The Concierge Of The Grand Hotel

Search For Meaning

As general impressions, also experiences on search engines, Q&A websites show, an overwhelming number of people started searching for a “meaning of life”, trying to find out if there is a specific Human purpose to our existence.

This contemporary popularity of such a search is not surprising. We reached a very obvious crossroad in our human development.

First of all we can’t ignore any longer that our human history is none else but a chain of recurring vicious cycles, ending in unsolvable and intolerable dead ends, “resolved” by terrible, violent explosions. Only 70-80 years after the horrors of Nazism, only 20-30 years after the fall of international, oppressive Communism, despite the unspeakable horrors they inflicted us we are “ready” to sleepwalk into their “attractive” traps again.

Moreover we are more depressed, emptier than ever before during our evolution. Despite most of humanity having more than kings used to have only a few generations before us, despite having the technical capability of providing healthy, comfortable, modern existence for much more than 8 billion people, we are suffering on a global scale and are terrified of the future.

So far we were driven forward with reckless speed through the animate desires of food, sex, family, and the social desires of wealth, dominion, fame and knowledge, but today especially young people don’t find any meaningful goal, desires pulling them forward.

The imminent threat to our collective survival on one hand and the dark abyss of aimless emptiness can’t let us rest but forces us to contemplate the meaning of our lives.

Not So Attractive Purpose

Fortunately we don’t have to search in darkness. There has been a few remarkable empirical, natural scientists through the last few thousands years of human history, who by their unique sensitivity, curiosity and with the help of a special method managed to get an “inside view” of the structure of reality.

By reaching complete similarity with the system of nature – acquiring full integration in it through their self-annulment, transparently dissolving into the fabric of the world as one wading into water without causing the slightest ripple – they managed to understand and accurately note down all the cause and effect processes, and the general evolutionary plan governing our existence.

They also pinpointed the purpose and place of human beings within this system. And although this is a very special role that is unparalleled in the whole of creation, equaling the height of the very source bringing the whole system into existence, from our present selfish, egocentric point of view this role would look rather unattractive.

While we are all born as proud, unique individuals, constantly serving, protecting and justifying our own “self”, this unique evolutionary role determined for us to become selfless, altruistic servants of everything and everybody else outside of our “self”.

Iron Wall

Although today as a result of our recurring, tragic historic failures, presently sinking into a deepening and unsolvable global crisis we have become softer, such a fundamental change in our pattern of existence is still difficult to stomach. Mentally we can already accept that we evolved into a globally interconnected and completely interdependent system, thus we can compute with our intelligence that without mutually complementing collaboration we can’t survive.

But when it comes to practical implementation, emotionally digesting what such an altruistic service of others truly means, we are all running into an impenetrable iron wall that is our own selfish ego. This selfish ego is programmed to serve and protect itself in any conditions at all costs. It can even sacrifice the life of our biological bodies in order to save the superiority of the “self”.

Without somehow convincing this selfish ego to agree to the selfless, altruistic service of others, we will never be able to go through that iron wall sustain us from our human purpose in reality.

The Impeccable Concierge

We need to imagine this unparalleled human role in reality like a perfect concierge in the greatest, grandest hotel in the world. The concierge has no desires, thoughts to himself but only lives for the comfort and most optimal state of the hotel guests. He needs to develop such a sensitivity that he can perfectly feel the needs of those guests without any selfish calculations or distortions, so he could fulfill their necessities immediately, in the most perfect manner.

Their wishes, pains or happiness becomes his wish, pain or happiness. Day and night he doesn’t have a thought about himself, he only thinks about serving the guests to his best abilities. He takes just enough nutrition and sleep so he could continue this unconditional, selfless service non-stop.

Every moment he only considers how to make those guests content in order to make the owner of the hotel also happy and content, since the hotel is constantly full and all the customers are returning again and again as a result of the perfect service.

We ourselves also have to become like this. Our “hotel” is the whole world surrounding us. The “guests” are everybody and everything outside of our selves. And by making all the “guests” happy to stay in this “hotel” joyfully, we also make the source of our reality content since the “guests” are most satisfied and fully justify the “owner” for designing and building this “global hotel” with all of its amenities for them.

Infinite Reward

But what do wet get out of this selfless, altruistic, unconditional, 24/7 service? After all we are left with nothing, we hardly receive enough to fulfill our bare necessities?

It is true we don’t own anything for ourselves from a selfish point of view, and at the same time we become the governors of everything. As a result of our service, feeling all possible desires, necessities of others, overseeing, organizing, passing on the fulfillment for them we move, taste, enjoy everything while the whole bounty and pleasure flows through us.

We share in all possible sorrow and we share in all possible happiness in the world. Everything including the guests, the hotel and whatever happens becomes ours. We also receive the ultimate pride of becoming the most respected concierge in the most grandiose hotel in the world, working for the ultimate owner, employer, becoming his closest confidant.

And finally since we dissolve into, start existing in everything and everybody that is outside of our selves we gain an infinite and eternal existence, completely disconnected from time, space, physical motion, and we also become detached from the life or death of our animate body. Even our selfish ego can accept such a reward.

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