Intentionally Torn Apart

Living Unintentionally

When we judge each other, evaluate human relationships we observe each other’s actions. Whether such action means words said or practical actions performed, this is what we can observe, feel, measure and draw conclusions from. Thus we behave like “solid bodies” in a physical system drawing closer to or further from one another, colliding, embracing, rejecting.

Although we know that there exist thoughts, intentions behind each and every action we mostly ignore them. On one hand it is understandable since one person has no ability to judge, measure the thoughts, intentions of another. Moreover by today we have become so superficial, inpatient that we don’t even effort in trying to figure out another person’s intention.

The truth is that most people are not even aware of their own intentions, intentions don’t make it to our consciousness. Most of our actions, reactions are 100% automatic, instinctive, driven by our default egocentric “pleasure/pain principle” without any awareness of it.

Out Of Sync

Still as a result we are losing a lot. Without knowing the true intentions behind each action we constantly misjudge others and also ourselves. Thus we are completely out of sync with each other.

On one hand we have no idea about with what intention another acted towards us in the way they did, while we judge their actions completely subjective, in a fully self-justifying, egoistic way, without being aware of our own true self-serving, egoistic intentions.

Thus it is not surprising that we live in a world full of misunderstanding, disagreements, broken relationships, defensive reactions, exclusive competition, strife and wars. Today in a globally interconnected and interdependent world this cacophony, everybody operating on different frequencies is approaching the state of barbaric chaos.

Searching For An Universally Good Intention

So obviously it would be very important to start acting towards each other with good intentions, and start existing in a way that we can also sense each other’s intentions.

In theory if we figured out the good, universally optimal intentions in a systemic way, that could transform even a seemingly, superficially “evil, harmful act” in a constructive way, helping the system towards its perfect state. But reaching such a “good, optimal” intention in our present state is impossible for two reasons.

First of all by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature and the resulting subjective perception our “personal computer” is unable to calculate for anything else but self-benefit.

As they say “the road to hell is paved by good intentions”. Even our best attempts to act with good intention towards others ends up badly from the viewpoint of those others most of the time.  A truly “good” intention would need to be “universally good”, coming from outside of our introverted, subjective spheres, objectively, obviously perceptible for all.

And in order to sense the intentions of others, harmonizing ourselves to the same “universally good” frequency we would need to be able to enter one another in an objective, transparent way. And this again is impossible due to our inherent nature.

What we could realistically aim for is building, creating a mutual neutral, selfless area in between us where such a common, “universally good” intention could be sensed, acquired, taken for practical usage.

Aiming At The Right Intention

In order to create that neutral zone we need a unique “human laboratory”, where a selected, fully committed circle of people can attempt such an unprecedented, “supernatural” – above and against instinctive nature – feat.

In specifically organized conditions – through unique exercises, workshops, lead by an experienced teacher – first of all they need to isolate the intentions from the actions. They need to somehow acquire the ability to exist within the “cloud of intentions” above, independent of the actions. They need to constantly remind one another to try monitoring their true intentions regardless of what actions they are performing.

The source materials they study and their teacher constantly reiterates for them that the aspired for “universal good intention” is selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and bestowal towards others. This is the intention, “force-field” that sustains our natural reality, facilitating life and positive development.

Thus this is their collective aim, the common purpose they agree on, reaching such selfless, altruistic intention towards one another.

At the same time they are attempting to perform only such actions that in practice also agree with that aspired for intention. Thus all their exercises, mutual action is aimed at practical care, support towards one another, raising the importance of the others above self-importance.

Running Into The Egoistic Wall

Despite of their constant, fully committed efforts they realize again and again that they are incapable of maintaining the right intention, moreover even their artificial actions lose their fuel, attraction after an initial “honeymoon” period.

They start to reveal more and more sharply that even with their mutual efforts they are incapable of building, acquiring a “good intention”. Moreover they find out, that their inherent nature with its fully self-serving, egoistic intention – which now reveals itself with full force obstructing their efforts – is much stronger than their combined efforts.

They keep inventing newer and newer exercises, different mutual actions, they go through a very emotional rollercoaster, but with no avail. As times goes by and their positive mutual efforts intensify, raising the importance of reaching the “good intention” for one another while at the same time they repeatedly run into the wall erected by their inherent nature their desperation grows.

At this stage they already know from their source material and from their teacher, that what they are attempting is futile, they are trying to lift a weight they can never hold. They would never be able to defeat their inherently selfish, egoistic intention, regardless of the actions they are attempting.

The desired selfless, altruistic relationship to others would require a complete self-annulment, making absolutely no selfish, subjective calculations, submitting themselves to the others unconditionally. And their inherent nature, their self-serving operating software can simply not allow this.

Intentional Crisis

But they are not aiming at becoming “heroes” on their own right. They are intentionally aiming at an unprecedented inner tear, they are aiming at an intolerable inner crisis where even their inherent nature has no other option but to cry out for help. They need to reach an emotional deadlock, an insatiable, intolerable yearning for the goal they have no chance of reaching.

At the end in that dead, lifeless short circuit, in between the stubborn, unrelenting selfish, egoistic intention and their burning, unfulfilled yearning towards the “good intention” the above mentioned neutral, selfless opening, clear space is created.

This opening is like an elemental desperate vacuum, abyss, needing, demanding that “universal good intention” like a person under water gasping for a mouthful of oxygen before drowning. This desperate need, yearning is created by the mutual effort in the circle after the participants truly tried everything, both in action and in their attempts to conjure up a truly selfless, altruistic intention.

Entering A New Dimension

Then that dark, lifeless, desperate vacuum in between them is filled with something unprecedented, with a soothing stream, a unique wind lifting, moving them, giving them the unprecedented capability to start acting towards one another with a truly “universally good intention”.

This is a sense, existence unlike any other. They have no doubt, they all feel the same tangible sensation. In their mutual circle the unprecedented capability of true selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love of others starts to circulate, flow through giving them new powers.

This feels like a unique blood transfusion which connects them against their nature, streams through them helping them to act “out of character”, above their reason. At the same time they all know that this capability is not “theirs” but it enlivened, revived them from the “outside”.

This is like a new, special clothing that covers their inherent, selfish and egoistic intention, allowing them to act against, above their nature. Then through this unprecedented, “supernatural” capability, facilitated by the new “universally good” intention, they start acting out real selfless, altruistic bestowal, service towards one another. And through this new action, as babies learning to walk, they start to learn a new type of existence and perception in a completely new dimension.

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