Benevolent Assassins

Genetic Memory

The plot of the just released movie, “Assassin’s Creed” is based on the protagonist accessing long forgotten memories, “software” deposited by ancient ancestors hidden in his DNA. By reviving that memory, reawakening the dormant software he regains capabilities he didn’t know he ever had, transforming himself completely. The new capabilities revived from the past help him to confront his problems in the present, defeating his enemies.

Besides the catchy movie plot contemporary sciences also started to reveal that such genetic memory, new information, capabilities added to the basic “biological memory/software” by ancestors living in previous generations truly exist.

Although we don’t realize it yet, today this available, hidden genetic memory has a very great significance for our generation.

Without Mutual Guarantee

Human beings are born with a very specific inherent nature, instinctive operating software. Despite evolving from nature’s vast cosmic system, despite genetically being almost identical to other highly evolved mammals, in our behavior, attitude towards the world around us we are in complete opposition to the rest of nature.

In the vast, cosmic natural ecosystem, from the particle level to vast galaxies a state of mutual guarantee operates in between all comprising elements. This mutual guarantee means an instinctive, unconditional, selfless and altruistic mutual complementing collaboration in between all parts of the system. Without this mutual guarantee balance and homeostasis – that is crucial for sustaining life and optimal development – couldn’t be maintained.

This sense of instinctive integration, belonging, automatically working for mutual guarantee is completely missing from human beings. Instead we all feel ourselves as unique individuals, existing in a hostile world, forced to ruthlessly, exclusively fight with each other and the system for resources and survival.

As it turns out this instinctive operating software of ours is “defected”, incompatible with the world we live in, driving us on a path towards self-destruction, especially today when it has become outright “cancerous” in the globally integrated and interdependent human system we evolved into.

The Need For Upgrade

Existing in a global, integral system, living through “globalization” – contrary to popular belief – is not man-made, and it goes way beyond economy, trade and financial institutions. It is an evolutionary state, defining the way we need to reorganize ourselves in order to integrate within the vast natural system, safeguarding our continuing evolution.

Which means we would need to urgently change our operating software, acquiring the necessary “mutual guarantee upgrade”. Only through similarity of form, rebuilding global, human society on mutual guarantee can we integrate into the system in a positive, benevolent way.

The problem is that it is not enough that selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration is against our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. Since we were born without it we don’t even have memories, precedence of such a state. Thus we have nothing to build on, start working towards to. We can’t even imagine what it means, how it feels to exist within mutual guarantee.

Ancestor’s Merit

Fortunately there is a small part of humanity that actually has genetic memory of mutual guarantee on the merit of their unique ancestors. A few thousand years ago, a handful of people – based on their unique, almost “supernatural” sensitivity, affinity and appropriate conditions – managed to reach mutual guarantee and thus integration, an intimate, insider view, understanding of the natural reality around us.

A few generations after those “forefathers” their descendants established a whole nation living through mutual guarantee for a few hundred years. And although about two thousand years ago they also lost this capability, lost their selfless, altruistic mutual connections above their inherently selfish, egoistic nature, and become scattered around the globe, the memory of mutual guarantee, the ability of building such mutually complementing collaboration remained imprinted in their DNA.


Today the declining state, threatening self-destruction of humanity requires these unique, scattered people to “go down memory lane”, purposefully, forcefully reawakening those dormant DNA segments in order to rebuild their long lost mutual guarantee.  They can do so by entering unique, purposeful “human incubators”, mutual circles where through the help of a practical method and and an authentic guide such revival of the long forgotten operating software can happen.

Such revival needs extreme, “supernatural” heat, tension. On one side of the tension is the mutual work, artificially generated, fully committed purposeful aspiration towards mutual guarantee, assisted by the fear of threatening physical suffering, worsening global crisis. And on the other side world the intensifying resistance, opposition of the inherent nature, selfish, egoistic operating software fighting back.

The moment through the heat of the mutual incubator the old, mutual guarantee upgrade becomes operational these unique pioneers can start their “benevolent assassin” work. The can help others overcoming their inherent nature, pulling humanity towards global, mutual guarantee, sustainable collective survival.

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