Wine Tasting

Insatiable Thirst

Our basic “matter” is a desire, a yearning to receive as much pleasure as possible for ourselves. Our existence is sensed and measured through the amount of fulfillment we receive for our real or assumed necessities.

Through human history and even within our personal lives this self-centered, “greedy” desire constantly grows. Although in earlier generations our real nature wasn’t so sharply obvious, by now we revealed ourselves to be the incurable alcoholics who we truly are.

Actually our insatiable desire to “drink in”, consume our existence, to swallow as much pleasure as possible into ourselves is not a problem. Nature doesn’t make mistakes, we are born with such an infinite yearning for pleasures in order to fulfill it. Our purpose in life is to find the perfect, unceasing satiation for this infinite desire. But we need to learn how to properly satiate this desire without getting drunk.


Existence, the infinite abundance that is available for us is like the finest wine with incomprehensibly sweet taste. But until we lean how to enjoy it the right way, “keeping our level head”, until we know how to drink like a conscious human, unlike an instinctive “animal”, we can’t taste that fine wine. Until then what we are tasting all through our lives, all the pleasures available for us are like mere drops of the cheapest, sour wine, or cider. And even these few drops make us drunk the moment we take them into our mouth.

The smallest amount of pleasure makes us ever more greedy, increasingly drunken, unable to do anything else but trying to take and swallow everything for ourselves, stealing it away from others, even from our closest family members. This selfish, egoistic, drunken behavior is the root cause of all the problems humanity is facing right now.

Thus we have to go though a unique rehab program in order to learn how to drink, exist, swim in the abundance, live among the fine tastes surrounding us in the right way.

Reaching Abstinence

Like Alcoholic Anonymous this rehab program unfolds in a mutually committed, mutually supportive circle. The fully devoted mutual partners have to gradually help each other, mainly by showing positive example. First of all they need to reach a complete stop, abstinence in order to take control over their instinctive urges.

Since at the beginning they have no strength, self-control at all, simply reducing the amount of pleasure, “drinks” accepted, admitted cannot help, as without the sufficient, conscious constraints in place the pleasure awakening even by the smallest amount of intake immediately breaks the fragile resistance. Thus through the purposeful mutual help, forcefully, artificially only focusing on helping one another instead of thinking about themselves, facilitated by the unique, purposeful methodology offered they need to reach complete abstinence, a special “clearing”, neutral zone.

Since here we don’t simply talk about “drinking alcohol”, but about all selfish pleasures associated with life, this abstinence, “clearing” represents an unprecedented selfless vacuum, which the mutual circle achieves in between them. This vacuum is a very unique, silent, “lifeless” state.

A Perfect Reality

It offers a great victory over the inherent nature, a never before experienced liberation from one’s instinctively selfish, egoistic desires. It offers the person a chance of observing oneself and the surrounding reality in a uniquely transparent, objective way. As soon as one doesn’t have to worry about the constant urges of self-fulfillment, when one left instinctive self-care, self-concern behind, one reaches complete freedom. This feels like a prolonged, “real life” out of body experience.

As a result one acquires a “slow motion” insider view of reality through the prism of that mutual, selfless, abstinent vacuum, sensing existence as if waking up from a long coma, waking up from the unceasing nightmare of constant, coerced self-service, self-concern. Without this constant, selfish, subjective disturbance one starts to see, observe a perfect system.

In this perfect system each and every element, particle, cell, organ, cogwheel selflessly, unconditionally complements each other. This beautifully orchestrated, balanced, multi-dimensional, living and pulsing mosaic produces a never before seen, experienced circulation, infinite communication.

This unprecedented experience is impossible to describe from a personal, “one-dimensional” point of view as in that system the subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion disappear. The liberated observer peeks into a quantum reality without distorting it in an egoistic, subjective way.

Preparing To “Drink” Again

Finally the “born alcoholics” start to sense what the real pleasure, real existence, truly fine wine available for consumption is. A never before experienced yearning to taste, to consume that perfect reality, its infinite pleasures awakens.

This yearning is not only about receiving a chance to taste. There is a new component in it related to “meaning of life”. The objective observers start to understand the plan, cause and effect processes of the system of reality with their own complementary role in it. The fulfillment of their purpose in the system that primarily starts attracting them.

At the same time, helped by the previous mutual conduct, abstinence the reformed alcoholics also know that this unprecedented pleasure, the heavenly wine cannot be consumed in an instinctive way, for selfish pleasure, self-fulfillment.  Thus if the observers wanted to keep their transparent, non-disturbing, not intruding, objective status, entering that perfect reality, taking part in its infinite, multi-dimensional, quantum flow, communication, the important selfless, altruistic conditions need to be maintained.

The most important principle is sustaining the previously achieved complete abstinence, self-control mutually generated in the “collective self-help group”. They need to continue keeping their absolute focus on one another above and against they selfish, greedy yearnings, selfish thirst.
Then by maintaining this orientation, intention away from their “selves”, always aiming towards helping, fulfilling the others, they can start gradually immersing into, tasting from that “divine, perfect and infinite abundance”, they can taste from that “heavenly wine”. They can start acting like well trained, selfless waiters at a restaurant, only tasting in order to provide, pass on the fine wine towards the others.

This way they can start building an unprecedented, selfless, altruistic, mutual network, where they all aim outside of themselves towards the others, mutually fulfilling one another, only focusing on the necessities, thirst and perfect, most optimal satiation of one another.

Infinite Fulfillment

Although they themselves also receive perfect fulfilment from those others through the network, this comes “against their will”. They start receiving when they don’t want to receive anything any longer for themselves as their observer, their conscious mind is solely within the others, outside of the self.

In this way the whole, perfect, “heavenly abundance”, that “divine wine” flows through them in an unlimited way, still they never become drunk. They don’t even sense themselves any longer, they exist in the selfless, altruistic interconnections in between them.

This perfect mutual fulfillment is sustained as long as they can keep their focus, conscious observer point embedded within each other, without “falling back” into themselves starting to enjoy the tastes for their selfish pleasures again becoming drunk immediately, falling out of the system. Thus their constant mutual work, mutual support in their “AA” circle never ends, but they are abundantly rewarded for their selfless efforts, and the resulting abstinence.

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