “humanity”. It is not surprising that depression, family problems, high suicide rate, drug use, alcoholism is very high among the unemployed.

Human Purpose

Today in the midst of a deepening, seemingly unsolvable global crisis – as a result of stubbornly pushing, “repairing” an unsuitable, unnatural human paradigm – we start to recognize a great need in reinventing our approach to work and the reward for it.

First of all we need to replace “accumulating material wealth” as the purpose of our existence with a more natural, humane purpose.

Human beings are inherently social creatures. From the beginning of human evolution we have been living in a social context, from families, tribes, villages, towns, cities, counties, states, nations, regions to today’s global village.

Although previously we weren’t as aware of this as we are today, we have always been interconnected and interdependent for our survival. Today this integration and interdependence has reached global level. We have become completely interlocked with one another all over the globe, while humanity is completely, irrevocably interlocked with nature.

This “globalization” is not man-made, we had to reach this globally integrated state as part of our evolutionary process. At the moment we try resisting this process and the ensuing interdependence, we try exploiting “globalization” for our own selfish gains. But this way we are on a path of inevitable self-destruction.

Our purpose of existence is proactively learning, understanding the plan, process of evolution, and our own human role in it. Then based on that understanding we need to consciously adapt, integrate into the system before intolerable suffering forces us to do the same.

Our human uniqueness, making us the “crown jewels of evolution” is that humanity would reach integration, mutually complementing contribution proactively, in full awareness, contrary to all other parts of the system that are integrated within inherently, unconsciously.

Work In An Integral Society

In order to integrate within nature first we need to positively integrate with one another in the global human society. Without such human integration we would not reach similarity with nature’s system. And without similarity of form we can’t enter the system, we can’t adapt to it.

Integration within human society – copying nature’s system – requires building selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaborations with one another. Only such mutual interconnections can safeguard maintaining the overall balance, life giving homeostasis.

Thus work takes on a different meaning. In such a mutually integrated society people still need work to prove their worth, keep their human self-esteem as useful members of society. But their intentions are different. They want to be able to perform their role with their best abilities in order to help maintaining the system’s balance, homeostasis.

Within such a balanced, optimally functioning, mutually complementing network everybody would perform exactly what they need to, without any obsolete surplus, while receiving the exact reimbursement needed for their contribution. Some world do actual production work while most would labor on maintaining the all important, mutually complementing collaboration.

The Real Reward

The real reward, payment in such system is not measured in monetary, material wealth. By being part of the integral, optimal human society, through similarity of form they gain integration within nature’s vast, cosmic system. They become part of the system’s life flow, circulation, engaging in the system’s communication network.

Such natural integration elevates people to the truly Human level, being conscious, contributing parts of the system of reality sensing, attaining the whole system. And this is all achieved through the complimentary work they can do towards others, towards the system selflessly, unconditionally. 

In a way we could say that their real reward for their altruistic work is the chance, opportunity to continue being part of the system, continue their work providing them with that integration.

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