Beyond The Wall


Today we exist in our individual Plato’s Caves. Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying and self-protecting nature gives us a completely introverted, limited and subjective perception of reality. In truth nothing is real within this subjective cave, everything we “see, hear, smell, taste or touch” is a projection of our own self, clothing true reality into its own selfish, egoistic clothing.

We reached a stage of our development when this introverted, personal cave has started collapsing, it is becoming more and more intolerable forcing us to escape. But how could we escape from within our own inherent nature? How could we leave our own self behind? Such an escape is incomprehensible for our present intellect, we don’t have memory samples, precedence of such a selfless, transparent state in our personal data bank, so we can’t even imagine a state like that.

Thus leaving our introverted Plato’s Caves is truly a mission impossible, since our inherent nature creates it, thus without the cave we wouldn’t exist either. But we can reach a tense, intolerable deadlock in between the personal gravitational pull of this inherent nature, and a newly, artificially generated yearning for escape. We can acquire a desperately helpless yearning, banging on the wall of our cave.

Tools Of Breaking Out

We can’t simply desire to exit ourselves, exit our cave into nothing. But we can generate a desire, yearning to enter the desires, viewpoints of others instead of our own. We can try to stand in the shoes of others, judge them to a scale of merit, trying to see only their positive merits instead of negative attributes. If we fully clothed into the reality of others, seeing the world through their eyes, we could escape our own restricted, subjective perception.

Such effort, experiment can’t be conducted in large masses of people. We need a uniquely setup, closed environment with specific methodology and an authentic, experienced guide to help proceedings. The moment we start such a process, trying to escape our selves, that inherent self, with all of its self-justifying, self-protecting powers starts resisting, obstructing, fighting for its life. Thus without unique conditions and specific preparations we can’t succeed.

Inner War Around A Round Table

The main principle of the perception experiment is a fully committed, consistent mutual effort, in trying to clothe into the desires, thoughts, viewpoints of the others in the closed circle. Although the participants perform many “usual” activities together as people in human environments do, the main tool of the experiment is the “workshop”.

During difficult organized and conducted workshops, keeping purposeful basic principles each participant consciously tries to rise above their instinctively appearing self-centered, self-justifying opinions, arguments, criticism and negative judgement of others. Instead they try emptying themselves, listening to the others intently, trying to accept, digest everything they receive from others replacing their own mind, reason.

This of course triggers a great inner tension, war in between the resisting inherent mind, intellect and the stream of “data”, “broadcast” coming from the others. Still with the mutual “covenant” – each holding onto their mutual goal of escaping their subjective perception – they run towards each other, towards a “safe, mutual space” in between them, away from the clutches of selfish, subjective criticism, negative judgement of others.

Trapped Into The Wall

In a workshop, where ten people sit around a circle, each tries to clothe, blend into the reason, intellect of the other nine. They try to become like seeds embedding themselves into the wall of a mutual womb, escaping through the wall of their introverted, subjective caves.

They can never actually escape their own reason, selfish, subjective calculations. Even when they try “choosing” the reason, viewpoint of the others, it is based on their own calculations, simply choosing one option against another. But in fact such “choice” is still within reason. Reality outside of Plato’s Cave is completely above reason, where the selfish intellect, egocentric calculations completely vanish.

Still through the committed, unceasing mutual work they can reach a complete deadlock, a mighty short circuit in between the selfish, inherent reason and the attempt of “clothing into others” in order to neutralize their egoistic mind. They become “trapped”, embedded into the wall of their mutual womb, into the wall of the cave.

The Butterfly In Between The Sumo Wrestlers

In such an impossible to tolerate, desperately helpless state of neither forward nor back, yearning desperately to escape but being trapped on the fence, through that elemental, desperate, silent outcry something escapes.

It is difficult to find graphic examples of such a state, but it could be imagined like in between two mighty sumo warriors, unable to make any further move on each other, simple standing there holding one another in a celebrate, eternal draw, a single “butterfly”, a point of consciousness, a selfless, “lifeless”, transparent observer point emerges.

And this tiny, selfless, transparent observer point can float through the wall, start researching, attaining reality without boundaries.

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