Jewish Survival Method

Empires Fall, Jews Survive

While walking around in great cities of Europe, that encapsulate thousands of years of history, one can reveal a paradoxical, but typical pattern of Jewish history.

For example in Rome one can walk through the Forum, marveling at the archaic, thousands of years old remains of kingdoms, all conquering empires. But apart from the stones and the stories nothing remains of those once mighty civilizations. Then a little further we can enter the Jewish ghetto, where for hundreds of years the local Jewish population was locked in, until 1943 when only a handful of them remained after the deportations.

Still today there are thousands of Jews living in Rome again, many of them repopulating the area of the original “ghetto”, practicing their original traditions that remained intact, unblemished.

The same pattern can be observed in Budapest, Prague even in Poland where previous kingdoms, invaders, occupiers, friends or foes came and gone, while the local Jewish population recovering after the Holocaust is thriving. Since anti-Semitism is also rising again it is difficult to say what the future brings. Still we can’t ignore, dismiss the irrepressible, unlikely, seemingly “eternal” Jewish survival against all odds through human history, while everything else seems to be fragile and temporary.

A Nation Unlike Others

People usually point at many different factors, positive or even negative Jewish character traits, traditions facilitating, safeguarding such “staying power”. And probably all of those have a part to play. Still the one factor which is the basis of all is very important, since this is the same method, remedy that can safeguard humanity’s survival as well in times when we seem to be collectively sleepwalking towards self-destruction.

Jews are a nation unlike any other. Although there is much genetic research about trying to identify genetic commonality among all Jews, they don’t have the same genetic homogeneity as other nations. Judaism as religion, especially as it is practiced today only evolved after the destruction of the Second Temple about two thousand years ago. And since the destruction of the Second Temple apart from traditions, daily practices and history there was no national homeland holding Jews together.

Abraham’s Scientific Principle

Jewish people originate from an ideology, practical method Abraham introduced in ancient Mesopotamia. After studying nature – as the actual human civilization of his time started breaking up due to the selfish, egoistic human nature causing intensifying strife – he developed the practical “social method” of “love others as yourself”.

“Love others as yourself” is not an empty slogan, it isn’t some religious dogma, or spiritual mantra but it is a description of nature’s most fundamental law expressed in an archaic, poetic way.

In the vast, cosmic natural system – in order to maintain general balance, homeostasis that is crucial for sustaining life and optimal development – all comprising elements selflessly, altruistically complement each other, unconditionally serving the well-being of the whole collective. This arrangement is called “mutual guarantee” and this is what the Abrahamic principle depicts.

When Abraham saw how the intensifying, inherently selfish and egoistic human nature starts breaking the previous social fabric, still operating as a single family, tribe in those times, he developed his method in order to help people keeping positive social interactions despite and above their instinctive reactions.

From Scholars To A Nation

But from that great civilization only a few people learned, accepted and then “lived” the Abrahamic principles. They became the original Hebrews, Jews. Later the descendants of the same people with Moses’s leadership established a proper, self-sufficient nation based on the same principle, expressed in unity and mutual guarantee as their pledged national constitution.

That nation, going through a greatly turbulent period, losing a large part of its original volume lived through that unlikely – above instinctive reason, instinctively negative mutual attitude – unity and mutual guarantee until finally the internal pressure from their own ever growing selfish, egoistic rejection, and external pressure from other nations broke them apart. Then the Jews became scattered all over the world.

Scattered, Escaping, Waiting

Since the destruction only a handful “sages” kept the method consciously, and they continued refining it, adjusting it from generation to generation, waiting for a time when their method will again become suitable for “mass consumption”. 

At the same time the rest of the Jews, having the “supernatural” unity engraved into the “national DNA” kept instinctively reviving, using it through extreme circumstances, always escaping, overcoming certain extermination, assimilation in the last moments. In easier times their “stiff necked”, proud, argumentative nature separated, rattled them. 

A great Jewish sage, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, living about 80 years ago described Jews as “nuts in a sack”, grinding, taking among themselves, held together by external pressure.

The Time Has Come

While the Jews have been going through their own special development, the rest of the ancient Mesopotamian people – now spread out, covering the whole globe also developed greatly. Through the ever intensifying selfish, egoistic drive and excessive greed they went through all possible permutations of social, economic and governing ideologies and structures. 

This general human development runs through recurring vicious cycles, where after a promising start, due to the selfish, egoistic and greedy distortions and corruptions the civilization finds itself in a dead end crisis. Then a violent explosion – revolutions, wars, economic meltdown – “resolves” the crisis and rebuilding starts until the next dead end.

Today we find ourselves in the “mother of all” civilization ending dead ends, and the next inevitable explosion threatens to finish our human evolution, or at least deplete global human population to a small, broken remnant. The time has come for the still dormant, purposeful, practical, survival method of Abraham to be revived, and it’s remedy applied on a mass, global scale.

Thus the Jews first of all – still carrying the sparks of this method engraved into their “national DNA” – have to re-awaken their unique capability, rebuilding their nation on its original pledges, foundations of “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – unity and mutual guarantee. Then through their shining positive example they need to start “marketing and publishing” the method, pulling humanity out of the present death spiral.

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