Hero Of Heroes

Subjective Lovers And Haters

Ancient Jewish wisdom claims that a hero is the one that overcomes one’s enemy, while the hero of heroes is the one who makes one’s enemy into one’s lover. Of course in order to understand such a statement we would need to clarify what the definitions of “enemy” and “lover” truly mean.

In our usual lives we think we have such terms figured out. We hate people who we can’t stand according to our subjective, egocentric “pleasure/pain” principle. They are taking away our pleasures and giving us pain. And we love the ones who provide us with pleasures and take away, sooth our pain. Such definitions change constantly based on our actual desires, directions and the connections we make with others.

True Haters And True Lovers

But the wise sages giving us the above mentioned description didn’t view reality in a subjective, self-centered way, they weren’t influenced by the egocentric “pleasure/pain” principle. Instead they managed to perceive reality in an objective, systematic way, measuring everything in regards to absolute truth versus absolute false.

They revealed natural reality being a completely, intricately interconnected, interdependent, fully integrated system. Such a system can only survive, continue its optimal development when all comprising elements – from the smallest particles to the greatest astronomical bodies – selflessly and altruistically complement each other, making calculations based on the well-being, optimal function of the whole system.

In such a system there are no “personal relationships” but everything is measured, judged from the viewpoint of the whole collective. Thus even the definitions of “haters” and “lovers” are measured accordingly. “Hater” is an element that goes against, harms the mutually complementing interaction. “Lover” is the element that manages to sustain the selfless, altruistic service, care towards the others and the whole system.

Integral System

Thus if we want to go beyond our current limited understanding, judgement of others and the evaluation of the system we exist in, we would need to enter the same objective, systemic research of reality those wise sages achieved. The way to do so is by experimenting in a unique, closed human laboratory, a circle of selected, committed people trying to simulate, play act with each other the strict conditions of global, fully integrated systems.

In such a human simulator, incubator these committed scientists put 100% effort into building selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration with each other. They want to create the same perfect balance, homeostasis that can be observed in healthy ecosystems, or even within our own biological bodies.

Through such balance, homeostasis one would become capable of sensing, touching, experiencing the life giving circulation sustaining existence in reality, one would find the right frequency where the mind boggling, infinite communication of the vast, cosmic natural universe could be received.

Finding The Real Enemy

The problem is that selfless, altruistic service, care of others is directly opposite, “hateful” for our inherently selfish, egoistic nature. This inherent nature is very cunning, finding all kinds of ways of obstructing efforts towards the “unnatural” and “unreasonable” mutuality. And the most effective way of such obstruction is criticising, negatively judging, dismissing the other members of the “human simulator”.

As a result after an initial “honeymoon” period, the more efforts the members of the circle make towards the selfless, altruistic connections, the more they start detesting, rejecting those others. The cunning inherent nature shows those others lazy, unworthy, useless, cheating, destructive.

As a result the first impression the members of the circle naturally get is that the “haters, enemies” they need to fight, overcome are those others, as they are the ones who prevent the building of the altruistic interconnections.

But if they built their simulator right, and truly committed themselves to their common effort – through the specific, purposeful methodology, with the help of an authentic, experienced guide – then after a while they start hearing, understanding that the real enemy, hater is their own inherently selfish, egoistic nature.

A Great Inner War

This is a great turning point in the progress. Before this realization, recognition they were fighting shadows like Don Quixote. By revealing, accepting that it is their own inherent nature they need to turn against, they can make their mutual work, “war” more precise, purposeful.

Thus a great inner war starts against their own nature. With the mutual support within the circle the members try overcoming their nature, choosing the selfless, altruistic connections with others over the pull, obstruction of their protesting, selfish egos. They try justifying others, only considering their merits over the murky, dark picture their selfish egos show them.

The inherent nature continues painting a negative picture of the others urging the person to reject those others, run away from the campaign. At the same time it highlights all kinds of material rewards the person could receive by abandoning the mutual human experiment.

The more they try negating their selfish, egoistic nature, the more fiercely it fights back, driving, coercing these warriors to fight each other, hurt, criticise and dismiss each other like puppets in the hands of their master. The greater importance they feel towards reaching a state of mutual guarantee, living through true selfless and altruistic connections with one another, the more they feel that without true mutual guarantee their lives has no meaning; the more they sink into the dark pits of their egos.

The “Prayer”

At the end this inner war becomes so intense, the abyss in between their desired goal and the resistance of their inherent nature so infinitely deep and insurmountable that they burst out in an elemental cry, prayer for help. This outcry is an involuntary, unstoppable yearning breaking out of true, desperate helplessness, as a result of wanting, needing something beyond anything else while being incapable of reaching it.

If this prayer from their “broken hearts” is mutual, reaching a true accord like in a well prepared choir enjoying a single, clear voice, it receives an answer. They all tried everything they “humanly” could, and they are absolutely certain there is no more spark, fuel left in their tank to do anything else. At the same time they feel they are further from their yearned for goal than ever.

They request the ability not to hurt, dismiss, reject reach other any longer, so at least a minimal, preliminary connection can be achieved and sustained. They want to reach a state of “doing no harm” to one another, a neutral state where they can simply be together as if entering and existing an empty vacuum, empty space with zero gravity where the attraction of their selfish egos can’t reach them.

Lifted To A Higher State

Reaching mutual guarantee, a mutually complementing existence is an evolutionary necessity for humanity in order to survive in a globally interconnected and interdependent world. Today this fact has become very sharp and clear through the multi-faceted crisis sweeping through the world.

Such an elemental, well formed cry, “prayer” as if forces the “hands of evolution” in order to hasten the process and give those mutual scientists their next, more optimal evolutionary state, lifting them up instead of pushing them to the same state through the usual, intolerable corporeal, physical suffering at the end of the recurring, vicious historic cycles. The inner war, inner suffering beverages in the mutual circle makes it possible to avoid external, physical suffering in order to evolve in a faster, lighter and conscious manner.

Thus these scientist of the circle become heroes, rising above their instinctive nature, overcoming it with the help of evolution’s natural force they drew on themselves, requesting and accepting its assistance. Their “heroism” consist of mutually reaching a desperately helpless state, that elemental prayer from utmost desperation, drawing and accepting the natural, evolutionary force that acts, helping them.

Finding A Resting Place

This is a brand new, unprecedented state as if putting head above water, drawing a clear breath fur the first time. These mutual warriors, broken, torn, exhausted from their inner war, coming out of the jungle of their inherent nature suddenly find themselves in a mutual clearing, representing the overlapping area of their self-annulment towards one another.

In that clear, resting space they somehow find a pure part of their mutual desire, yearning they can “light up” as “sanctified oil” so they can carefully examine their state, bring flickering light into that unprecedented, dark and empty, selfless vacuum.

By their mutual self-annulment, with their ability “not causing harm” to one another they achieved with the help of the natural evolutionary force they reach partial similarity with nature’s vast system that is purely, unconditionally loving and bestowing. By the flickering light of that sanctified oil – their mutual desire to stay within their mutual self-annulment – they receive a chance to taste, sense what existence through selfless, altruistic connections mean.

Restarting Towards Love

That taste, glimpse into the selfless, altruistic natural dimension gives them a spark from the infinitely loving, bestowing force that circulates through nature’s system, giving it life.The sensation of that active, all encompassing, overwhelming love pushes, pulls them out of their resting state.

They feel a never before sensed primordial desire awakening for the ability to love and bestow as nature’s creating force does. And this desire starts leading them towards the state of “hero of heroes”, where simply not causing harm is not enough.

On top of not causing harm they start sorting out, sanctifying and using “all the oil”, all the previously restricted desires, urges, capabilities for the sake of loving and bestowing to others.

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