Noah’s Ark

Overwhelmed By A Modern Flood

It seems today we are in great need of another Noah’s Ark. Humanity is flooded with a tsunami of crisis situations, all our human systems, ideologies are breaking down. Moreover the natural environment is also suffering badly. While we are still debating our human responsibility for it, climate change is well and truly here, causing devastation for both human beings and other living creatures alike.

And many scientists are warning about a Holocene, sixth extinction, human activity undoubtedly, directly being responsible of the disappearance of many species. Most of them survived successfully for millions of years before we appeared on the scene. One striking example of many is the seemingly unstoppable death of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, as a result of the combined effect of climate change and reckless human activity.

On A Sinking Common Boat

Evolution actually already provided us with a “common boat”. We have evolved into a globally interconnected and interdependent human network within the fully integrated natural system, giving us an opportunity to raise our development and existence onto a qualitatively higher, effortless, collective level. But while intellectually many people seeem to accept our global interdependence, when it comes to actions our instinctive reactions, behavior is still stronger.

Thus we continue our ruthless, exclusive competition, success at the expense of others, trying to drill holes underneath one another on this common boat. We can’t comprehend yet that in such a single, common boat when it sinks we will all drown. And even if we comprehended this, as addicted alcoholics we just can’t stop and change.

Global, Integral Education

Thus there is a crucial need for a brand new, “global, integral” education program. Such a program, “propaganda” needs to be adjusted to fit all different facets, levels of global, human society, in order to help people understand what it means to live in today’s globally integrated evolutionary conditions. They need to know how it is possible to adapt and integrate smoothly into the system despite and above our inherently selfish and egoistic nature.

This program needs to be primarily practical, providing immediate, positive emotional impressions and confidence within the methodology, while also giving confidence for people towards one another. Only in this way it is possible to rise above the instinctive distrust and rejection, building the necessary, mutually complementing collaboration, keeping our mutual ark afloat and sailing in the right direction.

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