Thermal Image

Emotional Mapping

When we talk about perception of reality most of us would immediately think about our five physical senses, and our brain interpreting the sensory input, building a picture of the world from them.

But this view doesn’t take into consideration that we are deep down emotional beings, and our actual “matter”, driving force, our “heart” keeping us going is an insatiable desire for contentment. At our core everything that happens to us, all sensory input entering our “sphere” makes an emotional impact, leaving an emotional impression.

If we “stripped away” everything else and left only this inner emotional core, our “heart” intact we would get the real perception, how we truly sense reality. This true perception is an emotional mapping of the world around us, similar to a thermal image we get from thermography. And our mind, intellect is only secondary to this emotional inner core, simply sorting, examining, facilitating the emotional mapping.

Since our inner core works based on a self-centered “pleasure/pain” software, how much contentment we can achieve for ourselves, the thermal image of the world we perceive shows our emotional relationship to everything that surrounds us accordingly. The image is hot or cold, according to whether our inner software determines the emotional impressions received either “sweet or bitter” in relation to its “self”. This love-hate relationship to our surroundings in relation to our self-contentment determines our perception.

Assumed Dependency On Physical Senses

In order to communicate with others, or to describe, record this emotional “heat map”, we use a language that uses expressions that can be understood in relation to our five physical senses. Thus we describe our emotional impressions as visions, sounds, fragrances, tastes and tactile notions. But they are just different external clothings of the inner emotional content.

The lack of any of the physical senses doesn’t disturb this picture as the augmented sensitivity of the other physical senses make up for the deficiency. Despite never seeing them a blind man can still imagine and describe colors, while a deaf person can “hear” sounds as their inner emotional heat map is intact, and they clothe it into the physical sensory language without any problems.

At the moment we are so dependent on our physical senses – by themselves or augmented by technology – that we can’t imagine that it is actually possible to perceive reality without any of our physical senses available. We are capable of directly relating to the world around us simply by using our emotional core, bypassing our senses or even our personal mind.

Two Interacting Forces

The world itself is only comprised of interacting forces. And at its foundation only two primary forces act in reality, a positive, providing, “loving” force that selflessly creates and sustains life, and a negative, receiving force, accepting the provided existence, constantly trying to sustain itself by drawing, consuming nutrition, necessities.

The comprising inanimate, vegetative and animate elements of nature’s vast, cosmic system are representing the negative, receiving force, each trying to survive, justifying its own existence. Without the connecting, “embracing” force-field of the positive, life giving force balance, homeostasis wouldn’t be possible, but the negative, receiving elements would self-consume the system immediately.

Since the Big Bang, all through the evolutionary process these two fundamental forces have been interacting, complementing each other, pulsating, contacting and expanding, fueling the diverse development we can observe in nature.

The Human Peculiarity

Human beings are very unique in this system. We are also built from the negative, receptive force, constantly serving, safeguarding and justifying ourselves, drawing resources and nutrition. But in addition we are born without the instinctive sense of belonging to the system. Human beings are missing the basic instinct of submitting, conceding to the overall, general balance, homeostasis observed within the system of nature.

As a result we are unaware of our true necessities, boundaries thus our desire for fulfilment is excessive, constantly growing, expanding way beyond our true healthy, natural necessities. This explains our seemingly reckless behavior, the ruthless, exploitative competition with rescheduling other and the system, and the artificial, destructive human paradigm we have built for ourselves.

But this seemingly unnatural, harmful behavior is not random. We are given a unique role in evolution. Human beings are potentially the only creatures that could acquire, control both fundamental forces in reality, becoming the unprecedented, special, objective observers in between them.

As our inherently missing sense of integration, excessive, unnatural, destructive nature is now openly threatening our own survival, we are forced to consciously seek integration, balance with the system. Thus above, against our inherent tendencies we will need to find the positive, balancing force within, among us in order to survive.

External Sensor

In special, purposefully organized and conducted “human laboratories” – among a selected, fully committed circle of people – we can learn to perceive reality solely through our emotional inner core, bypassing our physical sensory organs and our physical mind.

The circle of participants go through series of games, exercises, collective experiments, helping them to defocus from the obvious picture their five physical senses and their inherent mind provides, solely concentrating on the inner emotional impressions, emotional heat map they receive from their interactions.

Since their default nature is selfish, egocentric reception, the first impressions, recordings are according to the self-centered “sweet/bitter”, “love/hate” software. This results in mutual rejection, instructions against their assumed for mutual integration.

Then after registering the inherently selfish, egocentric, negative, receiving inner force they continue trying to artificially generate a selfless, positive, bestowing force among them, by purposefully nullifying ourselves towards other similar participants in that laboratory, aiming to selflessly serve them above and against their inherent inclination. They are still using the inherent desire for contentment, but instead of drawing contentment for themselves they want to pass it onto others similarly to nature’s positive, bestowing force.

By successfully, forcefully, artificially placing the emotional sensor, conscious observer outside of the “self” into the others in the experimental circle, they start to receive a very different “emotional heat map” that records emotional impressions through selfless bestowal, unconditional care for others instead of recording through selfish reception.

In Control

Perception through the “external sensor”, receiving emotional impressions through selflessly giving to others, unconditionally serving them instead of perceiving through selfish reception, switches the “emotional heat” map upside down. Instead of the egocentric, subjective “sweet/bitter” algorithm an objective “true/false” algorithm starts creating the picture.

The emotional map becomes “hot” when things become beneficial for the whole system, facilitating undisturbed life flow, mutual communication, and it becomes “cold” when the collective suffers. This new mapping synchronizes them with the rest of the system, thus they also partake in the general, cosmic flow and unbounded communication.

Most importantly since they acquired the positive, balancing force proactively, above their inherent, excessively negative force, uniquely in the system they become able to observe and control both forces.

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