Chains Or Umbilical Cord?

In A Frozen Global Network

Today most people started to recognize that we evolved into a globally interconnected and interdependent system. It means that wherever we want it or not we are all tied together with myriads of different threads, cables, channels without which none of us can develop or survive any longer.

We experience this obligated, reciprocal interdependence in a very difficult, harsh way. Since we are all born as unique, fiercely independent creatures with an instinctive distrust towards others, we sense these global connections as heavy iron chains. For our inherent, subjective perception the mutual, integral network within global, human society feels frozen, dark, like intolerable slavery towards others. We truly feel like those prisoners on old row-boats, chained to the single, crowded boat and to each other, endlessly, desperately pulling with their oars.

We still don’t, can’t digest, accept that since these conditions are “forced on us” by natural evolution there is nothing we can do against them. We still try to isolate ourselves, try protectionism, exiting international unions, organizations, we still try exploiting these inevitable connections for selfish gain as much as possible. It is all in vain, especially since on a common boat it doesn’t matter who drills a hole underneath whom. If the boat sinks we all drown together.

Fortunately there is a way of changing this general perception on its head and start experiencing our global, fully integrated evolutionary conditions as the best possible state in our history. We have the possibility to turn the hateful, frozen, enslaved experience into a warm, loving, joyful mutual coexistence.

All we need to do is learn, comprehend and then actually feel that those I am tied together with are not alien, foreign, hostile people, but they all belong to me as my closest relatives. We have to rediscover long lost brothers and sisters, sensing as if previously amputated body parts have been reattached to our body.

Such unprecedented, “supernatural” understanding and emotional impression cannot be created in the whole of humanity all at once. But we can generate such state within small, closed circles with people who are ready and committed for such mutual coexistence. But how can we “attach” people who we have no natural connection with to ourselves?

Investing Into Others

We can do that by investing into them. If we keep investing emotional, material, actual resources into other people, through that “investment” we start “purchasing them”, considering them as our own “property”. We have many examples of such mutual attachments developing in our world.

Teachers, coaches pouring all their time and effort into students, athletes can build stronger relationship with them than with their own family members. Parents adopting children, by their excessive, initially artificial love and care invested into their “unnatural” children can build stronger bond than what they have with their natural offspring.

This is what we can organize and execute in small, dedicated circles of people, who are ready to start such human investment in order to build a unique, mutually bonded community.

A Commando Fighting Together

The process is not easy, since the moment the participants start getting closer to one another, the moment the original “stone crusted hearts” start softening by the positive mutual effort of bombarding one another with inspiration, positive examples of connection, unity, with constant mutual support, the inherently selfish, egoistic nature, trying to protect its individualistic fortress starts fighting back. It finds all kinds of ways of criticising, rejecting the others in the circle, obstructing, halting the process of bonding.

Progress beyond this inner tension, “inner war” is only possible through a very committed, “commando-like” mutual guarantee, mutual support in between the participants. They have to become completely blind sighted, tunnel visioned, not seeing anything beyond their common goal. They disregard the whole negative picture their self-protective nature paints, entering deeper only considering those flickering points in each other that are able to keep a grip on their mutual goal. Through those points they connect and build their mutual network.

Facilitating Life Giving Circulation

Such focused mutual effort can turn them into “doting mothers”, capable of loving and serving their “children” even if their self-serving, self-justifying nature keeps portraying those others as lazy, worthless, criminals, enemies and haters.

In truth the only thing that has changed are the participants themselves. Although they seemingly see a lot of changes around them, through their mutual efforts it is their own perception of reality that has changed. Through the committed, devoted effort they invested they softened, melted their own hearts through the mutual, positive “bombardment”. This is how they transformed themselves from negative judges, critics to doting mothers towards the others.

The focused, single minded, stubborn effort was capable of melting the ice, melting the stony crusts, turning the hurtful mutual chains into umbilical cords pumping life giving blood through their interconnections. And as a result, sensing that live giving circulation they start attaining a completely new dimension.

They start sensing the vast, unbounded circulation and communication of the whole system of reality around them through their little, reciprocal network. Their circle became a finely tuned radio receiver, matching nature’s infinite frequency running on unconditional “motherly love” and bestowal. 

Through that frequency they can realize how by their corrected, mutually loving, altruistically serving connections, the network they built they cleaned, unblocked crucial pipelines that were frozen, clogged by the selfish, egoistic opposition, rejection in between them before.

They start sensing a great relief, contentment from the side of the whole system as a result of the restored life giving circulation, flow. From then on sensing this contentment from the system, feeling the great, crucial importance of their mutual work can guarantee, seal their continuing effort, guaranteeing their constant overcoming in their inner war.

Then such small circles can start merging, attracting others to themselves, enlarging the circles until the whole frozen, lifeless “ground” of humanity becomes “blessed”, springing forth life.

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