Correcting Our Vision

Broken View

By default our perception of reality is completely subjective and distorted. As our inherent nature is self-serving and self-justifying we only observe, “taste” from the surrounding, infinite reality what is useful for our egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations.

As a result we see a broken, fragmented world around us, distorted by our egos as if watching reality through broken glasses, through a defected kaleidoscope. In order to start seeing an objective, undistorted reality we would need to bypass, disengage from the inherently subjective, introverted perception.

Luring Out The Snake

For such a paradigm change, fine tuning we need to enter a unique “human laboratory” where first of all we can reveal, confront the subjective perception, confront our selfish egos holding us captive. One can’t just simply tear oneself away from inherent nature, jumping into a “selfless vacuum” by oneself. But one can try running away from a selfish existence towards a selfless, altruistic existence for the sake of others.

This is achieved as a selected circle of fully committed people make 100%, unceasing effort towards building selfless, altruistic interconnections against their selfish egos holding them back. The more they try, the more their inherent nature resists and thus becomes detectable. The “snake” that was previously hidden, causing all humanity’s problems, suffering is lured out, is caught.

This allows people in that “laboratory” to use the special, purposeful method in order to gradually separate from the clearly identified enemy and start correcting vision through the mutual connections.

Acting Above Reason, Above Instinctive Reactions

After clearly recognizing their inherent nature the members of the “laboratory” know that the broken, dark, hopeless world they see – full of useless, criminals, enemies constantly coming against the person – is simply the product of the inherently, selfishly subjective perception. They are constantly mislead by the “snake” whispering into one’s ears.

Thus with the help of the unique, purposeful methodology and the mutual support within the circle they need to assume a completely new, artificially enforced perception. They have to assume and act as if there was a perfect reality behind the veil of the selfish, egoistic, subjective perception. They have to accept that the dark picture they see is coming from the imperfection of the observer, due to the “broken glasses”.

Then first of all they can create a stop, a restriction over their instinctive urges that endlessly wants to react to the broken picture they see. Instead they need to accept the dark picture as if it was perfect. They need to “do no harm”, stop criticising, negatively judging others, the world, constantly remembering that it is their own perception, the viewing glasses of the observer that are broken.
If all the members of the circle go through the same recognitions and self-restriction, reaching the state of “do no harm”, they can collectively reach a mutual “clearing”, free space amidst the darkness, “miraculously” floating above criticism, negative judgement, mutual hatred.

This is already a great victory over the inherent nature, holding the “snake” at arm’s length, declaring that despite the whispering, constant demands and temptations of their inherent nature they don’t want anything else but to stay mutually together in that clearing.

This already allows them to start revealing a different picture of reality behind the dark, selfish, egoistic veil. They are as if standing on one side of a thick, murky glass wall, peeking inside but still unable to enter.

Increasing Depth And Resolution

In order to enter they already need to move beyond simply existing above their nature, they need to do more than simply not doing harm to one another, not wanting anything beyond staying within that mutual “clearing”. They need to start connecting with each other much deeper, making constant concessions, compromises, by accepting, clothing into the thoughts and desires of those others.

This is a much greater self-annulment than the previous stage. It is not enough that they restrict their instinctive reactions, criticism and negative judgement. They need to raise those others above themselves accepting them as most important, closer to them than their own family members, while their egoistic nature still shows them in an increasingly intensifying negative light.

Instead of simply respecting one another, “not causing harm” they start entering each other, viewing the world through the eyes of others, completely withdrawing, overriding their own perception. This newly gained, multi-angle perception over the contrasting, contradicting, original subjective one gives them a completely new comparative research, a total, transparent, objective perception of reality.
By entering one another, finding the perfect observer spot in the center of their mutually complementing circle they start seeing a perfect picture instead of the previous broken one, finding the correct position, role of each fragment.

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