The Right Prayer

Constantly Praying

We all think that “prayer” is a religious notion. But in truth we are all praying all the time.

A true prayer is an involuntary, irrepressible yearning from within the “depth of our hearts”. Our “heart”, the engine driving us, is an insatiable desire for self-fulfilment, self-improvement. Without this elemental desire constantly pulsing in us we wouldn’t exist, we would lose our fuel keeping us alive.

A “prayer” is a yearning, focused desire towards the next, best possible state for ourselves. It is a precise calculation in between our present, actual state and a future, higher state where we are more fulfilled, receive greater pleasures, or we can escape present pain and suffering.

Sometimes we manage to articulate that precise yearning, the exact gap in between our actual state and the one we want to reach, and we can even “say a prayer”. Most of the time the yearning remains unconscious, our “heart” sending out a silent signal.

Role Players

Moreover it is not enough that we are praying endlessly, we are also always receiving an answer. Whether we are happy, content with the answer depends on if we were raising the right prayer.

Slowly through our contemporary sciences, through the deepening global crisis, and other direct real life experiences many people started to realize that we exist in a closed, fully integrated world. Despite our previous convictions we are also slowly accepting that we are integral parts of the vast, cosmic natural system we evolved from. Which also means that the strict, unbending natural laws governing nature, and guiding the “flow of evolution” determine our human lives too.

In truth we are “hapless” role players in a cosmic play, that runs from beginning to its desired final state according to a predetermined, evolutionary plan. In this plan each and every human being, and humanity collectively has a precise, sharply defined final place, role. In order to reach that final optimal state we have to go through very specific states, inner changes.

The Need To Know The Plan

The problem is we have no idea about this plan, we have no clue what changes we are expected to go through, and how to perform those changes. While all other inanimate, vegetative and animate parts of nature’s system are instinctively integrated within this evolutionary plan, following it automatically, we are born “outside” of the system.

In our human perception, especially in modern times,  we don’t consider ourselves belonging to nature’s system, and we have been convinced that evolution doesn’t apply to us any more. With our proudly individualistic, self-serving and self-justifying reason we have been creating “human laws” and artificial human structures.

Thus when we consciously or subconsciously “pray”, the next, more optimal state we desire is also different from the state we should be aiming at according to nature’s evolutionary plan. Thus the “answers” we receive are mostly “negative”, bringing us worse states instead of better ones viewed through our egoistic, subjective perception.

Thus if we want to learn how to raise the right prayer and receive answers that are positive, we would need to reveal the plan of evolution, and always see precisely the next optimal state we would need to reach. Optimal here means optimal from the plan’s point of view, not necessarily from the viewpoint of our selfish egos.

Building A Simulator

Since we are unable to perceive, attain the plan of natural evolution through our inherent reason – since it is operating by the opposite software to nature – we would require a new, higher mind that can help us. While nature operates according to the selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration of all of its elements, our inherent mind runs on a fully egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”, unable to make calculations for anything else but self-benefit.

Which means we would need to immerse our heads into a social cloud that has the same attributes as nature’s system, a cloud that operates by the same selfless, altruistic attributes. Thus we would need to find or build such an intermediary cloud, buffer that can help us peek into nature’s system, viewing its evolutionary plan and then we could start yearning, aiming for our next state in an optimal manner.

We are capable of artificially building this cloud, buffer by simulating the most important principles, attributes nature’s system operates by. We can start play acting, attempting to build selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration within a small circle of dedicated people that accepted this common goal.

Opening A Gateway

In theory if these people could achieve the right, selfless, altruistic interactions with one another, they could become like a fine tuned radio receiver that through matching frequencies becomes capable of receiving nature’s broadcast. This of course is easier said than done since the desired selfless, altruistic connections are against our inherent nature.

As a result a very specific, unique methodology, source materials, and total commitment from the participants is necessary for success. If there are for example ten people in the circle, each would need to completely annul one’s own reason, desires and thoughts towards the other nine. One would need to literally put one’s head into a dark, unpleasant cloud, with eyes closed, accepting the desires, thoughts and reason of those others despite the inherent selfish ego rejecting them criticising, dismissing them.

But if they prepare themselves properly, accepting all the conditions of this simulator, and keep mutually supporting one another above anything that comes their way from their inherent nature, they can create a unique, unprecedented clear space, gateway in between them.

This gateway is the overlapping area of their mutual self-annulment towards one another, a small opening within their collective “dark clouds”. Through that opening – on the merit of similar attributes – they receive a chance to peek into nature’s system, observing its plan, cause and effect processes. As a result they can precisely paint for themselves the next, higher, more optimal state they need to reach according to the evolutionary plan.

The Right Prayer

At this stage they are ready for the right prayer. Within the simulator they clearly sense their present, selfish, egoistic state protesting against their efforts, obstructing them with all of its might. On the other hand within the cloud, with the help of the collective mind acquired through their mutual self-annulment, they can depict the next optimal state they need to reach.

And as a result of this precise prayer, yearning they immediately receive the opportunity and possibility to start acting out selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love towards one another above their inherent nature. Of course from the viewpoint of their selfish nature this response is still “negative”, painful since there is nothing worse for our selfish egos than unconditionally serving others. But with the help of their newly acquired collective mind, observing the plan of evolution they know they are advancing on the right path.

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