The Dizziness Of The Headless

In A Mindless State

Today we exist in a world that is full of confusion, worry, anger and destruction. We seem to be descending into a barbaric chaos unseen since the Middle Ages. And the worst thing is that we are aware of this pattern, we know for certain that we are sleepwalking into a great disaster, but we still can’t stop. Seemingly we have completely lost our mind.

This is happening to us because humanity reached an unprecedented crossroad in its evolution. Although we have been calling ourselves “human” for thousands of years, in truth we have only been human in potential. But today evolution forces us to make the next step and reach the truly “Human” level.

The problem is that the a truly “Human Being” can’t run on the default operating software we inherited from the animal kingdom. We need to acquire a completely new operating software, including new mind and new emotions. Basically we have to go through a total “brain and heart” transplant surgery.

Surgery Without Anaesthesia

By default we are just as instinctive a other animals, constantly searching for self-fulfillment, operating on the egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. Moreover contrary to other animals our human software is lacking a crucial element, the instinctive sense of belonging to the fully integrated and interdependent natural system.

As a result we hoard, exploit the system excessively while ruthlessly competing with one another and the system, causing irreversible damage. This reckless, insatiable self-service is driving us towards the cliff today.

Since this fundamental change is an evolutionary, survival necessity, that is out of our free choice – being determined by the plan of evolution – we can’t stop the process. In fact the transplant operation already started and nature’s skillful surgeon started to detach our previous brain, intellect from us without any anaesthesia or sufficient previous explanation.

As a result we are understandably perplexed and terrified. We are desperately trying to “hold onto to our heads”, stubbornly continuing to use our instinctive program to solve problems, only to cause even more damage. We try to resist the change, we want to escape from the operating theatre since we have no idea about what is happening to us. And our resistance only makes everything more painful and protracted.

But nature works through unbending, iron laws we can’t appeal against. The fundamental, unprecedented changes, our whole software upgrade above and against our inherent nature goes ahead regardless of our disagreement or protests.

Thus how could we sweeten, mitigate this ordeal?

Practical Education

We need to help people to understand why humanity needs to through such inevitable, drastic changes. We need to see that such changes are not only necessary for our survival, but can help us rise to a qualitatively higher, effortless existence, being integrated into the natural system that is surrounding us.

We also have to reveal that it is specifically by changing from one extreme to another, by going through such a wholesome upgrade can we reach that purpose, gaining a wide contrast, comparative research in between the two completely opposite operating softwares. This objective comparative research gives us the “Human” superiority, that added quality no other creature in the system has.

Thus we need a practical, purposeful education method in small, mutually committed human groups, lead by a skillful, experienced teacher. Here by the careful, gentle guidance of the teacher the participants can simulate, hasten the software change, inviting, “coercing” the skillful “natural evolutionary surgeon” to preform the operation.

They themselves run into the operating theatre, jumping on the table asking for the surgery. Of course they also go through the dizziness, confusion, disorientation, anger, horrific fear of losing their mind and emotions. They are also terrified of going through darkness, vacuum-like states, especially as they go through all of these sensations in a concentrated manner.

But they are prepared, they already expect such states, and with the guidance of the teacher, and the “commando-like” mutual support they can endure them, go through them, holding each other back from escaping. Their unceasing mutual support also provides sufficient “pain relief”.

Then as such small circles of people emerge with the brand new, improved upgrade, they can start sensitively, gently help, mitigate the rest of humanity going through the same process in a smoother, more gentle manner since they already have the experienced, benevolent leaders, advisors who can help them.

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