National Pride

The Dictum Of Liberal Democracy

We can only perceive the true reality by comparative research, when we can work with contrasts. When we lure ourselves into a singular ideology, outlawing all other ideologies, we lose our ability to tell who we are and where we are.

In the last few decades for different reasons, the Western part of the world and “developing nations” aspiring to become like the West adopted “liberal democracy” as the only accepted ideology, human paradigm for “proper” societal conduct. Everything else that didn’t fit into the “politically correct” boundaries of this ever narrowing, gradually restricted framework was first looked down on and later had been outright “outlawed”.

The initially benevolent idea, trying to create a more accepting, inclusive, peaceful and sustainable human society has become more and more militant, restrictive, paranoid and it also became hijacked by parts of society that saw “liberal democracy” as a perfect tool for total control.

What we have today is a paradigm that is purposefully suppressing and deleting all traditional moral and human values, foundations, trying to erase all individual and national characteristics. And lately it started to dilute, remove even the natural gender differences, roles, creating a dumbed down, faceless, tasteless, aimless “multi-cultural humanoid” that is easy to manipulate.


The effects are devastating. Traveling through once proud, unique countries one can tangibly feel what such an artificial, inhuman brainwashing is causing. People, nations have been made shameful for their uniqueness, self-esteem. Today basically everybody who dares to be proud of their nationality, traditions are labeled nationalists, far-right, revisionist, Nazi. Whoever dares to criticize another culture, minority for offensive behavior is automatically a racist.

A healthy man who is still proud of enjoying the beauty, uniqueness of women, who dares to think that males and females were “created” for different roles in life are labeled sexist, misogynist. An old school gentleman from one or two generations ago who kissed the hands of ladies on meeting them, helped their coats on after a dinner or theatre visit, offered to accompany them home would become a sex offender. Very soon for simply hugging our children above a certain age social services will take them away from us.

Popular Revolt

But this liberalism, as all other artificial attempts in human history that goes against the laws of nature has reached its breaking point today. Those who became drunk of their own “supreme intellect”, thinking they can invent human laws that supersede nature, today have to realize that one can’t suppress or delete instinctive human inclinations.

We actually don’t have the “liberty” to do whatever we want, or we think would serve our artificial ideas better. We exist in a deterministic natural system with strict, “iron laws”. Our job, our “freedom” is to adapt to those laws proactively, instead of waiting for vicious historic cycles, suffering forcing us.

The sudden rise of so called “populists, demagogues” – labeled so by the dictatorial “political correctness police” and the mass media serving them – is an elemental, instinctive revolt of the instinctive human nature that reached its breaking point.

It is a very good thing that this revolt happens – at least for the time being – peacefully through the ballot box. Thus without violent explains we were given a chance of examining ourselves and the system wet exist in through the contrasts provided by human history. Then through learning from our mistakes we could finally start building something that can stand the test of times.

Evolutionary Challenge

Those who are winning elections, or are projected to win elections soon are people who have better knowledge of human nature and sensed this growing satisfaction, burning hate against the oppressive, demeaning “liberal” dictatorship. They used the elemental human revolt, skillfully riding the waves of the popular dissatisfaction. It is another question though whether they know what to do with their sudden success.

Restoring pride in individual, national identities, uniqueness is very important. “Making nations great again” is necessary. We are all distinctly different and nobody can build a human society without restoring everybody’s uniqueness, personal self-esteem.

On the other hand we have evolved into a globally interconnected and interdependent human network. And in such a network – all of us sitting on the same boat – we can’t survive by continuing isolationism, ruthless, exclusive competition, success at the expense of others.

Thus for the first time in our history we have to build a global society built on a seemingly explosive paradox. On one hand we need to sense, cherish our individuality, our national specialities, proudly restoring our traditions. On the other hand we need to start building selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration in between those unique pieces.

This is the great task ahead of us, building the above mentioned, altruistic, mutual network without suppressing, deleting our unique individuality. We have to find the perfect complementary role for each special cogwheel. And we to achieve this without coercion, through positive inspiration, by positive examples.

This is our human challenge in order to raise humanity to its next, truly collective, mutually complementing evolutionary level. Similarly to the original, “cancer-like”, single-cell organisms becoming multi-cellular organisms for the sake of more efficient, sustainable survival, we also have to create a collective, mutual “super-humanity” to rise to a qualitatively higher, effortless Human existence.

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